Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e24 Episode Script

The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!

Captain Kakashi… What's the enemy up to? There are no signs of life, even the enemy's.
It's completely silent.
What's going on? I don't think they would just give up.
The key to a shinobi battle is psychological warfare.
I don't like doing what the enemy wants us to do, but we should use this as a chance to rest.
Everyone, rest up and recover your chakra! But be on your guard! We'll scout the area every half an hour! We must make sure we're ready to begin fighting again at any time! That is all! Guy, you should rest a little too.
Did you think that I could sleep at a time like this?! I understand how you feel, but… Captain Kakashi… We've received that item from HQ.
Reanimation… This jutsu is unforgivable! Sai, use the Foundation's Sealing Jutsu.
Follow my lead! But I still can't use that jutsu… Danzo thought highly of you, didn't he? There's no need to suppress your emotions anymore! Hey, Sai, sorry to bother you while you're resting.
That's okay.
This just came from headquarters.
You need this for your Sealing Jutsu, right? Lee… Is it the enemy?! It looks like you can still fight.
Yes, sir! I, Rock Lee, the Blue Beast, do not know the meaning of the word "exhaustion"! I want you to be Sai's bodyguard.
He won't be able to defend himself well while he's preparing his Sealing Jutsu.
Leave it to me! I will risk my life for him! I leave it to you, Sai.
Y-Yes, sir.
Sai! I look forward to working with you! Do not worry! No matter who the foe, I will not let them lay a finger on you! – Lee… – Sai! You can skip the formalities and call me by a nickname like you do with Naruto and Sakura! I'd like you to leave me alone for a while… I understand! Call me right away if something happens! Do you have a moment? Sure, what is it? I'd like to hear a little more about Sai's Sealing Jutsu.
Where should I begin? You know that he used to be a member of the Foundation, right? It probably all started when Orochimaru attacked during your Chunin Exams.
I need you to learn this Sealing Jutsu.
The Third Hokage was an unparalleled jutsu user.
But when Orochimaru used Reanimation to bring back the First and Second Hokage, he had to seal them away with the Reaper Death Seal… and in doing so, sacrificed his life.
In order for things to work in our favor, the Foundation needs a powerful Sealing Jutsu.
But will I be able to master a Sealing Jutsu that will work against someone as powerful as Orochimaru? You can do it.
You've been taught that shinobi don't need emotions, right? Yes… Your suppressed feelings create massive amounts of energy deep inside your heart.
By releasing that emotional energy, your Sealing Jutsu will become very powerful.
But be careful! Releasing your emotions can make you susceptible to negative feelings.
It can be very dangerous.
The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino It's time to change shifts.
How are things? There's been no change.
It's morning and they still haven't shown up.
It sure is quiet.
It's like the calm before the storm.
I hope it means the festival's over.
E-Enemy attack! They're here! This way! He ran away? Damn it! Is he over here?! Hey… Where did everyone go? There he is! This way! Even though he's cornered, he doesn't look like he's going to fight us.
The enemy sent their weaker forces into battle.
It seems like hiding in the trees and using guerrilla warfare will be their main tactic.
They want us to become bold and pursue our targets, and once we've scattered, they'll destroy the Shinobi Alliance one by one.
I hate to admit it, but their aim was for us to become overconfident after defeating Zabuza! What are we going to do?! Things are going downhill! We need to regroup.
Send a message to each team telling them to work with at least two other teams! Okay, got it! And what will you do? I'm worried about the squads behind us.
If I were the enemy, I would use this confusion to cut off our support squads! The rear guards are tough and have the restraints and seals to fight against Reanimation.
Well, I don't understand! I'll just let you handle it! You heard us, right?! Send a message to all teams! Do not pursue the enemy if you see them! Try to stick together and we'll destroy them one by one! Yes, sir! Guy Sensei! Sorry I'm late! Hey! Sai! Lee! Perfect timing.
Follow me! We're going to prepare a seal! Yes, sir! You can count on me! We won't let them get their way! Sai, it takes time for you to prepare the Sealing Jutsu, right? How do you know about that? Actually, I asked Kakashi whether it takes time for you to concentrate in order to use emotional energy.
I will protect you while you're doing that! Earth Style! Rampart of Flowing Soil! Ensui, prepare the Shadow Paralysis! Got it! I found you… One more time! Defending yourself against the Blunt Blade Helmet Splitter is meaningless! Form a line of defense… Trying to block me is meaningless.
You still don't seem to understand! This next attack will be your last! It's not over yet! That's… Captain Kakashi! I hope you don't think this will be over soon! Sai, please begin! Okay… Let's see what your Sealing Jutsu can do! But be careful! Releasing your emotions can make you susceptible to negative feelings.
It can be very dangerous.
I've made up my mind.
But I've been told to suppress my emotions ever since I was little.
Is it really possible for me to master this Sealing Jutsu? More importantly, can I overcome this sense of fear I have when I release my emotions? You've succumbed to your negative feelings.
You're back… Sir Danzo… What is this? You must assimilate the mass of negative feelings you have pent up within you and train carefully.
This jutsu is the reason why I raised you all from the time you were young.
Try to gain complete control over your emotions.
Release your negative feelings and restrain them.
I couldn't suppress my emotions that time… Can I suppress my emotions now better than I could then? If anything, it's even harder now! But… I have to do this! I see there's still someone who's a bit of a challenge in this world.
Even if you're one of the Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist, we're not going to let you win so easily.
Shut up! That eye looks dangerous, but… If I thrust my sword towards you, I can win! There's no way to block my Helmet Splitter.
Who said anything about blocking? Your defense is weak! One down! Ensui! Yes, sir! Hold him with Shadow Paralysis until the seal is ready.
The rest of you, group up with the squad in front.
Follow me! Shadow Stitching Jutsu! I see… It's the same kind of hidden ninjutsu that Shikamaru uses.
This is only a stopgap measure.
If I undo my seal, he'll be free.
I hope you can seal him away as soon as possible.
Impossible… Run away, little brother.
Our bodies are indestructible.
There's no way you can win! Shin… Brother, snap out of it! Secret Black Technique! Salamander! Brother! Sai… I heard it was difficult, but he really looks like he's suffering.
Are you all right? Lee… Someone's coming! An Explosive Style User! This is not good! Sai! Hurry up with the seal! Lee can't handle this by himself.
I need to assist him! There's no need to worry! I won't forgive the Akatsuki! They're controlling the dead using Reanimation.
I'm seriously mad.
Is there any reason why I would lose? No! There isn't! How? I don't sense any negative feelings coming from Lee's anger.
Why? Doesn't anger come from negative feelings? How dare you… How dare you harm my friend! The enemy is on the move.
We should regroup with the main company! Sai! If there's anything I can do, let me know! I'll do whatever I can! I'm your friend, after all! I see… I see… The source of Lee's anger is his feelings for his friends.
But I can't do that… No! I'm different from how I was then.
I have friends now.
And now, I have a lot of feelings towards those friends.
A Sealing Jutsu that becomes more powerful when I release my emotions.
But those emotions don't have to be negative ones that come from anger or sorrow! Sai! I still haven't given you a nickname, have I? I'll think of one, once this war is over.
Sai! Do it.
Sealing Jutsu… Crouched Tiger Bullet.
Okay! We caught him! Return! Whatever the defense… Wait! Don't go after him! What a pathetic sight, Maki! You're protecting a Mist shinobi.
She is my comrade.
A "comrade"? What are you talking about? She's from the Bloody Mist.
They would even kill their own kind.
We've formed the Allied Shinobi Forces! An alliance? Whatever! You idiots! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!" You intend to die protecting an enemy shinobi? USER OF THE SCORCH STYLE: PAKURA OF THE SAND USER OF THE SCORCH STYLE: PAKURA OF THE SAND Tune in again!