Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e02 Episode Script

Madara Uchiha

So the guy in front of us is the real Madara.
Then the guy we thought was Madara…isn't Madara? So it seems… As Tsuchikage, you've utilized the Akatsuki in the past.
Can you speculate who that masked man might be? There's no one I can think of.
But it doesn't matter who he is! We still need to stop him! Their headbands say "Shinobi.
" But I see them wearing shinobi gear distinctly from each of the Five Great Nations… Is this a new allied army? It does appear that we're at war.
Coming from him He must have something in mind.
But things don't seem like they're going as planned.
Why else would he revive me in this state? Who is the caster of the Reanimation Jutsu? Who knows? I'm Kabuto.
I am…his collaborator.
Speaking through a Reanimation Link? Such a sneaky one you are… Your Reanimation is quite special.
I've fixed you up so that you're even greater than you were in your glory days.
You know what I was like during my "glory days"? Which is why I want you to show me… your legendary Uchiha power.
I guess they won't be easy to capture.
Very well… Madara Uchiha Here he comes! Do not look directly into his eyes! You can't use the Particle Style in your divided state right now… Sensory Types! Watch Lord Mu! Gaara, you and Lord Tsuchikage must recover first.
Naruto! Instead of your clones, go into that mode! The truth is, I can't anymore.
I used up my chakra in the earlier fight! Do you want to dance too? Don't underestimate me! Fire Style! Majestic Destroyer Flame! His jutsu spans a wide area! – Water Style! Wall of Water! – Water Style! Wall of Water! Here he comes! This is…as far as you'll go! Massive Rasengan! Earth Style: Mobile Core! A Susano'o… He's already activated the Mangekyo Sharingan! How much longer, Naruto?! Just hold on! Sorry! I'm ready! Get back, everyone! Go, Kazekage! Earth Style: Lightened Boulder Jutsu! I made the surrounding sand lighter too! With sand this light, I could…! Naruto! Yeah! Let's go! If it's like Sasuke's, external attacks are ineffective.
So I should use the sand at Madara's feet! Go! Naruto! Rasen Shuriken! Why did the masked man specifically claim to be Madara? The presence of Madara Even if he were a fraud, if you can convince the world of, his existence, it would tremble in fear.
The name itself is power.
That name made us throw caution to the wind… It fooled us, then drew us all into war! We've been had all along.
Too much energy… H-He…absorbed it! What the…?! How? How come he's got the Rinnegan? My guess was right.
What comes naturally after the Sharingan, is the Rinnegan.
I awakened the Rinnegan just prior to my death.
You said your name was Kabuto? What did you do to this body? Like I told you.
I made you better than you were at your peak.
You bastard… You know the secrets of my body? You can't even read the Uchiha Stone Tablet! But you still managed to decipher it? I just tested some hypotheses drawn from years of data from experiments Lord Orochimaru and I conducted.
And now… You are verifying my hypotheses.
You are able to achieve a piece of that God's… the power of the Sage of Six Paths.
Thanks to the power I built into you.
Do not misunderstand.
This is not power of your creation! Damn! N-No way… What is that? It's out of our league! Is this the power of a god? A meteorite? How did he…? Is that really ninjutsu? We can't outrun it! This is not good… Damn it! It's still too early to give up! Never give up without even trying! Do what you can, no matter how small the effect it may have! Lord Tsuchikage! Everyone, get as far away from here as possible! Hey! Run! Hurry! Hurry! You're taking us out too? Of course.
That was the original point of the Reanimation Jutsu… To take others out with you.
We'll be restored shortly.
A shinobi that can fly…? Then, is he that Fence Sitter brat from the Stone? What's Gramps Tsuchikage trying to do?! He's going to try to lighten the meteorite to stop it! Earth Style: Lightened Boulder Jutsu! Just a tad more… A little more…to stop it! That Fence Sitter brat… He's gotten a little better.
All right! It's stopped! We're saved… Leave it to Lord Tsuchikage.
I thought we were goners.
Well then… What will you do about the second one, Ohnoki? What was that?! What happened?! This is from our Relay Intel Unit.
A giant boulder big enough to block out the sky has been dropped onto the Fourth Company's battlefield.
It's the source of this tremor! Any further reports from the Fourth Company since then? What's going on? So many casualties… in just one sweep! I'm sure of it… It's Madara's jutsu or something close to it! Lady Tsunade! At this rate…! I'll go! What in the world… was that?! Rubber Pops… I'm just a clone, so why did you…?! I feel bad about the others.
But clone or not, you are needed here.
In order for us to win.
What about Gramps Tsuchikage?! Gramps Tsuchikage! He's alive… But he's seriously hurt! So this is the power of the Sage of Six Paths… Magnificent! This landscape brings back memories.
It's Kabuto, right? How much do you really know? About me? I venture to guess… In that battle against the First Hokage Hashirama, you did not die at Final Valley.
On that day… though you lost to the First Hokage Hashirama, you gained a portion of his power in return.
Am I wrong? No wonder… You're well prepared.
You know about our plan? Not in detail… But I am your ally.
Although I'm not certain if that fake Madara intends to carry out your plan exactly… By the way… There are still some survivors.
The Tsuchikage and Kazekage are especially persistent.
What should we do? There's something I want to check first.
Summoning Jutsu! My stomach…feels hot! This chakra that summons me… Is it Madara?! It seems the Nine Tails hasn't been captured yet.
That's the purpose of this war.
The Nine Tails is sealed in a Jinchuriki.
For now… See… He's right over there.
That boy is the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki… His name is Naruto Uzumaki.
Uzumaki? Of Mito's clan, eh? He's the brat who attacked me earlier.
But he's actually quite something.
Capturing him is fine, but that one in front of us is a clone.
Shall we go now to get the real one? No.
There's a jutsu I'd like to try out.
I think it will make a prettier picture if I do it where there are people around.
It's them! At four o'clock! Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence! He can do Wood Style?! I guess this is it for us… Damn it! I don't have much chakra left! I'm at my limit! I feel like I'm going to disappear at any moment! What should I do? Naruto…enough… We'll take over from here.
I finally have a chance at reclaiming myself! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Five Kage Assemble" I will help you reclaim yourself.