Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e23 Episode Script

Two Suns!!

This is my chance! Damn it! No doubt! He's fast! But…I'll try one more time! He's so fast, I can't track them! Do you think you can beat me with your Lariat?! Octopops! If you have time to worry about someone, worry about… Why, Bee?! Don't you get it yet, Bro? Fool, ya fool! Thanks, Octopops! Now I can get away from the Raikage… No! Hokage! You help too! Lady Tsunade… I'm not giving up… Don't try to protect me! Naruto, stop! If you die, your dreams, everything will be gone! I'm all right.
Enough! Move! And run! Until I become Hokage, there's no way… I'm gonna die.
Granny! Hokage! You'd better have a good excuse for this! Two Suns Hokage! You'd better have a good excuse for this! Even if you kill Naruto to buy us some time until the Nine Tails comes back to life, I can't see the next Jinchuriki managing to control the Nine Tail's power, to this degree! Since we have no idea which way this war will go, I say we use all the weapons we've got, and not keep the Jinchuriki in hiding! I will let Naruto pass! Nice excuse! I mean, now you're talking! That's the Granny Hokage I know! Hokage… Who's the one making arbitrary decisions now?! Each one of you… What evidence do you have that Naruto will succeed?! I already told you that a Lariat like yours won't work! Bro, ever since you became the Raikage, you've underestimated my power, fool, ya fool! No one ever expected the Third Raikage to die… Where's Bro? Over there? Over here? All of a sudden, he started punching his way out through the wall.
There should be a bunch of holes in the walls now.
Follow them to find him.
All right, will do… I'll look for Bro beyond the walls I go through.
Hang in there, Bro.
From today, you're the Raikage, y'know.
I know that! We're in the middle of a war! As the Raikage, I will protect this village and this nation to the very end! That is what my old man wanted! Bee! Starting today, you will go to Unraikyo, the Storm Cloud Ravine, to work on your Tailed Beast Bomb.
You will not be engaging the enemy.
But my Lariat… I don't need your Lariat anymore! If the enemy attacks the village, you will stay and take them out with your long-range Tailed Beast Bomb! Remember! You are never to go outside the village ever again! Bee, you and Naruto are precious Jinchuriki! You are special to your villages and nations.
That's why I'm saying you cannot go! No matter how powerful a Jinchuriki is, the others have been captured by the Akatsuki and sealed.
We ain't gonna lose, Naruto and me.
That I can personally guarantee.
Fine, let's put it to the test! My Lariat against yours! We'll see who's stronger! Bee, we still have a long way to go before the Double Lariat is ideal.
Right now, I'm toning down my power to match yours.
You have to become stronger! I'll surpass you some day, you'll see.
On that day, I'll be carefree.
That sounds ideal to me.
Talking down to you is my fantasy.
W-Wow…! See, with Naruto and me… it ain't just the power of the Jinchuriki.
We have something stronger fundamentally.
Your words to me, and me alone, before I became the Eight Tails… They'll keep me strong, no matter what, even when all else fails.
Just "something"! If I'm able to find it, I feel as though I can stay strong.
Let Bee find that something.
I see… You are special to me! We are the ultimate tag team! What I said that day… at the Waterfall of Truth…? So you finally understand, fool, ya fool! Preaching at you from above is my fantasy.
The fantasy is now a reality, oh yeah! The enemy known as White Zetsu uses a Transformation Jutsu that can even mimic chakra… Is there a way to see through such a jutsu? Nothing in these papers either.
Shouldn't we inform Lord Raikage and Lady Hokage about this situation? No… We were put in charge here, so we'll deal with it.
Besides, we want them to concentrate on stopping Naruto and Bee.
Well, about that… Lady Tsunade has already… I'm looking through new information right now! It's imperative that we find a solution right away! Please! Let me focus.
You are very special to me… I do not deny that I said, "We are the ultimate tag team.
" That's it? Just those words are enough to keep you strong? I don't just live and fight for the village and nation.
I live and fight for you too, Bro! Still you're way too overprotective, Bro.
And you're losing faith in my strength, y'know.
You lose a lot as a Jinchuriki… I tell ya, the heart grows empty.
But it made me see what's dear to hold and now my heart is made of gold Tailed Beast power isn't my foundation! Okay?! Before the Tailed Beast became my mate, something inside me had started to illuminate.
I saw that it was as big as the sun.
And that's my true power, it's the one.
That's why I can keep the Eight Tails reined in.
Naruto has the same sun deep within.
And he has two of 'em, it's amazing.
Talk about a new innovation.
You're right… It really is like the sun.
Naruto Uzumaki, what are your two suns? My mom and dad! Your mother and father? The Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki? But both of them died right after you were born.
He must have experienced something while training to control the Nine Tails' chakra.
During Naruto's battle with Pain, he started transforming into Nine Tails.
Naruto mentioned that Minato appeared and had put his essence into the seal's formula to stop the transformation.
I knew he wouldn't go down without a fight! When I was trying to control Nine Tails' power… Dad made sure to let me meet my mom.
He wove her chakra into the seal, so that if the Nine Tails' seal was undone, Mom would come and see me.
He did it all for me! The Fourth Hokage studied the unique Sealing Jutsu of the Uzumaki Clan… And Kushina's chakra and life force were powerful… It's possible.
Just as I thought.
When she gave me this power, Mom told me everything.
That long ago, Dad fought with the same guy with the mask… And he learned two things… One was that this masked guy would try to destroy the future.
And the other was that… The only one who could stop him was the Jinchuriki who controlled the Nine Tails… Me! A masked man… Was it Madara? So Madara caused that Nine Tails' incident in the Hidden Leaf? So the reason Minato sealed the Nine Tails in Naruto, but left a key to unlock the seal… was for this purpose?! He never did anything that was unnecessary.
So he concluded that this masked man, Madara, posed an enormous threat to us.
And that only the one who controlled the Nine Tails' power had a chance of defeating him… So he chose Naruto… So Minato entrusted everything to you? He knew he wasn't the savior? I don't know if Dad ever considered himself to be a savior or not.
But my master told me that Dad was the Child of Prophecy… the savior.
Do you recall what I told you earlier? That savior, Minato, is dead.
Don't you think that was a failure? You're right.
My dad died.
He died along with my mom, trying to protect Hidden Leaf Village from the enemy and the Nine Tails! Trying to protect me! It only lasted a moment… But in that moment, they gave me something.
They gave me the belief that I am capable of lots and lots and lots of things! And they entrusted me to be the savior of the world! Raikage! If you kill Naruto to try to stall the enemy, then this time for sure, the Nine Tails will be taken! And it will definitely spell the end of the world! Only Naruto can control the Nine Tails' power.
Just as Minato believed! Letting Naruto go is the way to protect shinobi, and everyone! My bet is on Naruto! So what is your decision?! Let me go too, fool, ya fool! Like you always said, I'm a big fool too.
And Naruto here is just like me… Don't you agree? But to succeed, you need fools like us who don't care at all how big or strong the wall! Yahoo! Bro's at top speed, you can't go much faster! I think he wants to kill Naruto… This can become a disaster! As always, you're so stubborn.
I have no choice, but to join in! I can't involve Granny in this! Here I come, Naruto! A lot of people have put their trust in me.
I won't fail! I shoulder many responsibilities too.
I won't fail! He dodged it?! Fool, ya fool! He really is… …just like the Yellow Flash! You're right, Raikage… If I fail, I'm not a savior.
So I will not fail! Just like my dad didn't.
Just like my savior dad taught me! I just wanted to see for myself… So I came at you, with intent to kill.
You're only the second one to ever outrun my fastest punch.
It seems the savior is alive… within you.
Now go.
Right! This is the only way.
According to this data, when Naruto is in Nine Tails' chakra mode, he can sense the enemy's hostility.
He'll be able to see through the white being's Transformation Jutsu.
Furthermore, we can deploy Naruto's shadow clones to each battlefield to counter them.
If we delay any longer, there will be no turning back! The only problem is… This is a war to protect Naruto, a Jinchuriki.
Throwing into him into battle would be like getting our priorities backwards.
In the first place, Lord Raikage would never allow it.
That's true.
Well… About that… That doesn't seem to be the case.
The long night is finally coming to an end.
They should be able to use their eyes now.
New Pains of the Six Paths using Jinchuriki.
I've just added a little something… Strafing against the Blunt Blade Helmet Splitter has no effect whatsoever! Trying to block me is meaningless! This next attack will be your last! Not yet! I hope you don't think this will be over soon.
There's no way to block the Blunt Blade Helmet Splitter! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!" Who said anything about blocking?! THE HELMET SPLITTER: JININ AKEBINO! THE HELMET SPLITTER: JININ AKEBINO! Tune in again!