Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e05 Episode Script

Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!!

Who are you really? I'm nobody.
I don't want to be anybody.
I just want to fulfill Project Tsuki no Me.
That is enough.
It's not worth living in this world where only despair exists.
You Jinchuriki had Tailed Beasts forced upon you and you've only experienced despair… Am I wrong? Surely, you can understand a little of my despair… Who the hell are you to decide… that having a Tailed Beast inside me makes me unhappy?! Even if this world is worthless to you, you really think you can get away with starting a war and trying to play off that you're a nobody? You piss me off… I'm gonna rip that mask off of you! I'll go first! Wheee! Taking this mask off of me… won't be so easy.
Eight Tails… Nine Tails… You shall be mine… and I'll achieve Project Tsuki no Me! We're not gonna let you have Nine Tails or Eight Tails! What's going on? I thought their Tailed Beasts were extracted from them?! They were probably made back into Jinchuriki after they were reanimated… I can also sense that the Tailed Beasts are a bit different from before too… Be careful! You too? Getting bad vibes? Gotta be careful for our lives Corrosion Style! Scorching Rocks Jutsu! This isn't a case of mistaken identity I take it… My weaknesses have already been carefully researched.
So now, how will you deal with this? He turned his body into lava?! He's trickier than I thought.
Water Style! Giant Exploding Water Shock Wave.
He's not all talk either.
I wish you'd just allow yourself to be captured without all this fuss.
What a pain.
You're back.
Yeah, but having to bring him back without killing him was quite bothersome.
It's starting to rain.
Looks like it'll storm.
Let's take cover under a tree.
Or we'll catch a cold.
Our leader is waiting for word of his capture.
Immediately after that, the sealing of the Three Tails and Four Tails is to occur simultaneously.
We'll make him wait a little.
Because once the sealing starts, we'll be working nonstop.
He seems to be near death.
You really should treat the elderly with care.
You say that because you don't know him.
This Jinchuriki who uses the Corrosion Style Jutsu of the Four Tails isn't what you think he is.
You didn't fight him, so you don't know what I just went through.
Jinchuriki vs.
Jinchuriki! Samehada is ready to fight That's fine with me… 'Cuz I'm raring to go… Are ya ready? Hold it, Octopops! Nice moves… OK! She hasn't spied my…KO! You didn't even see me, so how'd you dodge?! Fool, ya fool! That's not gonna work, Octopops! It's just like the time I fought the Six Paths of Pain.
Their eyes… They're Rinnegan are all linked.
They're hooked up to each other! What the hell does that mean?! It's the same as Nagato's Gedo Jutsu! So they've got the eyesight… of six guys! Damn, I can't even talk…! Hot! Aw man! It's Yugito's Rodent Hair Ball! It's coming after us! It's like a guided missile Time to run, let's hustle Yugito's moves are different from before… Half left of my expensive scarf… What a surprise Now it's only worth half the price It's that Sharingan! That's how they're able to track us so closely! Their Visual Prowess is enhancing their Jinchuriki abilities! On top of that, with their shared vision, the six Jinchuriki can position themselves and time their attacks with more precision.
Bee! Let me talk to Naruto! Yo! Naruto… They're cleverly combining the two types of Visual Prowess and their Jinchuriki abilities.
They're probably on to us too.
What do we do? We have no choice but to take down six Jinchuriki one by one! If it's the same as that time with Nagato, they're all controlled by chakra.
Back then, in order to get chakra, black receivers were stuck to their bodies.
I see… If we remove it or destroy it… the Gedo Jutsu would be undone.
But that's going to be a problem.
It's hard enough landing a blow on them.
And we can't even pinpoint where these black receivers are.
You mean, that thing? Where?! Take a close look around Yugito's bosom And you'll see that black protrusion At first, I thought it was her ni--! When they're flaunted, it's unappealing But just a little glimpse, it's a good feeling This battle is going to determine the future.
And you're only thinking about… That's it! I'm going to go check out the others.
Wait, Naruto! Our attacks don't work, and we can't catch them… Hot! I'll just have to put up with their attacks and grab them! Rasengan! I knew it was here! Then… I'll just…! Are you two all right? Ouch… Bee… We're at a disadvantage fighting them in the woods.
Your field of vision is narrowed! You get me, don't you, Bee?! Oh…yeah… Blow up the entire forest! I'm the Killer Bee and Eight Tails is here with me! Wheee! Don't fall off of me, Naruto Cuz' now, the real fight's a go! Eight-Tailed Beast Twister! SHINOBI It seems Lord Bee has undergone the Tailed Beast transformation already! I sense the immense chakra of the Eight Tails! It feels like they're on the defensive! Things aren't looking too good, are they? Frankly… However, the Five Kage have Madara on the defensive! We're doing okay for now! The Five Kage are working together.
They have to have the edge! What's the status of each company?! The First and Second Companies are on the verge of annihilating the enemy.
Only 27 more…! I'm feeling tired, but… I'll give it one more try…! Just a few more and we'll be done here! Hey! Kurotsuchi! Don't run off on your own! You're too slow, Dad! Leave the rest…to me! Earth Style! Erupt! The Third Company is down to two Reanimations.
Out of all the Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist, only Mangetsu Hozuki is left.
I'm getting bored of fighting these guys.
Yeah… The Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist… Zabuza Momochi, Ameyuri Ringo, Kushimaru Kuriarare, Jinin Akebino, Jinpachi Munashi, Fuguki Suikazan… The only one left is…Mangetsu Hozuki.
Now's the time to show them the Way of the Samurai! Let's show 'em the Ninja Way of Puppet Masters! It appears the Fifth Company needs a little more time… But there's no doubt that they have the upper hand! All right! Tell the First, Second, Third and Fifth Companies as soon as they wrap up… They are to head over to assist Naruto and Lord Bee! What are their coordinates, Lord Ao? W-Wow… They're all knocked out! Seal them now, Bee! Hey, Octopops! You know a Sealing Jutsu?! It doesn't matter if those rods are controlling them or not! We'll just tie them up with Ink Clones! Sealing Jutsu! Octopus Hold! So that's it! It's only one of Bee's Sealing Jutsu! Just like that and on a count of three… Namely, in three seconds, the ink will completely cover their bodies and harden, incapacitating them! Once they're immobile, we can remove the rods from their chest! – One! – One! – Two! – Two! – Three! – Three! That was an amazing sealing…? No… It was amazing how the enemy powered up… Go… That masked bastard! He was hiding underground! Bug Bite! Cat Claws! Oww! It's a strong alkaline fluid! Your skin's melting! Octopops! Coral Palm! What the hell…?! Naruto! Floral Mountain! I didn't realize that these guys could transform into Tailed Beasts under these conditions! Naruto, retreat for now.
We need to regroup! Horn Hit! I can't move…! Bastard! Even if you're Jinchuriki, six against two appears to be bad odds, huh? When I touch you, I win! This isn't good! Uber…Leaf Superhuman Hurricane! Using Naruto as bait, they waited for the moment I materialized… What a nuisance! Kakashi Sensei and Bushier Brow Sensei! Two more joining the party isn't going to change anything.
Not against my Visual Prowess and power of the Tailed Beasts.
We have Sharingan on our side too.
As well as the Noble Green Beast of the Leaf! You came! Kakashi Sensei and Bushier Brow Sensei! You know I can't just sit back and relax while my student from Team 7 is working hard! Oh! Him! He's got a Sharingan and a Rinnegan and his left eye and right eye …and…and…! Calm down.
I don't understand a word you're saying! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys" Naruto, just because we're here doesn't mean you can breathe easy! FOUR TAILS, THE KING OF SAGE MONKEYS Tune in again!