Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e25 Episode Script

User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!

We've stopped the Hidden Stone's schemes! Our village is one step closer to victory.
We can all thank this person for the success of the mission! Pakura of the Scorch Style is a hero of the Hidden Sand! Sensei! Maki… What is it? Please train me! I just finished a mission.
So even you get tired, Sensei? Honestly… A diversion? I was so close! That was good.
You would have caught anyone else.
Please let me try it one more time! Don't get so hasty.
I'm sure you'll become stronger.
Do you think so? You want to get stronger to get revenge, right? Yes! I want to avenge my father… He was killed by a shinobi of the Hidden Mist… Those feelings will make you stronger! Your feelings for your family, this village, and your friends in this village… and the desire to defend this village… is what makes a shinobi strong! Yes! Now then… about our negotiations for a truce with the Hidden Mist… They still seem to hold a deep grudge toward our village.
Although we made a proposal that is ridiculously against our favor, they refused to budge.
But now is the time for a showdown with the Hidden Stone! We shouldn't worry about the future! I guess we have no choice.
We need Pakura to be useful again… for the sake of the village.
PAKURA Our hero… Pakura of the Scorch Style has died.
PAKURA She never gave up and fought until the end.
We shall not let her death be in vain! She died for the village and we must carry on her will, and destroy Hidden Stone Village! Pakura Sensei… User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand! Ninja Art: Needle Senbon! Weaklings! Wait, don't do anything until we can get a handle on the situation.
Captain Monga! The enemy isn't attacking in large squads… but they are using guerrilla tactics.
We're facing the Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist.
He was mummified! I wonder if she's fighting again too… We don't know where the enemy will appear! Don't let your guard down! Captain! We should search for the enemy.
Our role is to wrap up the battle.
Wait until we receive orders from the front lines! But there must be something we can do! Sealing, medical and intel teams are needed on the battlefield! Our mission is to protect them! We can't put ourselves in unnecessary danger! That's right.
The only people who can stop the Reanimation are the Sealing Corps.
But Ruka, you and the Medical Corps… Don't worry! As long as I'm here, they won't be able to lay a finger on you! I'll risk my life for you.
It's all right! If something happens to the captain, I'll risk my life to save him! I got it, I got it! He's strong even without a ninja blade! But there's only one of him.
If we surround him with more people and attack in waves… that should create an opportunity for us… Seems like it's a tough fight.
It is him we're fighting… Hey, Maki, why aren't they attacking with a large squad? I don't know… Anyway, we need to figure out what the enemy is going to do and put together a strategy.
How many enemies are there? I don't know.
They just suddenly appeared.
Maki, Ruka! Fall back! Perhaps you should tell them to run as fast as they can… If they don't, they'll go boom.
Gari of the Explosion Style… I never expected to face you… Yeah, you don't have enough men to take me on.
That's exactly what we want you to think… I get it! The flashy guerrilla tactics are just to scatter our forces.
You were targeting the support squads in the rear from the beginning, huh? That's the quickest way to end the battle, isn't it? Besides, I've been brought back to life and I can't stand being immobile because of a Sealing Jutsu.
I never expected someone like you to be satisfied with being just a puppet… You've never been dead, so you wouldn't understand.
Death isn't something to take lightly! Earth Style: Mud Slide! Don't get near him! Sorry, your advice has fallen on deaf ears… Captain Monga, I… You guys stay there! I can handle this by myself.
How fun… But you can't stop me with just spirit! Can you defend yourself against Explosion Style with just that? You did it, Captain Monga! Yeah.
Maki, seal him away right away.
Captain! This jutsu is… Pakura Sensei… Pakura Sensei… You're…Maki? I never expected to see you again, like this.
Your face paint hasn't changed.
Maki, what do you mean by "Sensei"? She was once the Hidden Sand's hero.
She is also the person who trained me to become a shinobi.
Coming back to life has been full of surprises.
Why are you fighting, Sensei? Can't you move by your own free will? It's simple! To vent my frustration… at being banished to the darkness of death and being silenced! Vent your frustration? I was made into the village hero.
And after all that praise, I was sacrificed as a pawn for the benefit of the village.
This frustration… This anger… The ones who used me are long gone, but the village that killed me is a painful reminder that still exists.
That's right! I'm fighting to eradicate the Village Hidden in the Mist! The Village Hidden in the Mist? I heard that you had died fighting the Hidden Stone.
That was a story made up by our superiors to take advantage of my death.
That day, I realized everything just before I died… The Kazekage ordered me to the Hidden Mist Village as an envoy.
It was a top-secret mission, so I left in secret.
Pakura of the Scorch Style! We've come to welcome you.
It is an honor to meet you.
This mist shrouds us, so we thought you would need someone to lead the way.
Thank you very much.
But there is no way I would get lost going through this valley.
Very true! Well, please proceed.
W-What are you doing?! Feel the pain felt by our comrades who were killed by your village! Don't get the wrong idea.
Don't think that this will get rid of our grudge.
Your sacrifice is but a small comfort.
The ones from the Hidden Sand who handed you over are probably thinking that.
I was used as a bargaining chip with the Village Hidden in the Mist… to benefit our village.
Impossible… How horrible… From what I can see, seems one of them has slipped into your ranks… A Bloody Mist shinobi, huh? That was all in the past! The Fifth Mizukage has ushered in a new age for the Hidden Mist! Do you think that erases your past?! The Hidden Mist's history of blood and treachery? Please stop, Pakura Sensei! If you want to blame something, blame our village for betraying your trust! You should blame the Hidden Sand for casting aside a loyal hero such as yourself! In all honestly, I'm still confused by your story.
But I strongly believe that it's wrong to attack people who have nothing to do with your grudge! They are involved! That's because you can't see it, Sensei! I've learned something while fighting in the Allied Shinobi Force.
Even people who were once prejudiced against other villages can work together, talk together, understand each other, and cooperate! If that's the case… If that's the case…! Who can get rid of this grudge that festers deep in my heart?! Are you telling me that it can't be helped, and that I should just give up?! Well… Enough talk! My body has been reanimated.
I cannot go against my orders to fight the Allied Shinobi Force! You guys run away.
But take this transmitter… Leave this to me! Hidden Cloth Jutsu! That was a good move.
I wonder how far you can run away.
We can't fight her normally.
We need to regroup with the rest of the team.
I'll try to contact them! You saved us, Ruka.
My Water Style is pretty good, huh? Sorry, I'm so useless… So this is where you were.
You can't fight me, and it seems you can't run away from me either.
What will you do? Are we going to continue to play hide-and-seek? Sensei… Just let me say this.
You cannot erase the past, but you can help create the future! I believe that our experiences, from fighting in the Allied Shinobi Force, will change future relations between the villages! We'll have a new shinobi world that won't make the terrible mistakes of the past.
So, Pakura Sensei, you died as a hero of the Hidden Sand… Please remain a hero.
This is one flashy fight… Zaji, Omoi! Sorry we're late.
We ran into some trouble.
Did we get him? Our enemy has a Kekkei Genkai.
If you get hit with that fireball, it's all over.
But we'll cover you! We're counting on you.
– Ruka! – Okay! Gotcha! They multiplied? Don't stop moving! I see you've learned how to do it, Maki.
But I can't let you capture me! Now! Ruka! On my signal, use maximum water power! Come on, Maki! Come at me! Before that, I'll fight you.
You're being difficult.
Well then, I'll take care of you first! Ruka! I'm the one who'll get you! We've got her! Explosion Style! Gari of the Explosion Style! This is bad… More people showed up out of nowhere.
You're a mess, Pakura.
If I had recovered a little later, it would have been all over for you.
Are these guys that strong? You've gotten strong, Maki… The good thing about this body is that I can revive quickly.
Well, let's continue.
I'm going to take out that pesky sealer first.
We're not going to let you.
We're going to make sure you can't revive yourself again.
You won't be able to… Don't regret it in the afterlife.
What do you think you're doing, Pakura? If children don't hurt themselves, they never learn.
So I feel like giving them a chance.
I'm giving them a chance to change the future.
I don't understand.
Are you feeling sympathy for your old comrades? I don't care if you take it that way.
Run, Maki! While I'm still conscious! I think we should listen to what she says.
It will be difficult to fight the two of them.
Let's go, Maki! Maki… Let's go, Ruka… Pakura of the Scorch Style… I've always wanted to fight you, at least once.
But it seems I'll never get that chance… Yeah… My consciousness is being taken away… Maki! You still can't contact any of the other teams? Please be quiet for a moment! It's hard enough to hear as it is.
Huh? Where's Maki? What? She was just here… Tsunade, when was the first time you decided to place all your bets on Naruto? Was it when he defeated Pain? No, it was long before that… Back in those days, all I could bet on was money… And if the money and booze ran out, I just kept topping it up… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Things You Can't Get Back" In this world, there are some things that you can't get back.