Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e30 Episode Script

Power - Episode 1

All right! I haven't been on a mission in ages! Pipe down, Naruto! It's not something to rejoice over.
Huh? There's been an incident in the small village of a small nation bordering the Land of Fire.
The inhabitants there were slaughtered.
– Huh?! – Are you serious?! Since days long past, that location has been a site reserved for sacred use.
And it's been referred to as "The Hole.
" There were rumors of it having hidden treasure and it seems there were defense measures in place to guard the area from bandits.
But total annihilation? I wish I could assign you more people, but we have serious issues to deal with in our village too.
Are you referring to the grave-robbing incident at the cemetery outside the village? Yes.
Also the attack in the forest where the Akatsuki is sealed away… Where the sickle was stolen? Things will become much more hectic for us, but we cannot ignore anything inflicted upon the general public.
Apprehend the ones responsible for attacking the village, and punish them.
I'm counting on you.
Everything's burned to the ground… What kind of weapons did the assailants use? What an amazing forest! But just a bit beyond this is barren land… Could this be a treasure storehouse? Let's find out.
Oh… Spring water is being pumped somewhere.
A space like this… exists underground? It's huge.
What a strange room… There's nothing in here.
Could it have been robbers? Looks that way… Don't move! Are you trying to exploit the current situation and rob us? No.
We're here on request by your government.
We are Hidden Leaf shinobi.
We are here to investigate.
I beg your pardon.
We are aware of that request.
And who are you? We are a security unit from the neighboring town of Hachou.
Tonika Village and our town have a pact of friendship.
I see.
Please come this way.
There is someone I'd like you to meet.
Shiseru… Who are they? I see.
I appreciate your quick response.
I am Disonasu, the head of Hachou Village.
Yesterday, a few who escaped death came to the village seeking help, and the situation came to light.
Do you have any idea who the assailants were? No… I believe bandits have attacked on a number of occasions, lured by rumors of treasure.
This treasure? Do you know what it's supposed to be? No… I think only a few in the village knew.
So I guess someone was attacked by something… Man, this water tastes great! Oh, you… It is pretty though… Inside this "Hole"… It's like it sucked up the life and energy of everything around it… It's just exploding with vitality.
You are absolutely right… This water overflows with life.
When did you appear? It's been a long time, you two.
Kabuto! Why you…! As always, you love getting into fights, don't you? What are you doing here? Oh, this and that… Right now… I'm conducting some research.
What the hell is that? I created these snakes using Lord Orochimaru's cells.
Their regenerative power is so strong.
They can multiply in no time.
And…thanks to the success of my experiments, I'm able to implant the nucleus of other living things and regenerate genetic data.
Conveniently, this water seems to accelerate cell division at an extremely high rate.
It's almost like a virus.
And then…birth… A new…life.
It can't be, it's the Akatsuki's… Yes… Hidan.
I guess you're not here by coincidence.
Are you the one who attacked the village? But since you are here, you can tell us what happened.
You think you can capture me? We won't let you get away.
I wonder about that.
This isn't my only pawn.
Nagato?! Itachi?! They're…members of the Akatsuki! Asuma Sensei and… Hayate Sensei?! Not…Reanimation?! You bastard! You robbed their graves! That's…? SICKLE I'm going to enjoy this.
Quit…screwing around! Naruto! Captain! Why aren't they moving? Is the jutsu still… not complete?! Captain, don't let that guy get a hold of any of your blood! I know that! I'm sorry…Sensei! Shiseru! I can't hold my breath any longer… POWER I can't hold my breath any longer… POWER Mina, you really like that melody, don't you? Did you compose it yourself? I hear it.
Hear it? Hey, you're pretty weird.
Is this supposed to be Sensei? That doesn't look like Sensei! I'm not done yet! – Give it back.
– Here, here! – Come and get it! – Brother! – Give it back! – Here, here! Leo… Dokku Sensei, eh? Is he doing well? He's like this.
He's gotten bigger? But he's cute as a teddy bear.
Huh? Nice and soft! More like big and fat.
Do you like him? A lot! I see! It seems he's more suited to this than being a guard.
Get inside and hide! Where's Grandpa? No…! I don't wanna die! Help… Someone, please help! Help! Leo? Leo! Leo! Dokku Sensei! Leo! – Sensei… – Minna! Jump! I'll catch you.
Come on, hurry! Don't wanna… Mina, you have to hurry! I'm scared! Don't you like me, Mina? Can you trust me? Uh-huh.
Then, be brave! You did good! That was amazing.
Okay, now you, Leo! Don't go… There might still be people in the village that need my help! Mina, don't you want to see Yoshi and Satchi? Listen to me.
If I don't come back, you must go to Hachou Town.
Got that? When you get to town, go to the town hall and get help.
You can do it, right? – Uh-huh! – Uh-huh! Okay… Okay then… Be brave! The master of the Great Lake once created "Ama no Goko," but its power was taken away by evil… and it almost destroyed the world.
Power… So that's what Kabuto is after.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Power - Episode 2" If I only had more power…more! Tune in again!