Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e08 Episode Script


Kurama You're always so careless with my chakra… It's not like you to start up a conversation, Nine Tails.
I know you're starting to get lonely and want to talk… but I'm busy now! Let's do this later! Do you seriously think you can end this war by yourself? We'll talk after the war's over.
If your comrades are killed, hatred will arise.
Are you planning to defeat the enemy before that happens? And if you defeat the enemy, they'll bear hatred towards you… Do you honestly think you can take all of that on by yourself? Don't keep underestimating me.
You don't understand a thing! You're naïve! Can you honestly take on and erase everyone's hatred?! The war has already begun.
There must be a considerable amount of casualties already.
And the resulting hatred to match… First of all, Sasuke who used to stand alongside you, has been gripped by hatred for a long time.
Have you ever been able to do anything for him? In other words… Regardless of who you're dealing with, you can neither erase their hatred nor take it on yourself! So… Are you done? What? You're the one who's naïve! How can you be so confident when you couldn't even save Sasuke? Once you question your own beliefs, it's over.
I will help Sasuke somehow, and I will do something about this war! The little brat thinks he's all grown up, does he? Ya know, Nine Tails, I… I'm going to come after all that hate inside you as well some day! You've put me through a lot of pain, but I know that it doesn't feel good to be at the mercy of hatred… Are you stupid?! I'm the Nine Tails! Some little brat can't change me! I am hatred! Then it's okay! I'm no longer a little brat and it will be more challenging this way! Later! So cocky.
We don't trust you… If you want our trust… It's fine.
I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do anyway.
Naruto… I've seen all that you've done.
So you should know by now.
No matter what you say to me, to us Tailed Beasts… It doesn't matter.
Your true feelings won't be transmitted to us.
Are you departing? Yes.
The battle here is winding down.
And we've tended to all the serious cases.
The first and second units have already gone on to aid other companies.
We must go as well to support Naruto and Bee.
I'll have to leave their care to you.
We non-combatants can take care of the wounded.
But I'm more worried about Naruto and the others.
The battle there is far more intense than here.
Yes, I know.
But…he's always… Sakura, are you ready? Yes! Please be careful.
Please take care of everything.
All right.
I pretty much know what to do.
Okay then, I'll be going for a while! Quickly! That damn Madara's sniffed out your location.
Unlock the noose Gotta let Naruto loose So you were here.
I'll drag both you and Four Tails into me.
This isn't good.
Open your mouth! Naruto, get out! I've got to get outta here! It's not opening.
It's not gonna work like this.
Umm… umm… I have to make him throw me up… Throw up… From overeating… Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu! Didn't expect so many Naruto on the plate He's smart to make him expectorate All right! I made it out! Now then… Listen! Take a good look at the base of my neck.
There's a rod stuck into it.
That's where the chakra chain binds us.
It's the chain of the demon statue that Rinnegan Gedo uses.
Huh? It's not on the chest? The Jinchuriki had it on their chests.
It's because we expand in size when we undergo Tailed Beast Transformation… The rods migrate to the base of our necks.
And being bigger makes it difficult to find.
You just don't know when to give up… Just pull that rod out.
Then the chakra chain won't form! Damn, where is it? Found it! That's it! And the chain binding me should disappear.
But it won't be easy.
I'll be controlled and unable to stop from attacking.
Yeah, I know.
Things might get rough, but you have to bear with me.
Don't go overboard and end up killing me! I can't keep up this mode much longer.
I may as well just push it to the limits! Here it is! Do it, Naruto! Why you—! It's working! Damn Naruto… It's not going to go that easily.
What the hell is this…? My power… Those rods bind anything that touches them.
They're stronger restraints than Nagato Pain's Gedo Powers! Naruto! One problem after another! It has enough binding force to restrain us Tailed Beasts… So how will you move? It's over, Naruto Uzumaki! In the end, it's always the same.
I'm gonna be the Hokage some day.
You just watch! I'm gonna take over as Hokage some day.
And I'll be stronger than all the previous Hokage.
And… And I'm gonna make everyone in the village acknowledge my power! The graduation exam will be to make a clone jutsu.
Multi Shadow Clone? Aw man, why? Why? A jutsu I'm not good at?! Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Heroes? That's so stupid.
There's no such thing as heroes.
I'll prove it.
I'll prove that there are heroes in this world.
Sorry I was late.
Heroes are supposed to come running in at the knick of time.
I'm definitely going to win.
That's the destiny of those born to become Hokage.
You can't just try and become it.
It's something that Fate decides.
I won't run away… I'll go forward… I won't go back on my word… Well then, show me that what you're saying is true.
Sure thing… I'll beat you and prove it! So you decided to be a mentor and teach him a jutsu he can't even learn? Don't give him any ideas.
That's why this brat who loves to dream, started bragging that he's going to become the Hokage.
The brat thinks everything is easy.
That's why he can talk about such a ridiculous dream.
That's why he won't give it up… And…he'll die.
Until I become Hokage… I'll…never die! Rasengan! Someone like you who has no answer… should give up! Give up… …on me giving up! Rasengan! Don't mess with me! It's far too late for me to believe Jiraiya's words! There's no such thing as true peace! As long as we live in this cursed world, that is impossible! Then… Then…I'll break that curse.
If there is such a thing as peace, I'll seize it! I'll never give up! You… That's… Those…words… That's right.
They're taken straight from this book.
The first novel written by Pervy Sage.
At the end of this book, he wrote about a student who inspired him.
It was you, Nagato.
No… And… the name of the hero in this novel… is… …is Naruto! Welcome back! We believed in you! Naruto, you did well.
Welcome home! Naruto! Ya know, Nine Tails, I… I'm going to come after all that hate inside you as well some day! That's why I want to help you too… Naruto… If you're absolutely serious and truly wish to do something for us Tailed Beasts, keep doing what you've been doing… Not yet… All right! Hope you can sense this okay! The real me is outside… right about here.
I did warn you that I might have to get rough.
Hope you understand.
We're going to push the rod out from the inside! Keeping doing what you've been doing all along and prove yourself through your actions! Naruto… That's who you are! Frog Slap! It's loose! That's right, that's the Naruto I know.
Let's go, Octopops! We'll fight as a two-man team with me as the lead! Naruto, you just be my back-up, agreed? Both you and Eight-o are hurt, so there isn't going to be any leading or backing up! We're going in together! Especially since we're both already in two-man teams.
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