Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e29 Episode Script

The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo

There's no sign of the enemy.
I don't see our forces either.
We're too scattered.
We must gather the troops together.
You're right.
Captain Kakashi! Yurui's unit is requesting reinforcements! Omoi's in that unit.
What's up? They're engaged in a fight with Ameyuri Ringo! Ameyuri Ringo… One of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen who wields the Lightning Blade, Fang… I'll go! I'm going too.
Ameyuri Ringo uses the Lightning Style.
I may be able to neutralize her with my own Lightning Style.
The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo! Stop hiding! Isn't there anyone here that can send shockwaves through my heart? Lightning Style: Lighting Fang! Cowards aren't my type! Where are the reinforcements?! As punishment… I'm going to burn you to a crisp! Lighting Style: Thunder Gate! Yurui! Hang on, Yurui! It's over… Everything's…going dark… Don't give up, Yurui! Help is on the way! Nurui… It's in… your hands now… Yurui! Yurui! Damn it! I've had it with this! How many have died already? Is this what war is?! Are we the only survivors? It looks that way.
I'll take command from now on.
I have seniority here.
Ameyuri Ringo went after the other platoon in the other direction.
But she'll be back.
We have to decide what to do quickly.
It's obvious.
We retreat.
Are we running away? Just because she's one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen? Are you suggesting we take on Ameyuri Ringo? Well… That's not like you, Omoi.
I thought you were the cautious type, just like me.
War is not the place for revenge.
And besides, we don't have a chance against someone with a Ninja Blade.
They are like elephants and tigers.
We're mere ants.
Then why the hell are we here?! Don't get full of yourself, Omoi.
Are you trying to be a hero now? In any case, I'm the leader now! We'll create a diversion for Ameyuri Ringo and make our escape.
How boring… Not a single soul to give me a thrill.
Oh, that's right.
There were two or three more back there.
Maybe they're more my type.
That flash of lightning earlier… There's no doubt it was Ameyuri Ringo's Lightning Style.
Damage of this scope, in an instant.
Not even a hundred chunin could defeat her.
Well, who knows… In a desperate moment like this, a hero could rise up from among them.
Wishing for the survival of our scattered comrades is one thing.
Hoping for a hero is just wishful thinking.
Whatever the case, judging from the traces of battle, Ameyuri Ringo is headed north.
There should be survivors beyond that.
Let's hurry! Damn it… If we keep running and running… Pretty soon, we'll circle the globe.
And if we keep circling the globe over and over again, we'll forget why the hell we're fighting.
And no one will think that I'm still alive.
I'll keep running and running until I die.
If that's the case, then… Captain! Are we still gonna keep running away? If we keep running, maybe the reinforcements will arrive and take care of that bitch.
Waiting for others to bail us out?! What are you doing? We have to make it look like we put up a fight… Otherwise, who knows what they'll say after the war.
How stupid.
Talk about ego… And this trap is so obvious! It's like telling the enemy exactly which way we're running.
Nothing good's gonna come from following this guy! You can't run away from me.
They call this a trap? They must think I'm stupid.
I'm never going to let you go! Just who is this Ameyuri Ringo anyway? A woman known to be an exceptional user of the Lightning Style.
Although she died young from an incurable disease, it's said she never lost her prey.
There's no escaping her? That's enough, Kayui! Nurui! You knew this, and still… Here she comes! Damn it! She's faster than I thought.
Of course, she's gonna catch up! This is such a lame strategy! We can't outrun her! Let's fight! No! It's no use! How far can we run?! She always gets her prey, right?! I know! Well, do you know that our lives are in your hands?! That's why we're retreating! How can you call yourself a shinobi?! Have you even thought about our fallen comrades?! Omoi! You don't understand Nurui! And Nurui, you too! Shut up, Kayui! I've… had enough of running! Omoi… I know…about your reputation in the village, Nurui.
Omoi! That's enough! That you being cautious is just to hide your cowardice! Well, I'm a cautious guy, but I'm no coward! Stop it, Omoi! Fighting is useless right now! We can't be heroes! The thought didn't even cross my mind! I just keep seeing Yurui's face as he was dying! And even if we escape somehow, I can't go on living with that image constantly flashing through my mind.
Stop it, Omoi! Fighting is useless right now! We can't be heroes! The thought didn't even cross my mind! I just keep seeing Yurui's face as he was dying! And even if we escape somehow, I can't go on living with that image constantly flashing through my mind.
Omoi! Looks like Ameyuri Ringo is still in pursuit of someone.
This isn't good… There aren't any Allied Shinobi units beyond this point.
The pursued are only making themselves more isolated.
Let's hurry! Oh, here's one.
Someone who's willing to face me! I'm avenging Yurui! What? Running away so soon? You were so worthless after—! Fooled ya! Cloud Style: Deception Slice! No one tricks me! Lightning Blade Jutsu! Thunderbolt! She's strong… If I'm gonna beat her, I have to use the one Bee taught me! My sword technique is one to behold! If you get 10,000 tickets sold, and if you come and watch me rap I'll help put your skill on the map.
You'll really teach me your lethal blade technique? Hey, are there really 10,000 guys in the Hidden Cloud? To put it bluntly, your sword power and skill ain't too much of a thrill.
Unlike my rapping which keeps feet a-stomping.
In other words, you are saying I'm average? Except your Deception Slice which is divine.
So polish that up and you'll be fine.
Now this lesson is at the end of the line.
So you're telling me to tweak my Deception Slice and make it better? Yeah! And the result of that is… Hidden Mist Slice.
Still not giving up? At least you have some backbone.
This sword style makes it difficult to read the path of the blade! I'm just beginning to execute this jutsu! My personal style… Hidden Mist Slice, Kai! Let's see you counter this! Huh? They're all decoys?! Gotcha! Lightning Style! Depth Charge! You're not bad at all.
Most guys would be dead.
Sorry, but I'm really strong.
Omoi! I won't kill you just yet.
Because I'm the type of person who saves the things I like to eat for last.
Nurui! Kayui! Nurui… Nurui! Are you all right, Nurui?! Did you have to act so foolishly? I'm sorry… For my sake… Damn right.
Everything's ruined.
Now listen carefully… Omoi… Found you! I won't let you get away.
It's no good… I don't feel like I can win! More like, I can't beat her! Are you all right, Kayui?! Is there anyone else with you? Nurui and Omoi are up ahead… Ameyuri Ringo is there too, huh? And they're going to bring her down.
Nurui was right.
Running away was my only option! I'm no hero! How could I have been so stupid?! Now then, are you prepared? Fine… You want me to fight? I'll fight then.
You're determined.
I'll give you that.
Please let us get there in time! I have to, I mean, we have to bring her down.
Nurui… Yurui… Bring me down? Are you still talking nonsense? I planned to lick you from the beginning! 'Cuz my flavor today is apple candy and your name means just that! Bring it on with your strongest jutsu! Too bad! And you were my type too.
Lightning Style: Thunder Gate! What is this?! You trapped me?! This is actually a bottomless marsh.
Once you're stuck, you'll never get out.
And you're coming with me? Yurui was my friend.
I'm the one who let personal feelings interfere.
I wanted to avenge Yurui… There was only one way for us to beat her.
There is a bottomless marsh up ahead.
It's been covered with an Earth Style lid.
If she uses her Lightning Style there, she'll sink into this bottomless marsh.
I planned to lure her there.
Yurui, Kayui and I had made a number of traps in preparation for a big battle.
So you…weren't running away? Omoi, I know the limits of my strength.
But my plan won't work.
You must run away.
I'll stop Ameyuri Ringo here.
You can't in your condition! And besides, there's no running away from her, right?! Stop… Omoi… Omoi! Kakashi! Guy! We made it in time.
Pull him out.
Weren't you going to come with me? Sorry, maybe another time.
In my next life, I'll remember to eat what I like first.
You won't be reincarnated anymore.
Here's a farewell gift from me… Thank you.
Omoi… My name's Omoi.
Omoi… That's a thank-you gift from me.
I'll be waiting for you on the other side.
You did well, Omoi.
You're a hero.
The real hero…is you.
So there are new heroes, after all.
It's always a heartwarming sight… This deep bond between men.
Kakashi, Guy… Listen up.
I wanted to give you advance notice.
Naruto and Bee are heading to the battlefront.
It seems nothing worked to convince Naruto.
So, we're going to use this opportunity to turn this war around! Over and out! Did you hear that, Kakashi? Yeah… They're finally on the move.
The heroes we've waited so long for.
Since days long past, that location has been a site reserved for sacred use.
And it's been referred to as "The Hole.
" The villagers charged with taking care of the site have been slaughtered.
– What? – That's so…! Locate the perpetrator and mete out the appropriate punishment! – All right! – Yes, ma'am! Next Time on Naruto Shippuden: "Power - Episode 1" It's been a while, Naruto… Tune in again!