Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e26 Episode Script

Things You Can't Get Back

Naruto, the Hokage's faith in you is awfully strong.
Have you two had this bond for very long? Yeah, I made Granny a promise… that I won't die until I became the Hokage.
Yo! That's an interesting promise to keep.
The significance is pretty deep.
So Granny decided to bet on me! And she gave me a symbol of my promise! Just as Minato believed! Letting Naruto go is the way to protect shinobi, and everyone! I will let Naruto pass! So what is your decision?! Tsunade… When was the first time you decided to place all your bets on Naruto? Was it when he defeated Pain and became the village hero? No, it was long before that… He… I could give a damn about being Hokage.
No one but a fool would take it on.
Anyone who makes fun of the old man and the Fourth Hokage… It doesn't matter if you are a woman! I'll clobber you with all my might! Damn it! Hey, brat! I'll ask you one thing before you faint.
Why get so passionate at the mention of Hokage's name? Unlike you, I… will take on the title of Hokage, no matter what! Because Hokage is my dream! Then how about a bet? I'll give you one week.
If you can master that jutsu, I'll acknowledge that you have what it takes to become the Hokage, and give you this necklace.
Naruto won the bet.
And so, you decided to gamble on him.
Yes, that's right.
GAMBLE GAMBLE The first time we met… you only placed bets on whether the dice was odd or even.
Oh… All I could bet on back in those days… was money.
Things You Can't Get Back Lady Tsunade, Just a min…! Hurry up, Shizune! The next den… I mean, inn… won't wait for us.
The inn isn't going anywhere.
Shinobi? Lady Tsunade, was that…? Don't get involved! Let's go! Bro! Bro! What? What's going on?! Zaji! If it's something stupid, you're gonna get it.
It's not stupid! Over there! – Huh? – Huh? She's…! She's the legendary… Legendary? The legendary… – The legendary… – The legendary… C'mon… You called us because you knew, right?! I wanted to liven things up and make you look good, Bro… You idiot! I'll slam you! But you're smiling, Bro.
Of course… After all, she's… – The legendary Sucker! – The legendary Sucker! And she's got the goods! Change all this into tokens.
– Thank you for your patronage! – Thank you for your patronage! Huh?! Don't mind them.
Please have a great time.
– Please enjoy yourself! – Please enjoy yourself! She's already being suckered! No corpse… It seems the enemy escaped.
Damn it! They…got Nigai… It's unfortunate about Nigai… We must hurry and have Amai take a look.
We've arranged to meet at a nearby inn.
I know you're in pain, but bear with it.
I-I'm sorry… I'm sorry.
Here I go! All right! Place your bets! – Even! – Even! – Even! – Odd! Snake eyes! Even! Odd! – Even! – Odd! Even! – Thank you very much! – Thank you very much! What on earth are you doing?! You can't go into debt to make money anymore! Just go and borrow money again.
From where?! There they come.
Is there a woman called Tsunade staying here? The one with the huge jugs! We're gonna look for her! Hey! What's the big idea?! – We're bill collectors! – We're bill collectors! We'll go through this joint from one end to the other! – Right! – Right! Who are you men? We're really scary vultures from the Land of Gold.
Lassie… Have you seen a lady who looks like this? She's got a big chest.
Oh, that pretty lady is in another room! – Where?! – Where?! I'll go and call her! Wait a minute, lassie! What's that shiny thing in your hand? Huh? Oh, this? The pretty lady in the picture gave it to me.
She told me that she had a really bad experience, and she went crazy on the mountain.
Then a bountiful of this sparkly stuff started coming out of the rocks.
Bountiful?! Uh-huh! Lots and lots and lots… She said there was so much, she couldn't carry it.
So she gave me some too.
That thing the brat had in her hand… That's gold! Gold?! It seems Tsunade struck a mother lode of gold.
Are you serious?! Which means… We'll lose big time if she pays up her debt now.
What do you mean? We have to keep loaning her money, and rack up interest.
There's no doubt we'll get our money back.
So we'll let her keep borrowing and borrowing! Oh my, if it isn't the bill collectors! I'm sorry you had to come this far to find me.
– Oh no! – Oh no! No trouble at all.
My war chest is full for tomorrow! All right, time to go drinking! That was fraud! I didn't lie.
When I split a rock on the mountain, I did find gold.
It's true?! Well, it was one shard.
You said the mountain was bountiful! Yeah, I found it on Mt.
Really! Lady Tsunade! Tsunade…?! Is that you, Amai? Lord Raikage… Thanks to you distracting the enemy, my side went without incident.
We obtained the Ninja Art Scroll for the Hidden Jutsu unique to the Cedar Village.
However, we cannot return to the village right away.
Karai! Hey…Amai… You idiot! What about Nigai? Nigai… Damn it! Don't underestimate me! Lightning Rat Tremor! Nigai! Don't come! Please… don't come! Nigai! It's this bug-shaped lump! Inside this lump is a mass of chakra with Paper Bomb-like properties.
The chakra of the possessed is sucked out and when it exceeds a certain volume, it explodes.
You mentioned that Nigai used a jutsu at the very end.
Using a jutsu involves releasing a large amount of chakra.
That chakra is absorbed, and the lump suddenly increases in size.
Are you saying it exploded?! Can Karai be saved? My Medical Ninjutsu… is not powerful enough… I see.
But there is someone who can save him! What?! And…she's here in this town! Who might this be? Lady Tsunade of the Hidden Leaf Village! No one in this world can match Lady Tsunade's skills as a Medical Ninja.
Surely, that person… Amai! Your name may mean "sweet," but don't get saccharine! But Lady Tsunade can… A shinobi from another village doesn't merit being addressed as "Lady"! The Hidden Leaf and we of the Cloud are not allies! As if…she would come to our aid… She will! Rather, I will make her! I will bring Tsunade here, if I have to drag her! And… No, Lord Raikage… Do not rely on a shinobi from a rival village just for my sake… I will make her heal you! Will you abandon your pride as the Raikage?! I will keep my pride! And I will save you! Lord Raikage… Now you sound more naïve than Amai.
What pride is there is letting my subordinate die?! How can I call myself the Raikage?! Karai! You do not have my permission to die! I order you to stay at my side until we return to the village! Lord Raikage… Let's go, Amai! Take me to Tsunade! Shizune, we're out of sake.
Hey! Wake up! Sake! We're out of sake! Sake! Damn it! What a wimp… Passing out so soon! Sake! Sis! This… Is this…? Yes, this is the necklace that belonged to the First Hokage, our grandfather.
I love you, Sis! I'm gonna be like Grandfather and take on the title of Hokage one day.
Because becoming the Hokage is my dream.
Just one more time… Just one more glimpse… of that smiling face… I love this village and my comrades.
So I want to protect them.
Since my little sister died, that sole thought has sustained me.
He is just like me.
So I'll become the Hokage.
A person that protects everyone.
Becoming the Hokage is my dream.
I'd like you…to take this.
I could give a damn about being Hokage.
No one but a fool would take it on.
I just wish he were alive… I truly loved him… That's why… I want to see him and hold him tight… You are one of the Legendary Sannin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves… Lady Tsunade, I have sought you out to make a request! I beseech you… Please hear me out! Who are you? Yes! I am Amai, a shinobi of Hidden Cloud Village! Please use your world-renowned Medical Ninjutsu skills to save my comrade! Are you a Medical Ninja of the Cloud? Yes, ma'am! If your comrade is hurt, you heal him.
The situation is beyond my skills… I don't want to.
But…! The Cloud dares to approach one who belongs to the Hidden Leaf for a favor? You tried to steal the Hyuga's Byakugan.
That was settled between the two villages.
A typical answer from the one who started it.
Please let bygones be bygones.
Enough Amai.
I never expected her to listen willingly! May I present the leader of the Hidden Cloud… Lord Raikage.
Well, now… So the big shot's waltzed in.
If you refuse, you will be forced to come.
That's interesting.
Do you realize who you're threatening? You're going to regret saying that! I will wait for you in the clearing in the back.
That bitch! Tsunade! You broke your word to me! You will pay dearly! Wake up! Get up and fight me! Who are you? Lord Raikage of the Cloud.
Huh?! Well, isn't this a surprise… You said that yesterday! Don't be angry! I know.
Let's make a bet.
A bet? You said you'd force me to come, right? So we'll arm wrestle.
If you can beat me, I'll go with you.
Uh… What happened while I was asleep? Ready… Go! She's overpowering me?! This…woman! I cannot lose! If I lose here, Karai will… I… cannot lose! Lady Tsunade, you lost a contest of physical strength…? No! This guy… He purposely weakened his hold for an instant to create a space between our grip.
And he seized that moment to push down swiftly against my hand.
He didn't beat me with power.
He won with speed! I won't let you accuse me of being cowardly.
I'm not going to.
We didn't say this was a contest of strength.
You beat me in arm wrestling.
Then you'll treat Karai?! We're this way.
Let's go, Shizune! Y-Yes! Amazing… Karai! It's Lady Tsunade! We brought the best Medical Ninja in the world! You're going to be all right! You mentioned that you stole the Hidden Jutsu of the Land of Cedar.
Who would have imagined that the Cedar Village would have someone so skilled.
It wasn't a shinobi who belonged to Cedar Village.
What? It was the Nokizaru Troops who were hired by the Cedar Village.
What?! The Nokizaru Troops? You mean, the shinobi who hunt shinobi?! I cannot let my treatment be compromised.
Tell me what you know.
Tell me everything! The Explosive Bugs should be removable through simple surgery.
I leave Karai in your hands! Shizune, do it.
Why are you having her do it? Don't worry about it! Shizune is a highly skilled Medical Ninja! But I want you to… Silence! I'm going to have Shizune do this! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "One Worth Betting On" You'll be sorry if anything happens to Karai! ONE WORTH BETTING ON ONE WORTH BETTING ON Tune in again!