Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e01 Episode Script

Reinforcements Arrive

Damn, I can't tell.
I can't sniff out the transformed fakes.
You're back, Shino! Yeah… Be careful.
There's no telling where the enemy will come from.
So you were one of them… Damn it! Byakugan! It's no good.
I can't distinguish them from their chakra.
Are you a fake? Stop! I'm the real one! Not being able to tell which ones are the transformations is… Do not step out of the circle! Anyone who does will be considered an enemy transformation! Choza, we're getting nowhere with this.
Yes, I know.
That's why we have to wait.
Wait? Understood? No one moves! We can't tell who's an enemy transformation.
More Reanimated Shinobi may appear.
Anyone who moves will be considered an enemy.
So do not move! In the meantime, our wounded will keep increasing… We have no choice, but to wait.
Lava Style! Dissolving Jutsu! There's no end to this.
We have to do something about the real ones though… Lee, don't get hit! Why you…! Do not panic! Surround them! I've detected a new enemy! It's a small unit, but the chakra is unusual… It's… Madara! What did you say?! Madara is leading a small unit.
Can you tell who makes up his unit? This chakra is… Fourth Mizukage! The one who was a Jinchuriki? There's no mistake.
The rest are all Jinchuriki too! I can't believe he had more pawns under his control… Where is…Naruto? Reinforcements Arrive I finally caught up! You're late! What were you doing? A persistent pee, yo.
Sheesh! It sure took long! Had some other problems too.
Anyway, one of your clones contacted me.
What happened to the other clones? They should be arriving at the frontlines of every battlefield.
All the fakers we'll seek out All the bad guys we'll defeat, no doubt We gotta hurry too! Shikamaru… How long do we have to stay like this? If that huge one comes back, won't we be in trouble? At least until Naruto gets here.
Until then, do not step inside anyone else's circle.
If you do, even you will be considered an enemy.
We just have to verify what we know about each other! That won't work either.
Several of our guys fell for that.
Sometimes, a lucky guess ends up being correct.
This is dull… Uh-huh… Sorry.
Please be patient a bit longer.
Yeah, I understand.
You're here! Finally got here! Nawaki?! Is he here?! Oh, good.
He's gotten real flashy though… Naruto! Naruto? He looks just like Nawaki… We received word from HQ.
I'm glad you came.
But… I'm surprised that Lord Raikage gave the okay for this.
Well, Granny Tsunade convinced Pops Raikage for me.
Tsunade sent that boy? Just who is he anyway? The Nine Tails is sealed inside him.
The adults call him the Jinchuriki.
That boy?! He's my idiot classmate Naruto, who's been talking big about becoming Hokage ever since we were little… Don't you think "idiot" is a bit harsh, Shikamaru? Well, I'm here and I'll find every one of 'em! But now, he makes you believe it actually might be possible.
Lady Tsunade has hedged all her bets on him.
Naruto, huh… So guys like Nawaki and me exist in this period too.
So let's take down the transformed white ones, everybody! Yeah! Right! O-Oh… First, that guy over there! Huh?! The rest of you around me are genuine.
Those of you with Naruto's seal of approval can leave your circle.
Consider anyone else who jumps out the enemy! Let's go! Hey, stop! Stay away! Help! Do not approach! What's wrong? He can still be saved with Medical Ninjutsu! Stay away! I told you not to move.
There's no way to prove that you're allies! But if we remain like this… He'll die! I'm begging you.
Please save him! Don't let my husband die in my arms! Hey! What are you doing?! If you don't trust me, I'll kill myself right here! But please save my husband! Hey, stop! You can't.
What if…? What if they're comrades? I must tend to him.
Thank you.
Sakura! Are you all right, Sakura? Naruto! Naruto…? Looks like you're all right! It was a fake, after all! This side is bad.
Hinata is…! Damn it… I won't make it in time! Hinata! This one's… a transformed one.
Who's next?! The two in front on the left.
Got it! No way! Neji! Where are you going? This way! Sorry I'm late.
Naruto…? Is that Naruto? He smells different from before! It's all right now! Are you all right, Hinata? Yes.
Summoning Jutsu! Finally.
Looks like he's managed to successfully groom that brat Nagato.
I didn't think I'd be summoning you… If I'm not mistaken, you're… The user of this Reanimation Jutsu has a keen understanding of war.
To think of using you… Did you say "Reanimation"? This is not the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu…? Why weren't we notified right away that Naruto was here? Naruto just arrived.
I happened to see him first, but I was in the midst of a battle.
Naruto smells differently from before.
I wouldn't have noticed.
But you're the one who sees long distances, so… He looks different from before.
So is his Chakra Nature… Then who are you to talk?! Are you really Naruto? I hope you're not a White Zetsu fake too.
I'm Naruto.
Can you prove it? It's Naruto.
You can tell by looking in his eyes.
Hinata… Besides, he came to my rescue.
Naruto saved me too.
When did you get here?! I'll have you know that your fake appeared not too long ago! I'm the real deal.
And I've been here with Naruto since.
I'm sorry, Naruto.
Everyone is so suspicious.
Now that I'm here, you don't have to fight a defensive battle anymore.
I'll search out the fakes one by one.
All right, Naruto! I've memorized your new scent.
And your chakra.
Well, smell and chakra don't matter much with their transformation.
They mimic everything, even chakra.
But don't worry! As you saw, they turn into trees when I bring them down.
And when I'm in this mode, I can sense their hatred.
I'll find the fakes, so let's beat 'em together! The one we're supposed to protect is always protecting us.
I'm really useless.
Don't let it bother you, Hinata.
You protected me twice already.
I can't let you keep doing that.
It's not cool! I-I wasn't worried or anything… I can see it in your eyes.
Don't be so hard on yourself! You are strong! Don't come! Let's go.
Which one's the fake?! The one with the axe! And him too! Thank you, Naruto.
Not so fast! All right! Do it, Sai! Sealing Jutsu… Crouching Tiger Bullet! All right! Three more left! Are you all right, Sai? Yes… I can continue.
No need to worry.
Keep drawing the tigers.
I've got your back.
And here come the enemy reinforcements.
A whole lot of them too.
They're white… Are these the ones that can transform their chakra and everything else? Things are about to get wild, Kakashi.
Our reinforcements have arrived too.
Or should I say, reinforcement…in singular? Naruto has the Shadow Clone Jutsu! I can't use it now, not in this situation.
This time, we'll win with quality, not quantity! And so… Things have changed, Kimimaro! I can tell that time has passed by looking at you.
It seems you've grown in ways other than just height.
Here I come! I put too much force into it… What happened? He's just as scatterbrained and rash as ever.
For sure… Impossible, is that…? Oh yes, it is.
Naruto has arrived at every battlefield! Good.
Naruto has joined up with the Fourth Company.
And the Former Kage of the Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water… have all been successfully sealed.
What're you gonna do next, tiny old man? I said I'm the Tsuchikage.
We should rendezvous with another company.
Our enemy is not the Reanimation.
It's Madara.
This war will not end until he is brought down.
Our target is Madara! Octopops and I should be heading there now.
– The combined First and Second Companies – And those guys too! have detected just about all the enemies! Earth Style! They're advancing with incredible momentum.
What was that? Sorry, Bushy Brow! The Third Company also seems to be dominating! Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken! – This is… – huge! The Fifth Company has the upper hand as well! Cha! The Medical Unit has suppressed all their enemies.
It worked! The tide of battle has turned overwhelmingly in our favor.
Humph! Now we just need to stop Madara who is approaching with Jinchuriki in tow.
We should focus our remaining strength there and hit him with all we've got! J-Just a minute! What is it?! The enemy is resisting Gaara's Fourth Company! But…what is this chakra?! Huh? What is this?! What are you sensing? What is it? Hm? That's the Second Tsuchikage! I thought Gaara sealed him away! Impossible… He used Fragmentation in that state…? Fragmentation? Lord Mu was able to split his body and create clones.
No… Not clones.
It's closer to say he can split his body into two.
Although his strength would be cut in half too.
It's not him! There's someone else! What?! Hey, there's one more! H-He is…! Who is it? You've come at last! Madara… Uchiha! That's him? So that's what he looked like beneath the mask.
He looks exactly the same! What's going on?! What do you mean? Look closely at his eyes.
That's a Reanimation! The Reanimation Jutsu brings the dead back to this realm… Which means he had been dead! Wait a second! I thought HQ reported Madara elsewhere, approaching in the other direction with a bunch of Jinchuriki, right? But there's no mistake… He's Madara Uchiha! The one I fought when I was young.
Then who's the man… behind the mask?! If the one before us is the real Madara… then the masked guy we thought was Madara…is not Madara?! So it seems! What is that? No way…! Is that really ninjutsu? We can't outrun it! He's out of our league! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Madara Uchiha" Is this the power of a god? MADARA UCHIHA Tune in again!