Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e04 Episode Script

The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble

The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble Naruto… Let us deal with this Madara! I swear we shall settle this once and for all! It will be our first step in stopping the curse of hatred we've been under until now! Like Madara, we are similarly guilty of stirring up hatred in the past.
It is our responsibility to make things right! Rest assured and leave this to us! So… You go take care of the other Madara! That will become the first step in promoting hope for the future.
Old one, new one… Defeating both Madaras will bring an end to this war! We will protect you on this battlefield! So protect us by fighting over there! Clone Naruto… I entrust you with this message from the Five Kage.
We will win! Yeah… We're going to win! Hey… Chill out, Naruto… Fool, ya fool.
Damn, it's so hard.
I couldn't even put a crack in it.
I could've let him pass through me… But he couldn't even damage this mask.
I hope that's not all the power you can muster to control the Nine Tails… Lava Style: Scorching Rocks Jutsu! Hot! Water Style… Aqua Mirror Jutsu! These guys… …have the same power…! This is… This jutsu… Is it Utakata? Step away from that girl! A Shadow Clone? What a bother… Give it up and let yourself be caught! No! He is not an enemy! This chakra… Utakata, you were…a Jinchuriki? You too, huh? I heard rumors that you had gone missing.
So the Akatsuki got you, after all.
After I left you guys, they were lying in wait for me.
This is where I first met you, Master.
Hotaru… Will you wait here for just a while? Is something the matter? I'm going to meet with the Mist's Anbu Black Ops.
I'm done running.
I'm going to get their permission to travel and train you.
Yes, sir! No response, after all.
Did something happen to Tsurugi and his men? The Six Tails' Jinchuriki… Are you the ones… who killed Tsurugi and the others? I'm going to build a new world.
And for that, I need you.
Rather, I need the Tailed Beast inside you.
So that's it.
I'm taking you…Six Tails.
Finally, you're taking this seriously.
Now that's the power we seek… Summoning Jutsu… Go! It's been captured.
I expected as much out of you.
Now come, Six Tails! Hota…ru… You…must live… Master… Why… Why did you go into the forest alone?! If you had escaped with Hotaru, you'd still be… The Shinobi Tracking Unit from the village was in the forest.
I grew tired of running.
I wanted to reconcile with the village and live in peace.
I wanted to stop living like a fugitive.
And I wanted to spare Hotaru a life constantly on the run.
Utakata, you…! I wonder why I started feeling that way? Why did I wish for such a dream? Well, it's all meaningless now.
I convinced myself that the master I trusted had betrayed me.
And so, I closed off my heart.
I didn't know how to trust people.
And yet, Hotaru put her faith in someone like me.
Hotaru was also burdened with a fate she hid from others.
The same way we Jinchuriki are.
Maybe she sensed that you and she were alike? Hotaru… Hotaru… I didn't want to hurt anybody.
And yet, I hurt Naruto and Sir Utakata! I'm right here.
Naruto and I are both alive.
I… Hotaru? I… I betrayed you, Sir Utakata.
I should just disappear along with this jutsu! No! I won't allow that to happen.
A student should listen to her master.
You said… "Master"… We're going home, Hotaru.
What's wrong? No! No… Sir Utakata… Please get away from me! Please run! Hotaru! I cannot suppress it any longer with my own strength! This Forbidden Jutsu is going to tear me apart… and explode.
It's all right.
Sir Utakata… Believe in your master.
I was like a bubble floating aimlessly in the wind and Hotaru showed me the way.
I made up my mind to become Hotaru's teacher.
Isn't it ironic? Just as I was about to make good on my decision, my life was snatched away from me.
I was resurrected, only to discover that I have no will of my own, and am forced to walk a different path.
The ones manipulating you used the Akatsuki too, and are hell bent on controlling the world.
Are you just going to do what the likes of them order you to? If you see Hotaru again, you might be forced to fight her without being able to say anything! You have the will to take yourself back.
This is a meaningless fight.
Naruto… I don't know if it's because of these circumstances or not, but… I just ended up telling you my true feelings.
Thanks for listening… Naruto! Water Style: Bubble Jutsu! Sorry, Octopops! Secret Tradition… Scaled Sneak Jutsu.
My shades are the best… So the light, with my eyes don't mess! I can still see through their evil intent! Wasn't that Yugito just now? These guys are former Jinchuriki.
On top of that, each of them has a Sharingan in one eye and a Rinnegan in the other.
Not only did they lose their lives, their eyes were turned into those disgusting things.
Poor Yugito… This could have easily happened to you.
This is no joke.
To see them like that I feel rage and grief… But me not getting eyes like that is still a relief… Well, you always wear shades anyway.
If you don't want to end up like that, don't let your guard down! Madara's eyes are the same.
His mask's different from the one he used to wear before.
It's got two openings! Unlike the previous one, this mask was specially made.
It's battle-grade tough.
So the left eye you always kept hidden was a Rinnegan, just like Nagato and that other Madara.
We're going to stop both you Madaras! Did you just say "both"? Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation.
Th-This is… Surely, you didn't think that I would come unprepared? Yes.
You can't refuse me.
Why you… Where did you get that? Don't worry.
I haven't told anyone about this.
Damn that Kabuto… Whaddya mean by "both," fool? Isn't this Madara, ya fool? Well then, I don't mind using my previous name, Tobi.
Now that the war's begun, names don't matter.
Madara… Tobi… Call me what you like.
Just who are you anyway? I'm no one.
I don't want to be anyone.
All I want…is the success of Project Tsuki no Me, that's all.
Existing in this world that knows only despair has no value.
You Jinchuriki had Tailed Beasts forced into you and you've only experienced despair.
Am I wrong? Surely, you can understand a little of my despair.
Who the hell are you to decide… that having a Tailed Beast in me makes me unhappy?! Even if this world is worthless to you, you really think you can get away with starting a war and trying to say that you're a nobody? You piss me off.
I'm gonna rip that mask off of you! I'll go first! Wheee! Taking this mask off of me… won't be so easy.
What?! Eight Tails… Nine Tails… You shall be mine and I'll achieve Project Tsuki no Me! What's going on? I thought their Tailed Beasts were extracted from them! They were probably made back into Jinchuriki after they were reanimated.
It's like when I fought the Six Paths of Pain.
They are linked through the same Rinnegan! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Jinchuriki vs.
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