Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e09 Episode Script

Two-Man Team

Two-Man Team Damned Naruto! He pulled out the rod! In that case… Rasengan! You did it! What?! Why are the chains still here?! Heh… I guess this chain through my belly won't disappear… Why?! I pulled out the rod, just like you said.
That rod just temporarily binds my chakra to the Jinchuriki's body.
But my chakra itself is held by that masked guy through the Gedo Statue.
You knew about that?! Then it means that I haven't saved you! You… You're seriously saying that for real…? Of course I am! This kid….
He really is serious… I only told you how to stop me.
I never told you how to save me.
You should have told me that from the beginning! Why aren't Tailed Beasts more straightforward?! So what do I have to do?! Before I tell you, I have something to pass on to you.
What is it? Hold out your hand… Huh? You're giving me something? It's something good.
It will come in handy one of these days.
Hurry up! What?! The statue reabsorbed Four Tails! I guess he still belongs to him! You look like you're about to pass out after stopping just one Tailed Beast… You can't defy me! I'm going to take your precious Tailed Beast with these… What's going on?! This is bad, no matter how you look at it.
And you're a mess.
Just watch me… If you want me to lend you power, I wouldn't mind doing it, Naruto.
You sure are talking to me a lot, lately.
I'm glad you want to lend me power, but before you do, there's something I have to say.
Thanks for helping me with the other Madara back there.
That extra power really saved me! Don't thank me! It's creeping me out! I just did that because I'd rather deal with you than Madara! Besides, I could only give you a tiny bit of chakra because of this cage! I just wanted to see you fight a little more! That's right… Just to pass the time! Hey! Why do have to get mad when I just thanked you? You don't have to stop glaring at me, but you could at least work on your attitude! You're always like—?! Hit your chakra with mine… Are we going to play chakra tug-of-war again? You idiot… We don't need to do that this time! It's not like I have anything else to do.
So we could if you really wanted to.
Let's do this, Octopops! We fight as a two-man team with me taking the lead.
Naruto, you just be my back up, agreed? Even so, we're going up against five Tailed Beasts.
You can't be in the front if you can't do a Tailed Beast Transformation! Both you and Eight-o are hurt, so there isn't going to be any leading or backing up! We're going in together! Hey… Naruto! Especially since we're both already in two-man teams… Hold on, Naruto… Don't tell me… You and the Nine Tails… I've still got tons of reserve power! You don't approve of me! I don't approve of the monster fox… But, not Naruto… For him, I have nothing but respect.
He's an excellent student… He works with all his might.
But despite that, he's clumsy and not everyone approves of him.
He already knows about the pain in peoples' hearts.
That boy is no longer the demon fox.
He is…a citizen of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
He's Naruto Uzumaki.
You're no longer the monster fox… You are a partner of a citizen from the Hidden Leaf… Kurama! Come on, let's do this! Naruto… Don't tell me you… Th-This is really bad! Guy, don't move! I'm going to blow them away with my left eye with Kamui! There's so many of them! It's impossible with Visual Prowess alone! In that case, I'll open up the Eight Gate… You idiot! You'll die after you do that! But still… Naruto! Looks like they're in trouble over there! There are five Tailed Beast Bombs pointed at them at close range! I know about it…y'know! What was that?! So fast! S-Sensei?! I-Is that, Naruto?! The mountain… So this is the power of the Tailed Beasts! He deflected them all?! In that case… Here they come! Let's go, Kurama! Was Naruto able to do Tailed Beast Transformation? That Nine Tails… What's going on?! Are we inside the Nine Tails' chakra?! First, we have to figure out where all of their rods are! Just to let you know, we don't have much time here.
This is our first Tailed Beast Transformation, so our link isn't perfect.
We can only keep this up for about five minutes! That's more than enough time.
There are more of you, so I can't be as gentle as I was with Son.
So please bear with it, okay? I'm not falling for that same trick twice! Take this! All right! I found out where they all are! This is like an all-out monster smack down! He exceeded my expectations.
I'll have to go after him with intent to kill.
Hey… Don't you think that's pretty big for one of those things? Are they pooling their power into a single point?! Naruto, what now?! Is he going to cancel it out with equal force?! But Naruto's never succeeded at that before… He managed to do it by accident during training, but this time, he'll do it for sure.
– Tailed Beast Bomb! – Tailed Beast Bomb! He aimed it low, so it would bounce them upwards.
That was good… but it was really big! Nine Tails sure is strong… I've got all their rods! Let's do this, Kurama! We're going to pull them out all at once! We're going to free them all! And definitely save everyone! We've been waiting for you.
Huh? The same thing happened with Son.
You did get all the way to this plane… just as Four Tails said.
This isn't where Four Tails was… Now that we're fully linked, you're able to enter deeper into the Tailed Beast Psyche Plane.
Look! There are Jinchuriki here too! Also, Four Tails was bound by Chakra Chains.
I don't really get it, but everyone's here and there aren't any chains.
It's not as crazy as last time! That jerk in the mask cannot penetrate this deep.
Welcome! I thank you on behalf of all of us Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts.
I've wanted to meet you, Naruto Uzumaki! To tell you the truth…huh? You look like you're shorter, younger and weaker than me.
You must have had it rough as a Jinchuriki.
Knowing how you went through that… And how you've already passed on… It's just so sad.
You never knew the taste of good ramen… or what it felt like to kiss a girl! – Hey! You've never kissed a girl either! – I am the Former Fourth Mizukage! – Hey! You've never kissed a girl either! – I was quite distinguished! – Actually… – And I'm an adult! you've only kissed Sasuke.
No! Don't make me remember that! Hey, you're barfing way too much! What was it like to kiss this Sasuke?! I'm talking to you! Honestly, just as Four Tails said, you don't listen at all! Four Tails? So, Son was here too? That's right… Finally… So does that mean that bearded old man was here too? Yup! Make sure to tell him… Also, I was able to give him just a tiny bit of my chakra.
Do you remember what Old Man Six Paths told us at the very end? I think this kid's it… That's what I felt.
I wager he'll probably come here to save all of you too.
Look after that kid when he does.
I'm being pulled back into the statue… Goodbye for now, guys.
Four Tails… This is just hypothetical, but… Do you think we could have traveled down a different path too? This coming from you, who's even more stubborn than Tsuchikage Ohnoki? Have you gone soft after death? Well… maybe if you had tried to remember my name, right when you became my Jinchuriki… I haven't softened enough to start calling you by your name, after being your Jinchuriki for over forty years… But I haven't forgotten it either! In that case, say my full name, spiel and all.
Is just "Son" good enough? We assembled here on Four Tails' summons… and hung around after promising to tell, and give you, something.
I see… He did all that? I'm glad that you're all gathered together and getting along! That only happened after Four Tails and Roshi left here.
It's all thanks to you, Naruto.
Naruto, step forward and extend your hand… We shall now fulfill our promise to Four Tails…rather Son Goku.
My name is Matatabi.
Yugito Ni'i… My name is Isobu.
We've met before, huh! I'm Yagura, the former Fourth Mizukage.
I am Kokuo.
I'm Han.
Me, I be called Saiken.
You already know me, I'm Utakata.
I'm Luck Seven Chomei.
I'm Fu! I will not live much longer… Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, and Kurama… Even if you are far apart, you will always be together.
There will come a time when you will be united again.
Each of you with a unique name….
and a different form than before.
And unlike when you were inside me, you will be guided down the right path.
I hope you learn what true strength is… Before that time… It's taken way too long, Old Man.
Don't you all agree? That Naruto's the Old Man's… Yes! Yup! Yeah! Indeed… For sure… Well done, Naruto! I never thought you'd be able to completely control Nine Tails.
However, it looks like you still can't maintain it for too long.
So same old, same old.
It's not the same old, same old… I just learned a whole bunch of hard names all at once! Naruto gaining such experience and strength makes me feel old and feeble.
You're not being yourself! The springtime of our youth is still far from over! We still have a lot of… Quiet! Do you want to make me feel even worse? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Promise of Victory" That's the Guy I know! THE PROMISE OF VICTORY Tune in again!