Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e22 Episode Script

The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!

What's wrong? The enemy is disguising themselves as allies! Maybe you're an enemy! We can't trust anyone! What's going on?! There's murkiness spreading everywhere! G-Granny?! No! B-Bro… B-Bra… Bee! How dare you stare at the Hokage's chest when I'm standing right in front of you! Oh no, Bro! I meant no offense.
I'm just shocked, is all.
The Hokage's jugs are definitely immense.
We're here to stop you! You will not pass! The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team So this is what Naruto looks like when he's in control of the Nine Tails' power… You did it, Naruto.
S-Such immense chakra! Bro! Let Naruto go… This is a personal plea.
I can vouch for him.
That I'll guarantee.
Silence! We are fighting this war to protect you two! If you guys are captured… The enemy has perfected their jutsu and the world is about to end.
Isn't that right? Iruka Sensei told us! If you know that, why are you going? Are you crazy?! It's because of that! It's because they're protecting us! I can't stand it that people are dying for me! If they die fighting and we win this war… and I'm the only left standing… It's not worth it! I don't want that! It's better than the world ending! We all believe that.
That's why we're fighting, prepared to sacrifice ourselves to protect you! You think that I can just sit here, unharmed and do nothing when I know that? I'm not that kind of a guy! Besides… Don't try to talk your way out! You will not pass! If you won't listen to me… Can you keep up with me in this Mode? What is that punch? Damn, it's powerful! I'd better avoid a direct hit.
Granny Tsunade, you understand me, don't you?! I'll stop this war! Let me go! Granny… We are now part of the Allied Shinobi Force.
These orders are from the Allied Forces.
Even though I am the Hokage, I cannot act independently! Okay.
I understand the position you're in, Granny.
So, I'll force my way outta here! This time, I'll do it faster.
How's this?! You're fast, old man Raikage… No… It's amazing that when you're in Nine-Tail Chakra Mode, you can match the Raikage's speed.
There's no shinobi faster than me.
Not since the Fourth Hokage! You knew my dad?! We fought many times.
I came to believe that no one could ever defeat him.
FOURTH HOKAGE I understand that Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin FOURTH HOKAGE called him the Child of Prophecy… the savior of the world.
So why is this savior not around to stop this crisis? Because he failed during the incident of the Nine Tails! You are his son, yet you haven't learned anything from that.
Only a fool speaks without knowing the probability… If that's all… If that's all you can say, don't talk about my dad.
And you were born.
Minato cried and said, "From today, I'm a father!" And… His words were, "I'd gladly die for my son.
" He sealed half of the overpowering chakra of the Nine Tails in himself.
The upheaval in the world… Dealing with the calamity and Madara… He left it to his son.
Naruto, he entrusted everything to you and died.
My dad… He believed in you with all his heart.
The Fourth Hokage did not fail! If you…insist on going… I will kill you right here! Wha—?! Hey, Raikage! This way, we'll be able to buy some time until the Nine Tails is revived.
And the enemy will be forced to postpone their plans! Looks like you want to die.
Wait! Bee, you…! Oh… He was saved! If that's the case, why don't I, the Eight Tails, die? Then the enemy's plans will also go awry.
If Naruto can go to the battlefield… my life is one I'd gladly yield.
Octopops… Raikage! You cannot make any arbitrary decisions without consulting the other Allied Shinobi Force leaders.
You may be the Supreme Commander, but I will not allow it! My responsibility is to make sure we win this war! No matter what it takes! Then as Eight Tails said, why are you targeting Naruto? When the time comes, as Raikage, I will be prepared to kill my own younger brother! But right now… I choose to kill Naruto over Bee! Because Bee is the Jinchuriki who is able to control the Tailed Beast's power… That makes him a stronger military weapon! Unhand me, Bee! No way, fool ya fool! You and Jinchuriki like you do not exist solely for yourselves! You maintain the balance of power between nations.
You are the strength of your village! To the all the nations and your village, you are a special existence! You can't just do as you please! You must understand the circumstances, you fools! Sure, that may be so… But there's something personal called spirit that I can't abandon… Without that, I'm just another weapon.
Why are you defending him, Bee? We're bumping fists… But you can't read what's in my soul, Bro? Doesn't seem like there's any good prospects this time… Listen up! Only one of you is worthy enough inherit the title of "Bee.
" Ay here is a candidate to become the next Raikage! You all know that… Here in the Hidden Cloud, each Raikage is assigned a tag team partner.
Someone who will bring out the Raikage's full power.
And to be "Bee" is to be the bodyguard of the Raikage.
We'll now test your compatibility with Ay.
You will team up with Ay and attempt to behead this rubber dummy using the Double Lariat! Remember! To do this right, equal strength must be applied from both sides! If one side is weaker or stronger, it will only bend! First, bump fists with Ay and determine how much power you should use.
Then execute the Double Lariat on the dummy! All right! We'll start from that end! I'm honored, sir! Yes sir! Next.
Next… Next… – Yes sir! – Looks like we won't find – anyone this time either.
If he'd had a real sibling, we wouldn't have had to go through all this… L-Lord Raikage… It seems we found him.
You're kind of an odd one.
Bump fists with me again! We are brothers from this day on! I'm counting on you, Bee! Let's go, Bee! Your plan suits me just fine.
We'll bump our fists every time.
Okay, Bro! Eat up! You have to get strong quickly or our powers won't be in synch! Okay, Bro! Our mission this time is to recover a scroll.
Don't tell me you already… Okay? Bro? Is he asleep? Yeah… Bee is a good shinobi.
He's got talent too.
Although his rapping leaves much to be desired… I agree.
Probably after me, this boy will become the Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails.
Is that what you've heard from the elders? No… No one's told me anything yet.
My old man, my uncle… They all failed.
I'm not compatible either.
Listen, as your cousin… But look, you have the Eight Tails under control… – Right now… – Just listen! Only those who are Jinchuriki can understand.
Friends and acquaintances start to look at you differently after.
Well, they probably think they're treating you the same, but you begin to see that they're not.
There's no turning back.
You can only look toward the future… One that is filled with darkness and loneliness.
Have you really achieved compatibility…? with the shadow of your own death beside you? It fills your mind day in and day out… and you begin to lose sight of who you are.
You feel a hole in your heart.
And the Tailed Beast waits to pounce on that weak heart and run wild.
When you live with the constant fear of death, you start wanting to die.
But you have a knack for ninjutsu, you have the skill and the ancestry… You have everything going for you! Yeah… That's exactly the reasoning they used when they chose me as the Eight Tails' Jinchuriki.
But… that's not what's essential to become a Jinchuriki.
So what is it? Having something that can fill the void in your heart! What is this "something"? Just "something"! If I can find it, I feel I can stay strong.
Let Bee find that something.
Another failure.
This time, eight people were victims of his rampage.
Because of the number of tails, the Eight Tails is that much harder to control than the Two Tails.
How long is this going to continue? The next Jinchuriki is supposed to be… you know, that boy.
Such prestige, so immense… The Eight Tails' name gave you presence… Now I offer you incense… Whee! I don't think he'll make it… Th-This kid… How could he do this to our comrades?! Treating us with such contempt! Let's go, Bee! Okay, Bro! Bee?! This brat?! So this means you're the A/B Combo? So you're familiar with our technique? D-Double Lariat?! Bee, we still have a long way to go before the Double Lariat is ideal.
Right now, I'm toning down my power to match yours.
You have to become stronger! I-I know! Fool, ya fool! How dare you address your older brother as "fool, ya fool"?! It's the Iron Claw for you! I'll surpass you someday, you'll see.
On that day, I'll be carefree.
The trick to this technique is keeping both our powers equal.
So you have to come up to par! That sounds ideal to me.
Talking down to you is my fantasy.
You can fantasize after you master the Lariat! Tonight…we will seal the Eight Tails in Bee.
Right… Having something that can fill the void in your heart! If I can find it, I feel I can stay strong.
Let Bee find that something.
What is it, Bro? You will now become a Jinchuriki.
Things won't be the same anymore.
It will be extremely tough.
No kidding? It's always been like that.
I'll just give the octopus a nickname as I rap.
Listen up, Bee… Always tell me everything, got it? You are special to me! We are the ultimate tag team.
Even if he does have the Steel Shell Seal, I wouldn't be surprised if the Eight Tails starts acting up.
We'd better stay on it and watch him.
Wheee! The Eight Tails is me, the cool Killer Bee! Yay! The blonde hair and the Teleportation Jutsu! That's definitely the Yellow Flash, right?! Then we've gotta get out of here! So he's the one who singlehandedly prevented the recovery of the Nine Tails! And you are Unruly Ay, son of the Hidden Cloud's Third Raikage.
Rumors say that you are extremely fast yourself.
With Brother and me, we're gonna get you, fool ya fool! Everyone, stay out of this.
I will take care of this! He countered me at my top speed? What's this? Forgive me, Bee.
Are you all right?! No way… Is he… the Eight Tails' Jinchuriki?! It's the signal to evacuate! Minato! We'll retreat for now! This is child's play! Eight Tails is the cool Killer Bee… That's me! You have amazing prowess.
Not as the Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails… But as a shinobi, it seems you possess something very powerful.
He's got more natural talent than me! No, I don't mean that.
He possesses something more precious.
Ay… You have a fine family.
As do I.
In any case, the next time we meet… I suspect we'll be fighting as one Kage against another.
If you don't figure out what your little brother considers most precious to him… he will be neither a Jinchuriki nor a human.
Don't try to fool me with that nonsense! You are not getting away! The Teleportation Jutsu goes where the kunai are… I've noted the location of most of the kunai marked with the jutsu formula.
If I can figure out which one he'll pop up at, I can get him using my top speed.
I've got my own responsibilities… Go fly! Now! Which kunai will it be? So I won't fail.
On the Eight Tails' tentacles… There's a Teleportation Jutsu Formula! Was that when…? Fine, let's do it, one on one.
We'll stab at each other and get it done! You are my foe… but I like you.
You definitely got the moves of a shinobi killer… Even if you kill Naruto to buy us some time until Nine Tails comes back to life, I can't see the next Jinchuriki managing to control Nine Tail's power to this degree! Since we have no idea which way this war will go, I say we use all the weapons we've got, and not keep the Jinchuriki in hiding! I will let Naruto pass! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Two Suns" Now you're talking! That's the Granny Hokage I know! TWO SUNS TWO SUNS Tune in again!