Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e34 Episode Script

Power - Episode 5

This is…the Saezuri… that has slumbered here for many years.
It is a legacy from ages past! I wasn't expecting such resistance from the guards, so obtaining it wasn't easy… Then… The village head should've minded his own business.
I wasted precious time in gathering the "sounds.
" Then the one who attacked the village… That was me.
I put him up to it.
Why you—! Do you know what I went through in order to regain the power I lost…? After learning about the legend, I went as far as becoming the head of the village to dig around… and uncover the hidden secret.
So, where are the remaining "sounds"? I don't have time to waste.
If you tell me, I will let you die painlessly.
Or maybe, I should kill you and make you talk with the Reanimation.
Why you—! And you, Naruto.
You're amazing! I hear you brought down Pain of the Akatsuki.
Even someone like me couldn't beat him.
That's how I lost my power.
– But I lived… – I could care less about your past! If you lay a hand on him, I'll kill you! Those snakes…consume chakra… The more you increase your chakra, the tighter they squeeze.
You bastard! You're so full of yourself.
Just who do you think you are? H-Here! This is what you want, right? You can have it, so let Dokku Sensei and Naruto go! It seems these kids had the "sounds.
" What?! They're up above.
It seems they're so brave, they've come to save you.
Kabuto… He's likely a clone… and about five children.
The kids! I wondered where they went… Why? In any case, let's approach cautiously.
– Sensei! – Sensei! Everyone! Stop! Don't lay a hand on the children! I got them all! I got all seven of them! I did it! I actually did it! Now my "power" will return! How can I…?! Consume…chakra? One takes control of the "power" by activating it with a combination of seven "sounds.
" By varying the sound patterns, you can increase and decrease the level of "power.
" Inputting this sound can be a manual operation… Or it will automatically renew its power every 12 hours.
If a certain sound pattern does not exist and is not recognized, the previous pattern will be maintained.
If this is correct… Mina! How could you be so reckless?! Because… We wanted… …to see you, Sensei! Amazing…amazing… This is amazing! This is impressive… This is…the "Ama no Hoko"? If this is the activation pattern, the way to release "power" is…! Too much ambition…is destructive.
This is no longer something people should use.
I verified it on an old bulletin of wanted persons… Apparently, it was believed you died in a scuffle with the Akatsuki.
You specialized in the Summoning Jutsu, and you were known as a homicidal maniac who claimed several thousand victims.
Along with Orochimaru, you researched the forbidden Reanimation Jutsu… Give up, Disonasu! Brother! Shiseru? You're…! That guy is mine! Naruto! Naruto… Naruto… It's all over for you guys! Ino! Choji! Sakura! Get a little taste of some art! Art is… an explosion! He needs to create a Curse Mark in order to perform the ritual.
So we can't give him a chance to do so… What are you…? This power of yours… Over the years, I've been taught a lot of important things from a lot of people….
Even now, I learned something from an incredibly strong person.
My "power" isn't the Rasengan or Sage Jutsu… or the Nine Tails' chakra.
My power is… right here! A reanimated shinobi that doesn't resurrect? I guess… they were sacrificial pawns.
We finally got you! Why you—! Your ability is useless without back-up support.
It's because it requires so many steps.
Support, huh? Well then… Damn, he's such a nuisance! Now then! That's as far as you'll go.
As if… I'm gonna… Give it up.
Like I'm gonna give up at this point! Hey! What the hell…? Damn you! Looks like that clone snake that constitutes you has a big defect… They reach maturity quickly, but their lifespan is just as short.
That about explains it.
Just in case, I came up with 20 more strategies… I guess that wasn't necessary.
What was that just now?! The ground caved in… This terrain was raised up and supported by tree roots… We have to get away from the "Hole" immediately! Y-Yeah.
Sensei! Is that thing going to stop? Power will cloak the world… and destroy it… "Power…" If I bathe in that "power"… That's why I'll never let go again! If I do, we'll fall together! I've been in love with you since then! But who's going to protect the children?! You're the only one! You're the only one who can save their future! But… But! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Power – Final Episode" Please.
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