Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e07 Episode Script

Nine Tails

By the way, I ate you… What are you gonna do?! Oh yeah, what'll I do? There is a way to stop me.
Undo these chains and I'll tell you.
Son! You have to tell me how to stop you.
First, just one thing… I don't trust Jinchuriki on principle.
Especially fools like you who claim they want to be friends with Tailed Beasts.
In other words… Don't think that if you set me free, I'll be your ally.
That's a response to be expected… Nine Tails… This transient form is nothing more than a nodule.
You're only a piece of yourself.
Shut up… You are just an ignorant unstable power… Shut up! Those who shall guide you are the Uchiha.
You Tailed Beasts are simply servants of those with Visual Prowess.
Shut the hell up! Obey! Nine Tails… Your power is too great.
Regrettably, I cannot let you run loose.
When you exert your power, you draw hatred to you.
Please stay quiet inside me.
This is unfortunate for both of us… You may be here to keep the world in check, but I'm here to watch you.
Even though you have no strength you force your ideals on me to restrain me.
Okay, now for the Eight Trigram Seal… I'm going to seal Nine Tails in Naruto.
Does he intend to seal me again? Into that brat? Kushina! Are you okay? Stop it! Eight Trigram Seal… The same thing happened sixteen years ago… Nine Tails Where am I? Seems like I'm inside that kid… What's this? An Eight Trigram Seal? I see.
The Fourth Hokage plans on letting this brat use my power… Even if half of my existence has been sealed away, he underestimates me.
Me…! The very one those Jinchuriki had to go so far to restrain.
This seal is nothing.
Even so, this will take a while to break.
But if I keep sending chakra through the cracks, it'll eventually weaken… Fine, this is no fun, but I need to do it to get out.
I'll give this brat power.
You did terrible in today's taijutsu class.
Don't come to school, loser.
I hate looking at you.
You'll never become a ninja in a hundred years.
Shut up! I'll make you pay for that.
Come and get me! You'll regret saying that! Ouch… Damn it! How long is he going to make me wait? If you don't use your power, my seal won't weaken.
I'll show you one day! He's… Naruto Uzumaki from the Village Hidden in the Leaves… Iruka… I said I'd get to you later, but I changed my mind.
Hurry up and die! Don't lay your hands on Iruka Sensei! I'll kill you! Y-You idiot! Why did you come out? Run away! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Finally… My chakra is gathering and taking the form of a fox… Damn it! Take this! For now, the key to getting him to use my power is when his life is in danger or when he's emotionally at the brink.
But using me unconsciously still isn't enough.
I need him to be conscious of my existence… and use my power regularly… Thank you for asking me! I'm known as… the immortal Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku… Call me the Toad Sage! S-Sage? So this is the man who was the Fourth Hokage's master… He's probably going to pass on his ideas to the kid and try to control me… Well, for now, this is a good opportunity for me.
What is it?! This is the end of your training.
If you don't want to die, then handle things on your own.
What? The kid's finally come to me.
I want to eat and kill you, but this gate won't open… This bloody seal… You… You're… the Nine Tails! For you to approach me… What business brought you here? Hey! You stupid fox! Since you're staying in my body, give me your chakra as rent! That's fine… As a reward for making it this far… I'll give it to you! Summoning Jutsu! I did it! I successfully did… – What a fool.
– the Summoning Jutsu! He acts as if my power is his own… But now, he can clearly sense my presence and will use my power even more now… Something with claws and fangs… I won't let you go.
Sasuke, I'll… That's right… Keep using my power! The more you rely on my power and draw chakra from me… the weaker this seal gets.
We've just gotten word that the Hidden Sand's Kazekage has been abducted by an organization known as Akatsuki.
I will now… give my new orders to Team Kakashi.
If I'm not mistaken, this kid knows the One Tail's Jinchuriki.
This kid has become quite powerful during his three years of training.
But that also means that I'll be able to influence things more than before.
Now then… I'll pummel him.
So that's what Master Jiraiya was talking about… If this is all it takes to make him go on a rampage… that means the seal has become pretty weak.
Just a little longer… If I can draw out even greater hatred from this kid… I can send in my power and destroy the seal.
Just a little while longer… SEAL Don't talk about Sasuke, in front of me, like you own him! He's directing so much hatred at him.
Kid, do you hate him? Do you want him to disappear? In that case, come here and I'll give you power.
Chidori Stream! This is your chance, Naruto… Show him our power.
So… Who do you want to kill? Don't come out anymore.
I don't need your power! You refuse now, but who was it that came crawling to me every time to use it? You should know by now… You know that you can't do anything on your own.
How will you face powerful foes without my power? This world shall know pain… Hinata! Undo the seal.
If you do, I'll give you all of my power.
Destroy everything.
Erase everything that hurts.
Give me your soul.
I will save you from your suffering.
Come this way… Come… And rip this seal off! FOURTH HOKAGE You're…! I'll rebuild the seal… However, this is the last time.
I never expected to be sealed back again by a ghost.
But I still have a chance.
To think, he'd just come right in with the key.
Now, if I just take control of that kid's mind, I can break free anytime I want.
What did you say? Where did the real you go? I can't sense you! I'm right here… right in front of you! SEAL I see… You plan on controlling my power.
You teamed up with Eight Tails! How pathetic of the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki! Sage Art: Super Giant Rasengan! Do you think you can beat me? Why would I break the seal otherwise? Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken! You can't control my power! You are just a small portion of my hatred! This chakra… Kushina, is that you? Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Rasengan Super Barrage! Don't underestimate me! Sage Art! Massive Rasengan…Barrage! One more round! What kind of power is this? Go! You've angered me! Naruto! This is the Six Paths…?! You watch out…Naruto.
Damn it! How could this happen to me again?! He took quite a lot of power from me… Even though… Even though he's just… Just what is he? We won't trust you.
Naruto, I've watched you all these years.
You should already know.
It doesn't matter what you tell me… or us Tailed Beasts.
Your true feelings won't be transmitted to us.
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