Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e28 Episode Script

Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!

Sai of the Hidden Leaf sealed away one of the Ninja Swords! Looks like you did well, Sai.
I just hope we can keep morale high.
We've received the information we wanted on the Ninja Swordsmen from HQ.
We should gather as much information as we can while the enemy's stopped all movement.
I should have expected it.
They're all quite fearsome.
We need to be especially careful of these two.
We'll be at a disadvantage in a group battle.
Help me! What's wrong? Strings are controlling my body… Strings?! He's crucifying them alive and taking pleasure in their suffering… Stop! Stop! Is this some kind of game for you? Ran! You are unforgivable! I feel sorry for the legends of past generations who are being forced to fight against their will.
It pains me… You revel in killing.
I hate to think that we're both called shinobi… Stop being so full of yourself.
Who do you think you're pointing that at?! That belongs to the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist! An outsider wielding the Executioner's Blade? I don't like it one bit! He's mine! Even though they can't die, they don't take each other into consideration when they make their brutal attacks… I'm going to kill you and take back the Executioner's Blade! No, I will.
I'll kill you if you get in my way! I'm already dead.
Going up against these two alone is going to be rough, but… Looks like you're backed up against a wall, buddy! Severe… Leaf Hurricanes! I'm Might Guy, the Hidden Leaf's Noble Blue Beast! Sorry I'm late, Kakashi.
Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru Thanks, Guy.
You're the one who wanted us to regroup because it was dangerous to work in platoons.
So why are you doing this by yourself? Furthermore, you're fighting two of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
I wanted to save as many people as I could and got in over my head.
I figured that was the case.
Anyway, we should get her away from here while we can.
Yeah, thanks.
It's kind of creepy to see you being so grateful.
But…I guess your opponents were just strong enough to make you feel that way.
Where am I? He… He killed my comrades! I know.
We're going to defeat the enemy, so you go regroup with the main regiment.
B-But… When we fight them, you'll only get in our way.
Be careful.
How dare you treat our comrades like they were your toys.
Be careful, Guy.
Kushimaru Kuriarare, who wields the Long Blade the Sewing Needle… And Jinpachi Nanashi, who wields the Explosive Blade, the Splatter… One killed his master and the other killed his older brother.
Aside from that, they've committed countless acts of cruelty.
If you get in my way, I'll kill you too! I guess you could call them the cold-blooded combo.
We've got to stay focused! That's no problem! They may be the cold-blooded combo, but we're the comrades combo! No one is a match for the Hidden Leaf's invincible comrades combo! They're open to attack.
They've underestimated my speed.
His swings are big because of that gimmick.
But… He doesn't have his Long Blade! Be careful, Guy! Ninja Art Long Blade! Stitching Spider! This thing! Explosive Blade Jutsu! Multiple Explosions of Death! Guy! Don't mind me! Get out of here! You saved me again, Kakashi.
Earth Style! Multi Mud Wall! I was naïve.
I thought I had all the data on the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist… But I never expected them to take advantage of being reanimated that well.
Kakashi? Did they… Yeah… They got my eye.
I think it's temporary, but this is bad.
Our enemy is the reanimated Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, and we're in terrible shape… This is really bad.
Guy! I've survived many tough situations like this.
There's something I remember every time… Three kunai knives and one paper bomb… This is all we have… The Stone's best men have us completely surrounded outside.
Yeah… They're going to attack us first thing in the morning.
There's no need to worry! I have my fists.
It doesn't matter if we're short on ninja tools.
Let's break through the enemy lines.
Your overconfidence is what got us stuck here in the first place.
Don't you get it? Don't do anything on your own.
Why are you being such a bore?! Our next rival challenge is whether I can break through the enemy lines.
Shinobi who defy orders are scum! I'm your captain, and if you can't follow my orders, leave.
I…just don't want that to ever happen again.
Kakashi, you… That's right.
Follow me.
I'll be a decoy.
If the enemy is drawn to me, you'll have a greater chance of escaping.
I'm Might Guy, the Noble Blue Beast of the Hidden Leaf! I don't die easily! What?! I'm not done yet! Not yet! I need to buy time until dawn! Sorry, Kakashi… As you said, I'm probably not suited to being a shinobi… Kakashi?! We'll talk later! Let's get out of here! We're all out of chakra.
We can't use any big techniques anymore.
Kakashi… Why did you come? Because you defied my orders.
I'm not worthy of being a shinobi, am I? In the Shinobi World, orders are absolute… But if you defied orders to save the life of your friends… And if I couldn't tell the difference between the two, I'd be a failure as a captain.
You… Besides, I think your plan could have gone really well.
We've been able to draw the enemy away like now.
Rin should have regrouped with the main squad by now.
I have to take care of him… This is bad! Guy! Stone Shinobi… They use jutsu formulas that cover a wide area.
D-Didn't you run out of chakra? Chidori! He cut through a lightning bolt with Chidori? I thought he was out of chakra! Are you all right, Kakashi? How strange… I thought I was out of chakra… But when I thought about saving my friends, it came out of nowhere.
You should rest, Kakashi.
I'll handle the rest.
But you can't run on those legs… If I can't use my legs, I'll use my arms.
If I can't use that, I'll use my fingers or my mouth… and struggle all the way until the end to save my friends.
Just like you did now… Friend, huh? You can't see.
Don't push yourself, Kakashi.
If I can't see, I'll sense things by sound.
If I can't do that, I'll use smell or even my skin… and struggle all the way until the end to save my friends.
You remember that time too… Let's go! Yeah! C'mon! Let's do this! Don't underestimate me! It seems like repeating our rival challenge wasn't a waste of time, after all.
Even if I can't see you, I know exactly where you are! By matching your movements… I can even tell where the enemy is.
It's as if I can see.
You're in the way! You should disappear! I'll deal with you first! You don't think of your comrades as comrades… You were never a match for us! Shut up! Substitution Jutsu? You idiot! I can't dodge it! Did we succeed? Damn it… I'm done with this stupid fight! Get back, Kakashi! I'll use my Explosion Blade to blow up this whole area.
We may be immortal, but if you do that we'll die! We won't know until we try! Shadow Stitching Jutsu! I-I can't move! Captain Kakashi! I've brought the Sealing Team! You can see again, Kakashi? Yeah… Seal these two away.
Yes, sir! I knew that you two would get revenge! W-Withdraw! You made it just in time, Guy and Kakashi! When a shinobi uses his powers for his friends rather than himself, his power multiplies.
That's what I learned back then.
Even I can produce unfathomable power for my friends… It's strange.
Yeah… That's right.
I think everyone is feeling that way in this war.
Come on, let's go look for the other platoons.
Please help, everyone! – Yes, sir! – Yes, sir! Ameyuri Ringo… One of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
Wielder of the Lightning Blade, the Fang.
What sort of person is this Ameyuri? Stop hiding! Isn't there anyone here that can send shockwaves through my heart? Oh wait…there is someone here who'll come at me! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!" I'm never going to let you go.