Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e03 Episode Script

The Five Kage Assemble

This landscape brings back memories… The Tsuchikage and Kazekage are especially persistent.
What should we do? It's them! At four o'clock! Wood Style: Deep Forest Emergence! He can do Wood Style?! I guess this is it for us… Damn it! I don't have much chakra left! What should I do? Naruto, this time I'll lend you my power.
Are you gonna say you want me to surrender my body over to you again?! No… I'll just give you my chakra.
I don't care for Madara… If I'm gonna be controlled, I'd rather it be you than him! If I can keep using Madara like this, I'll be able to control the tide of this battle.
I didn't expect him to become a card this strong.
Naruto! Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Giant Rasengan! Do it…Naruto! Giant Rasengan Barrage Line! As you mentioned, he's quite a guy.
Right? I used up the chakra Nine Tails gave me all at once! I'm at my limit! I'm going to disappear at any moment! Naruto… Enough.
I'll take over from here.
Lord Tsuchikage, you're in the same… I finally have a chance at reclaiming myself! And I've got myself a worthy opponent! The Five Kage Assemble I'll fight him! That's crazy! You're in no shape to do it! I'd like to try out some more jutsu… But I don't think you can dance anymore, Ohnoki.
What's that look? Long ago, I showed you the difference in our strength.
Why? That wasn't the agreement! Lord Hashirama is… There is no alliance… Just submit to the power of the Hidden Leaf! And…never mention the name of that shinobi in front of me! We shinobi are weary of all this endless fighting.
We've kept on fighting for the sake of our nations and villages.
Without a care about other nations and villages, we just take! We take away, then they take away in an endless cycle…! Hatred has caused three wars! That is life.
I can't believe you've lived this long and not learned a thing from the pain of the past.
I've lived longer than you! I've learned twice as much! It's because I've experienced pain in the past that I can even consider what would be best for the future! Yet this is the fourth war! Is this what's best? This war is different! Unlike the past wars where we took from each other… this time, we are fighting together in order to achieve something different! By watching them, I've learned that time does not simply pass by! Though slow in pace, the world is accruing its past experiences… and heading towards "peace.
" There's no need for the world to mature any further.
It can slumber in the genjutsu of the Eternal Tsukuyomi! Long ago, you made me forsake myself.
That's why… I will defeat you here… and reclaim myself! The one who will slumber shall be you! Lord Tsuchikage! Come… I will help you reclaim yourself.
The elderly always complain when young ones try to help… I'll let you all meddle this time! It seems they can still dance.
For myself! For the future! I will bring you down! Damn it! Lady Tsunade! You said your name was Mabui? Prepare to do your Ethereal Transmission Jutsu! Come with me! Ethereal Transmission is a jutsu used to transport items! Unlike the Summoning or Reverse Summoning Jutsu, it's impossible to transport people! There's no time to argue! Unless we try, we'll never know! I do know! The transmission rate is so fast, the body cannot keep up and will be torn apart.
Death is certain! The only one who survived Ethereal Transmission in the past is the Third Raikage! But that was only because of his superhuman body.
Now I can understand the Fourth Raikage since he is of the Third's blood… But Lady Hokage, it's impossible for you! Please reconsider this! I have an idea… The Flying Raijin Jutsu.
We'll summon Genma's squad here.
Then if we mark one of Katsuyu's clones, and transmit her to the site first… I have the ability to survive being split into pieces… That's not necessary! I will use this.
So that's it.
But it's a risky gamble.
And you tend to be unlucky with bets… GAMBLE That's only when I bet money.
It's different when I bet my life.
That's why I'm still alive.
Lord Raikage! Please tell Lady Hokage to think it over… Mabui, prepare the Ethereal Transmission… For two.
Not you too, Lord Raikage! Shikaku! We have no other options left.
It's time for the Supreme Commander to make his appearance! However, Madara belongs to the Uchiha Clan… If we don't do something about the Fire Style, we won't have a chance at winning.
We'll use the Flying Raijin Jutsu… against him.
Damn! The more I cut down, the more confidence I gain.
That's why I just have to keep slicing! Right! Yeah! I thought that was a lot of chakra he was gathering… But I had no idea the sword would be this huge… I-I can't move… I can't believe that you changed that sword so quickly.
He's pretty good! Genma! Sorry, but could you please just do as I say? Is that you, Shikaku? It's urgent.
Do exactly as I say, no interruptions! First off, the real Madara has been reanimated.
Sorry, but can I interrupt? I said no! H-Here I go… Ethereal Transmission Jutsu! I'm surprised… Instantaneous travel through dimensions… Isn't that the Fourth Hokage's jutsu? We used to belong to a squad assigned to protect the Fourth Hokage.
Now, it's the Fifth Hokage, but… The Flying Raijin Jutsu was taught to us by the Fourth.
But unlike the Fourth, it takes the three of us for it to work.
We apologize for the tight fit.
Lady Mizukage… Please bring Madara down! As one of the Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist, I will protect this place with my life! Chojuro… He's matured so much since leaving the village.
Please get ready! Lady Tsunade bears the Jutsu Formula on her.
The instant she arrives on the battlefield, we will make the jump! Understood! I'm already late getting to the altar.
I won't be late for anything else.
Unruly Ay and…Princess Tsunade! I've relayed our coordinates to HQ! Reserve Seal! Release! Ninja Art of Mitotic Regeneration! Are you all right?! Yeah… Granny Tsunade?! That's her regenerating jutsu! Since everyone is alive, I guess we weren't late.
Finally, I'll get to see some action… I've been bored stiff! All right, I'm ready! Living long was well worth it.
Imagine… Being able to see the day when the Five Kage would be united and fight side by side.
This is perfect.
This will make my test worthwhile.
Thank you, Princess Tsunade.
I'll heal the two of you.
Raikage, Mizukage! Buy me some time! Here we go, Mizukage! Right! Lava Style: Lava Monster Jutsu! Jutsu this pitiful isn't even worth absorbing! He's fast! Lateral Bolt of Pain! Chop! I feel so out of place here… He's probably not dead yet, huh? He's capable of this much destruction… Stay alert! There's no way for us to jump in.
You guys come with me… I'm going after the other one.
Help me! Is that him? Follow me! Let's go! How much longer, Hokage?! Almost done! Are you okay, Granny Tsunade? Whenever you use that forehead mark jutsu, you get old and fall down! This is different from the time with Pain.
I only healed myself… And besides, it wasn't much of an injury.
I have more than enough chakra! Then heal me too! I may be a clone, but I can't afford to disappear yet! I'll join you and… That's not necessary.
Why…?! This is no longer just a war to protect you.
Lightning Style teleportation and Lava Style Kekkei Genkai… Impressive attacks… I usually like men who are hard to melt… But you, I want to avoid.
He counters me even with my speed.
More speed… I need to increase my power to crush his defense! What about your defense? A Stone Golem and a Sand Shield… This war is now a battle to protect each other! Then, I wanna fight Madara too! A two-fold defensive wall of Sand and Stone, huh? Also, quite impressive! Here he comes! Time to go on the offensive! Mizukage! Raikage! Listen to me now! Why you…! Hold it! How pesky! All right.
Understood! Mizukage! Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu! Hidden Mist… They're trying to weaken the Rinnegan's field of vision with it.
Let's do this, Raikage! Right! That Tsuchikage… He lightened the Raikage to increase his speed… However… Your punch is light.
It's just like the last time.
No need to worry… Super Weighted Boulder Jutsu! Granny, fix me up now! Listen to me, Naruto… You see… This war we're fighting… In the beginning, I only agreed to join the Allied Forces to get rid of the Akatsuki.
But as I fought alongside you all, I started feeling differently.
So now, I want to be here as the Tsuchikage of the Allied Shinobi Forces! In the same manner, shinobi villages that were once at odds have joined together, are changing and becoming one! So maybe, this system of the shinobi world which has bred so much hatred can change! Naruto… Let us deal withthis Madara! I swear we shall settle this once and for all! It will be our first step in stopping the curse of hatred we've been under until now! Like Madara, we are similarly guilty of stirring up hatred in the past.
It is our responsibility to make things right! Rest assured and leave this to us! You go take care of the other Madara! That will become the first step in promoting hope for the future.
Old one, new one… Defeating both Madaras will bring an end to this war! We will protect you on this battlefield! So protect us by fighting over there! Clone Naruto… I entrust you with this message from the Five Kage.
We will win! Yeah! We'll win! Damn, it's so hard… I couldn't even put a crack in it.
Chill out, Naruto… Fool, ya fool.
I could've let him pass through me… But he couldn't even damage this mask… I hope that's not all the power you can muster to control the Nine Tails.
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