Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e33 Episode Script

Power - Episode 4

It has such a fiendish appearance! You're real bad news, aren't you?! That's Naruto transformed into the Nine Tails.
Huh?! Although it's different from a Shadow Clone.
The Nine Tails' chakra is immense! It's a clone that's no different from the real thing.
Not only that, it even seems to have copied the Nine Tails' chakra.
A counterfeit, eh… like the way Hidan was created.
When did you do it to Naruto? It was by chance.
And I never expected these results.
I won't let you get away! This is going to be… quite amusing.
This is…how shinobi fight… Awesome! Lee, let's do it! Right! More… More… power! Lady Hinata! Power! Good… This is good… I'm more than happy to give you more chakra! A person? It's a person.
He fell from the sky? That's…! What was that?! All right! We're going to rescue the townspeople.
Shiseru! Take care of the kids! Brother! Shiseru…! Naruto, Naruto! – Sensei! – Sensei! Out of the way! Excuse us! Yes, and then we became aware… that the village chief was nowhere to be found.
I just hope that he's all right.
I hope so too.
Excuse me… Good news, everyone! There were no fatalities! That's a relief… But what about Naruto and Dokku? Naruto! According to Shiseru, just as they were about to be trampled, something like a giant snake appeared.
There were no bodies, so in all likelihood… Kabuto has them.
Akatsuki members suddenly stopped in the middle of fighting… Which means Kabuto achieved his goals.
I don't know.
When I came to, I found myself here.
Wait… And the Nine Tails' clone or whatever… It lost its power quickly.
Kabuto seemed to have a hard time controlling it.
He probably hasn't perfected the process yet.
Just what was his objective in the first place? Compared to the level of the Reanimated Shinobi, they didn't seem to be fighting seriously.
I'm so glad that you're not hurt.
Thank you.
Shiseru… I guess we just have to have faith… that those two are all right.
Brother… Mina gets scared at the sight of blood and injured people, so I took her home for now.
Accept it… That is your true nature.
You and I are of one mind, one body.
So… give in to me.
SEAL Free… me! Naruto… Naruto, Naruto… Are you all right? – Leave me alone! – Leave me alone! Sorry about that.
Get out, get out, get out! – Mina! Mina! – Get out! Get out, get out! Mina! Oh dear, what have I done… I'm not even her mother.
But I slapped her very hard.
I think you did that because you truly care about her.
But I know Mina well… from the time we were in the village.
She wouldn't do that.
She's not like that.
I'm sure there's a reason.
I guess letting the facility take the kids in is the right thing to do.
It's in their best interest.
Besides…I can't keep relying on you.
I… Actually, I was thinking how nice it would be to take the kids and live together.
How lively it would be… All the laughter and the tears… and the occasional fights… And if someone were to always be by my side… Would you be against it? You can stay my "Brother.
" What do you say? Do you still blame yourself for that? It wasn't your fault! Everything's okay! Don't say that.
You can't have children because of that… I'm sorry… Please… Please let everyone be safe.
Sorry, mister.
I'm to blame.
He's part of me.
He exists deep inside me… It's my other nature.
If anything happens to Auntie or the kids… You're wrong.
You were used! That's not you.
Not that— That thing is me! I'll kill… I'll destroy…everything! I will destroy it all! Sakura… Get ready.
We leave shortly.
But where are we going? To the "Hole.
" Kabuto is probably there.
I'm going with you! Please let me come.
You're shinobi, so I'll probably be a nuisance, but… You'll be no such thing.
We understand what it means to care for someone.
Let's go together! People like you with immense power… Even if you choose to use that power for good or evil… you still have to shoulder the weight of having such a huge responsibility.
What made you want to become stronger? Was it your desire for power? To protect…my friends… those dear to me.
I want to…save my friends… No doubt it's that intense desire… that is guiding your strength.
Do not waver.
I believe… in you! I picked it up for you.
I believe in you… I believe in your power… in the good inside you! Let's go save Sensei! That's crazy, we'll be killed.
It's too dangerous.
Besides, Shiseru told us to wait here.
Without Sensei, we'd be dead.
And… I have what those guys want.
We'll ask them to return Sensei for these! This time, it's our turn to save Sensei! Uh-huh! Yeah! Let's go! – Okay! – Okay! But go where? Where else? Back to our village! Enough of this farce! If that fool from the town hall hadn't reported this to the government, everything would be over and done with.
You… Do you even know the value of that "sound" you have in your possession? SAEZURI I'll get him! Amazing! Amazing! This is amazing! This is impressive… This is the "Ama no Hoko"? Up to now, I've been taught a lot of important things from a lot of people… I won't give up now that we've come this far! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Power - Episode 5" My power is…! Tune in again!