Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e31 Episode Script

Power - Episode 2

Power I guess that's the limit.
That hole from earlier…? That man… is a village guard! Let's meet again.
He escaped… Mr.
Yamato… Who is he? I'll explain.
We're going to need reinforcements.
I got a bite! Got it! Here… This one's on me! Thank you, mister.
You're from Tonika Village, aren't you? You know, the guard.
Oh… Well, yes… But I was fired.
You seem to be badly wounded.
What happened? Oh, just an accident.
We've got cheap prices! This just came in! Stop by! Sensei! Whoa! I'm sorry! I did it! Look how many! Wow! Gotta hand it to my skill! But I chose the bait.
You didn't catch a single fish until you changed bait! Fish, eh? I don't care for fish.
Faz, don't be so picky.
They're a pain to eat.
I don't like things that smell fishy.
Mom would make something different… Your mom is gone! You used to hum that tune in class too.
She says she can hear something.
Hear? Even now? Do you know the survivor from the village, Shiseru? Yes, he and I were childhood friends.
We lived together as kids.
I used to called him, "Brother.
" I still do.
I hadn't seen him at all lately.
He put on a lot of weight.
But I'm relieved that he's still his old self.
He protected five kids! That's amazing.
What's the matter with you? I feel so bloated.
Can you wait here? I'll see if he's around.
Run away! Huh? What is it? Brother? Sensei! Why're we running away? The symbol on the headbands of those shinobi… The ones who attacked the village wore the same mark! Hold it.
Please wait.
We mean no harm… DANGER! DO NOT CROSS Leo, don't! It's dangerous! But we have to get away! C'mon, Sensei! Mina… Let's go! Sensei! – Sensei! – What'll we do?! I'm sorry… What's happening? Brother?! You're heavy! I'm sorry, I overreacted.
The children did it for my sake… I'm sorry.
Yeah… You know Shiseru.
I'm Dokku.
I was their teacher in the village.
This is Leo.
Hi! You're gutsy.
You could say that! Lando and Faz.
Hello… She's Sora.
Nice to meet you.
And…Leo's younger sister, Mina.
Huh? Isn't that vest kind of big? Oh, that's mine.
But she likes it and refuses to part with it, so… Oh… Well, nice to meet you.
Huh? Oh, sorry… What's wrong, Mina? Hidden treasure? But why would Kabuto want something like that? It's not like him.
Just what was there anyway? I used to be a scholar and conducted archeological research.
In particular, I studied quite a bit about "the Hole.
" These are the results of my research on the ancient writings about the legend of "the Hole.
" I believe that actual historical events are described in them.
The master of the Great Lake once created the "Ama no Goko," but its power was taken away by evil.
This evil hated everything… and by using the "power," it tried to destroy the world.
The "power" covered the world and… was on the verge of destroying it.
But just by chance, one of the dead picked up a shard of the "power.
" And it turned crimson… and was enveloped in flames.
And it took revenge on the tainted one.
After seven hours of fighting in purgatory… finally, the one in flames emerged victorious.
In order to prevent the "power" from being stolen by the next evil, the crimson one divided "power" into seven sounds, and sealed away this "Saezuri.
" That's a quick summary.
"Saezuri"… That's what Kabuto stole? That's if it really exists.
Ama no Hoko… What could it be? This is just a guess.
But it's something that surpasses human knowledge.
Undoubtedly… One gets the feeling that a deep, dark secret lies hidden in that "Hole.
" However, even if they conspired to steal the treasure, that's no reason to kill innocent villagers.
Such an act is unforgivable! I totally agree.
Kabuto will be made to answer to his crimes.
I'm counting on you.
Everyone's going to the outdoor bath.
Huh? I get to bathe with you, Sakura? As if! – Wow… – Wow… No wonder he's a legendary hero… Hey, if you guys train, maybe you'll be able to do it too.
– Really?! – Really?! Damn! Once more! You're famous even in a rural place like this.
I thought you'd be more fierce and scary.
I'm shocked at how young and easy-going you are! It's amazing… Your body must store immense power.
When I was your age, I couldn't even save a single girl.
Shiseru… What are those…? These scars? I fell from a cliff a long, long time ago.
What?! About 50 meters, maybe? Luckily, I fell onto a tree! But how…? I was careless.
Stop it, Shiseru.
– Brother kept warning me too.
– It's dangerous.
Wanna fight?! Did Dokku…? Uh-huh.
He grabbed me immediately… and held on tight for what seemed like an hour.
I hated exercise and my arms were weak.
I was so frustrated and angry at myself… If I had let Shiseru die… I… Really, it was all my fault.
It wasn't his fault at all.
I hated myself for being weak, so I was determined to be a guard.
And I did my best, but… I wasn't suited to it, after all.
Then we drifted apart.
Even when I went to see him, there was a wall between us… And before I knew it, we were like strangers.
But that night… If only I… I was so happy to see him after so long, but… If only I had more power… More strength… Brother's probably beating himself up right now.
I wish I could've saved more people! He lost so many people who were dear to him.
I can't do it! It's impossible! Naruto! Show us the trick to doing it! Sure! I noticed something was wrong in the village just around bedtime.
All of a sudden, the village was engulfed in a sea of flames.
A shinobi attacked me too.
He was so strong, I thought I was going to die.
Suddenly, he stopped moving.
It was as though some puppet strings had been cut.
The Reanimation Jutsu is a Forbidden Jutsu that uses the sacrificed body as a vessel… It imbeds the soul of a dead person and forces it back to life.
It was believed that only the Second Hokage and Orochimaru knew how to use it.
It seems that under the Akatsuki's control, he's failed… and the jutsu still hasn't been perfected.
Do you know about the "Saezuri"? The ancient writing? That's what Kabuto seeks.
Do you know any thing about the "Saezuri" that could help us? Take this and run! Throw it away somewhere, that's fine.
However, never say a word of this to anyone! No…not especially.
I see… We'll be joining up with the Security Unit tomorrow and begin our pursuit.
However, there is the guard that was captured.
Just to be safe, I'll assign someone to keep watch over you.
Thank you.
Also, about the children you rescued.
The town's willing to make arrangements with an institution to take them in.
What would you like to do? They're fast asleep.
Yes… The kids actually laughed today.
It's the first time since that night… Kabuto… You're so violent with your jutsu.
You didn't have to kill them all.
BUT IT'S FUN For you, right? OROCHIMARU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING I've improved the jutsu technique by adjusting it to my chakra.
It'll be easy to control this time.
It's time I also tested… situations involving intent and memory.
Well, that's fine.
This just gives me something to look forward to.
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