Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e06 Episode Script

Four-Tails: King of the Sage Monkeys

Stop! Why would you do this? Let's test these outside, shall we? These eyes… see the darkness quite well… I wonder if Sasuke and Karin are okay? I wouldn't waste time thinking about that.
Why? Say that Karin and Sasuke are alive and well… And you and I find them.
Do you really think it'll be a touching emotional reunion? See… Karin wants to get hot and heavy with Sasuke.
Which means the two of us will be in the way.
I see… So what'll we do? Keep gathering blades? We'll meddle, of course! That's what I enjoy most, next to gathering swords.
So we're going to look for Sasuke and Karin? First, let's go check out Orochimaru's hideout! Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys You came, Kakashi Sensei! Bushier Brow Sensei! You know I can't just sit back and relax while my student from Team 7 is working hard! Oh! Him! He's got a Sharingan and a Rinnegan that are linked, left eye to right eye…and…! And there's a rod sticking out of the left side of the chest…and…! Calm down.
You're not making sense.
The right eye is Sharingan.
The left eye is Rinnegan.
And he has the same rod Pain had in his left chest.
So I see.
Gotta hand it to you, Kakashi.
Your skills of deduction are impressive! Here it comes! From the number of tails… It's Five Tails! Leaf Rock Crush! Hey, thanks! He's after the Eight Tails! Sorry, Eight-o! You okay? We share pain, remember? What about you? You okay, Bee? He tried to attack him? So painful…! Huh?! How can I let a bastard like him do this to me…? Why you…! There! He did it! Why would he suppress the Tailed Beast's powers? I don't know… He doesn't seem to have the Tailed Beast completely under his control.
Maybe that's why… Hey, did you hear that voice, Naruto? I heard it.
That was the Tailed Beast… Five Tails' voice.
We Tailed Beasts have emotions.
It pisses me off to see one of my kind treated like that! Ouch! Now you get mad? It's always been the same with every shinobi who has kept us as pets! Eight Tails…you and that brat Bee are a special exception.
I wonder about that Nine Tails… Huh? Nine Tails can talk to Eight Tails? I know all about it, Nine Tails.
– You… – You talk too much! By the way, Eight Tails, given the number of tails you have, aren't you the next most powerful after me? Hurry up and finish this! I'm going to take a nap! Don't decide who's stronger based on the tail count! You've always been like this! That's why that Tanuki One Tail really hates you! Are you even listening, you fool?! Don't you dare play possum, you fox! Eight Tails and Nine Tails are arguing… Through telepathy the Tailed Beasts speak… It's not only rare, but an amazing feat! What're you mumbling about, Naruto?! The enemy's approaching! Just because I'm here doesn't mean you can breathe easy! Right! We need to confirm which one is going to use which one of Pain's jutsu! Got it, Guy? I'm not good at remembering faces… And they all look the same to me… Lightning Blade! Eight Inner Gates! Sixth Gate of Joy, Open! Three are headed your way, Naruto! They're here! Three is better than what we faced before… I'm serious now too, hard core! Chakra Absorption… Summoning… Magnetic Pull and Repulsion… Chakra Extraction… Puppetry… What's going on? They're not using any of those! Why?! They're not using any of Pain's jutsu! Maybe…they can't.
Maybe he's shrewd enough not to waste any chakra on Pain's jutsu since we already know how to counter them! Yeah.
In order to control six Tailed Beasts with just his Visual Prowess, he must use an enormous amount of chakra.
Gotta hand it to you, Kakashi Sensei! There's your deductive skill again! Kakashi Hatake… He's got very discerning eyes.
Well then… I'll just power it up a little.
Next up, two beasts.
Damn it, I'll have to use Nine Tails' Chakra Shadow Clones to create a diversion… and attack the masked guy head on! You can't use any more Nine Tails' chakra for Shadow Clones! Nine Tails will take your own chakra… And you'll drop dead Then you'll be seeing red! Bee, haven't you noticed yet? I thought you bumped fists with him! Given the number of clones he's already produced, Naruto should have been half-dead a while back.
Seeing as he's not means that Nine Tails stopped taking Naruto's chakra sometime ago.
Right, Nine Tails? Although I don't know what happened between you two… You know, Nine Tails… I'm coming after all that hate inside you, too, some day! Who the hell are you to decide… that having a Tailed Beast inside me makes me unhappy?! What the heck is that?! Whatever you do, don't let it touch you, Guy! Naruto! We gotta help him! Guy, we have to deal with this side first! This is bad too! We're being surrounded! The tree wilted instantly! Is it a corrosive gas? I'm worried about how much chakra I have left, but I have no choice.
Shadow Clone Jutsu! Guy… We have to guard each other's back and focus only on what's in front of us.
Any complaints?! Nope! Lightning Cable! Sixth Gate of Joy, Open! Asakujaku! Here comes the next wave! Same here! Let's wrap this up and help Naruto! Let Naruto go, you monkey! Nine Tails… I think you gave some of your chakra to the Naruto's clone who was fighting the other Madara.
You should lend this one strength too before it's too late.
I'm not like you, Eight Tails.
I won't wag my tails each and every time for my Jinchuriki… Don't you care what happens to Naruto?! Nine Tails… This transient form is nothing more than a nodule.
You're only a piece of yourself.
Shut up.
You are just an ignorant unstable power… Shut up.
Those who shall guide you are the Uchiha.
You Tailed Beasts are simply servants of those with Visual Prowess! Shut the hell up! Obey! Nine Tails… Your power is too great.
Regrettably, I cannot let you run loose.
No matter what words they use… When you exert your power, you draw hatred to you.
Please stay quiet inside me.
Humans all say… This is unfortunate for both of us… You may be here to keep the world in check, but I'm here to watch you.
…the same thing.
And now, it's this brat? How dare these shinobi… I'll bet even he… You know, Nine Tails… I'm coming after all that hate inside you, too, some day! Naruto! What the—?! Now you want to take my power too? Coming all the way in here… you obnoxious brat! A-Are you… Four Tails?! Don't call me "Four Tails"! I have a proper name! I am the handsome Monkey King of Suirendo, the King of Sage Monkeys, bestowed with the priestly title "Son" from the Sage of Six Paths! The Great Monkey Equal of Heaven, Son Goku! Huh? Uh… Which one's your name? It's Son Goku! You humans are all stupid! You can't even get a name straight! You are all lesser than apes.
I don't want to give my power to likes of such… So where are we? It sorta looks like Nine Tails' place… Did you hear me, kid?! I told you my name! Don't you dare ignore me! You're so rude! Huh? Oh… S-Sorry.
You're…pretty genuine for a human.
It's the first time I've heard someone apologize to a Tailed Beast.
I guess you didn't come to steal my power, eh? You have one inside you too… That's how you got in… Kurama's trained his Jinchuriki well.
Kurama? Who's Kurama? How can you be the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki and not even know his real name?! That's why humans disgust me! Huh?! The Nine Tails has a name too?! I see, his name's Kurama! You humans only see us as sources of power.
You don't even care if we have names, or care to know them.
You imprison and deny us of our existence.
Look, it's that boy.
Ignore him and keep walking.
Who's that boy? You don't need to know.
What the—?! That brat! I think I understand a little about how you feel.
I used to misbehave a lot.
I just wanted to be scolded.
Huh? I'd do anything to get people to notice me.
It was better than being invisible.
I'm a Jinchuriki… But I have a proper name I cherish…Naruto.
It's a memento from my parents and master.
That's why… I'm nobody.
I don't want to be anybody.
I just want to fulfill Project Tsuki no Me.
I can't stand a guy like that who doesn't even care who he is… It's not worth living in this world where only despair exists.
is forcing you to do whatever he wants.
Well then, what do you want to do with us? Like Octopops… I'd like to be like Octopops and Eight Tails.
Huh? When I watch him joke around with Eight Tails, and fight, and console each other… They're like friends.
And I always have this feeling… I… I really envy them.
Aw c'mon! Don't tell me… A human like you seriously wants to be friends with a Tailed Beast?! Huh? This guy… He's dead serious… That's why I want to help you too… Umm… What was your name again? Just call me Son… By the way, I ate you.
What're you gonna do? Oh, yeah! What'll I do?! Hmmm… He seems better than the guy in the mask… There is a way to stop me.
Undo these chains and you'll see.
Son! I don't trust Jinchuriki on principle.
Especially fools who that claim they want to be friends with Tailed Beasts.
You really think that if you set me free, I will be your ally? That's a response to be expected… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Nine Tails" Humans just want to imprison us! NINE TAILS Tune in again!