Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s13e35 Episode Script

Power - Episode 6

Are you sure you should be spending your time on me? Because it seems like you've got some trouble on your hands… Don't underestimate us.
Are you going to do something about that too? Naruto! Are you going to die? Are you going to die here? That good-for-nothing… I'll lend you some… "Power"… Power? Control…your "power.
" Control my "power"? Naruto! I can't…let it end here.
I know you can do it.
I believe… in you… That's amazing… But…it's not the Nine Tails transformation.
Naruto… He escaped… Naruto! Dokku! It's dangerous here! You must get away.
But…I must stop that.
I know.
Leave it to us.
I was fired, but I used to be a village guard.
Protecting this place… the "Hole"… is my duty.
All right.
You can't do it alone.
No! It's too dangerous! You think you can get there in your current condition? Please, let's go together.
Sensei… I don't want you to go… Don't go! – Sensei! – Sensei! All of you… Faz, you can't be picky anymore.
Don't complain even if it doesn't taste good.
You need to become strong, and look after everyone.
Lando, you're the oldest, so take charge.
If anyone's in trouble, help them.
Do your best.
Sora, take care of everyone.
Especially Mina… Watch over her.
Leo, there may be tough times ahead, and sad times too.
But do your best to help everyone out! Mina… Please, Mina! I'm sorry I slapped you that day.
You were the only one who sensed that Naruto wasn't himself… I didn't realize it.
I'm so sorry! Things will probably get tough from here… But hang in there and do your best! I want you, your brother, and the others… to be strong, and live! We weren't together too long, but it was fun.
They were such happy times.
Thank you, everyone.
Thank you.
I love you.
I love you.
All of you… Please look after the children! Yes.
We'll do everything in our power.
Shiseru! – Sensei! – Sensei! Brother! If… If we make it out of here alive… If we make it out of here alive…! Let's get married! You finally said it! Well then, we're gonna get through this, no matter what! There it is! The "Saezuri"! That guy said it was the combination of sounds.
I don't know.
That's it! Mina's melody! The one she's always been humming! Kill… Destroy… the entire world! This should work! Naruto! Naruto?! This is bad! He's completely lost control of himself! What?! Shiseru! Shiseru! Hurry… Climb up! I can't… I think it's dislocated! Huh?! Sakura… Heal me.
What? Hurry! – Thanks! – Don't mention it.
The Nine Tails is too strong, I don't know if I can keep restraining him! He's in pain.
Mina! I can't do it! We have to try something else! Don't give up… Brother, stop it.
I'm prepared to die! No! I won't let go! There's no time left! Hurry and stop the "Ama no Hoko"! Like hell I will! I'm not going to watch the person I love fall again! Never again! I've loved you! Since forever and ever and ever! That's why I desperately held on, but… I'm sorry.
That's why I'll never let go again! If I do, we'll fall together! I've been in love with you too, since then! Even if I grew taller… And you kept getting fatter, and lost your hair… Even if you were indecisive and scared of everything… Even if you kept turning away from me! All that time, I still loved you! But who's going to protect the children? You're the only one! You're the only one who can save their future! But… But…! Please…save them… To protect…my friends… those dear to me.
I want to save my friends.
My papa and mama… I believe… – I believe in your power… – in the good inside you.
…in you.
Brother Naruto! Please! Save them! Our… – Papa and Mama! – Papa and Mama! Please save the world… and protect…the children… I love you… I love you so much… my precious… Naruto? Mister! Hurry up and stop that thing! Don't get…in his way! "Power - Episode Final" Brother Naruto! Brother Naruto! You guys are heavy! Thank you for saving me, Naruto! Thank you! Thank you so much! Sure thing! Madara, I'll never forgive you for resurrecting the Jinchuriki with the Reanimation Jutsu! I'll end this war! Naruto's now able to sense his enemies.
He has no choice, but to join the battle.
All according to plan! Today, the Senju's Will of Fire will be extinguished! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Naruto Enters the Battle!" It's time for me to make my appearance! Tune in again!