Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e10 Episode Script

Promise of Victory

Tailed Beast Counting Song! All right, here we go! One, "sleep is better than humans," says Shukaku.
ONE TAIL SHUKAKU / GAARA One, "sleep is better than humans," says Shukaku.
Two, burning in fire, Matatabi.
TWO TAIL MATATABI / YUGITO NI'I Two, burning in fire, Matatabi.
Three, leave the water to Isobu.
THREE TAIL ISOBU / YAGURA Three, leave the water to Isobu.
Four, hot as lava, Son Goku.
FOUR TAIL SONGOKU / ROSHI Four, hot as lava, Son Goku.
Five, always on the run, Kokuo.
FIVE TAIL KOKUO / HAN Five, always on the run, Kokuo.
Six, taking it easy and not in a hurry, Saiken.
SIX TAIL SAIKEN / UTAKATA Six, taking it easy and not in a hurry, Saiken.
Seven, the flying leaf insect, Chomei.
SEVEN TAIL CHOMEI / FU Seven, the flying leaf insect, Chomei.
Eight, "Yeah!" is all it needs, Gyuki.
EIGHT TAIL GYUKI / KILLER BEE Eight, "Yeah!" is all it needs, Gyuki.
Nine, "ko-kon" cries the mighty Kurama.
NINE TAIL KURAMA / NARUTO UZUMAKI Nine, "ko-kon" cries the mighty Kurama.
All the Tailed Beasts have finally come together.
They're a little hard, but they're nice names.
They're all splendid names.
They're all wonderful names.
Next up, the Jinchuriki! Here we go! GAARA One, with terrible bags under his eyes, Gaara.
YUGITO NI'I Two, with a silky voice like a cat, Yugito.
YAGURA Three, the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura.
ROSHI Four, together for forty years, Four Tails and Roshi.
HAN Five, tough and powerful, Han.
UTAKATA Six, reserved and dressed in a kimono, Utakata.
FU Seven, the heart-warming kunoichi, Fu.
KILLER BEE Eight, he's got crazy rap skills, Killer Bee.
NARUTO UZUMAKI Nine, the Leaf's Naruto Uzumaki.
All the powerful Jinchuriki have finally come together.
Can they become friends with the Tailed Beasts? They're all splendid shinobi.
They're all wonderful shinobi.
The Promise of Victory – Heave…ho! – Heave…ho! Hey, did you hear? What? Rumor is that Madara appeared at the other battlefields.
Madara? We're at war with him, so that's nothing unusual.
No! I'm not talking about that shady-looking masked Madara.
They're saying the real one appeared! What?! What do you mean, "real one"? Are you saying, that all this time, he's been a fake? No, what I mean is… A super strong one, just like the real Madara Uchiha has appeared! And he's strong enough to take on the Five Kage.
Take on the Five Kage? Give me a break.
It's true! From what I heard, he hurled down meteorites and created a jungle instantly.
Above all, he's a giant… tens of meters tall.
A giant?! Well, they're just rumors… Will you two cut it out?! Sure, the enemy's numbers have dwindled.
But we need to hunt down the remaining enemy.
We're on a mission here.
Get serious! Focus on the enemy, here and now! S-Sorry… You're right! We weren't able to show our stuff at this battle.
We'll show 'em on the next battlefield! Okay.
I'll pursue the enemy on the left! You guys go to the right and stop any remnants there! Roger! – Let's go! – Yeah! Another one bites the dust.
Hey! I'm the one that got him! What? Trying to take all the credit? Well, all you did was use a little jutsu at the very end! And that's what did him in! Fine, I'll give you that… But catching one weakling is nothing to brag about.
Yeah… Eight Trigrams: Air Palm! Watch out, you two! Are you all right?! You saved us… The battle here finally ended.
If we were to get killed when it was all over… We were about to be humiliated… The next battle is going to be on the front lines.
SHINOBI The Five Kage are holding back Madara.
Sending Kakashi and Guy out ahead seems to have worked.
However, Naruto and the others on the front line are under pressure.
Once the other battles wind down, they'll rush to lend support.
Y-Yes… I'm sorry.
Compared to the others fighting on the battlefield, I have it easy, and yet… No.
We have our own kind of tension that we have to contend with here.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
This is a critical time for us.
I'm okay! All right.
Listen up, everyone! The war is entering its final stage! We are the central command center for every company.
We cannot afford to make a single mistake! I can't tell you not to overdo it.
But hang in there a bit longer and do your best! I'm counting on you! There isn't a man in the Sensory Unit who'd throw in the towel with something like this! Right, guys?! Neither would we! That goes for us too! Right, Captain Inoichi?! Let's show 'em that the Communications Unit is tireless! Right… But if you get tired, I'll take over… so it's okay to rest a bit.
Huh?! Don't take it easy on us! Just tell us to follow you! You have to learn to go with the flow! Sorry… I'm not good at that kind of stuff.
That erased the pent-up anxiety everyone was feeling… and a sense of unity was born at Headquarters.
Headquarters, each battle company, and Naruto and the others fighting on the front lines.
If we can stand united in purpose, our foundation will be unshakeable and we can overcome this war.
What happened? – Tailed Beast Bomb! – Tailed Beast Bomb! The front line at last… Just you wait! I'll show you my stuff! Huh?! What is that? What's happening?! Isn't that in the direction of the front line? Huh? L-Look over there.
Is that where we're going? Yes… That talk earlier about Madara… Maybe they weren't just rumors.
That looks like… something huge… Yeah… Here's our chance to show 'em.
Well done, Naruto! I never thought you’d be able to completely control Nine Tails.
However, it looks like you still can’t maintain it for too long.
So same old, same old.
It's not the same old, same old… I just learned a whole bunch of hard names all at once! Difficult names? What does that have to do with anything? You don't know, do you?! I'm not gonna tell you! Naruto gaining such experience and strength makes me feel old and feeble.
What's the matter? You're not being yourself! It may sound funny coming from me… The springtime of our youth is still far from over! We still have a lot of… Quiet! Do you want to make me feel even worse? That's the Guy I know! That expression… Huh? Am I sweating? No, it's just rain.
These fools could never make me sweat.
Naruto was always merely a pawn to test Sasuke.
That brat's supposed to be an amusement.
I knew what his limits were.
There's no way his power could be pushing me this hard.
So what is it?! What's happened? It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter who or what Naruto is now… After this war is over, there will be no past or future.
Nothing that exists now will matter then! A-Amazing… Did you guys feel that? I can't believe it.
There's no doubt.
That is the Nine Tails' power! Yeah… But I sense something… slightly different.
What's the current situation? Naruto Uzumaki is holding back the Masked Madara with an unbelievable amount of power.
The chakra is unbelievable! He's keeping him at bay.
It's just the four of them! Naruto, Lord Bee, Kakashi and Guy! Inoichi! Relay Naruto's actions directly into the minds of the reinforcement troops with everything you've got! Fifteen seconds is all we need! I want to boost everyone's morale all at once! Those four are giving it their all! I want the rest of us here to do everything we can too.
Convey their resolve to everyone! To everyone?! It will overload the Chakra Network.
Make one mistake and… You ask for the extreme.
Make it ten seconds! Master Inoichi! Sorry, but this is critical! Make it short, but make it count! I'm not good with words, but you can count on me! Message from HQ! We have the upper hand at the battle reinforcement point! Naruto Uzumaki is standing firm! The ones we must protect at all costs, Naruto and Lord Bee… are fighting with everything they've got on the front line! Guy and Kakashi are there too! To everyone in the Allied Force… I need all of you to add to their mighty hearts! Amplify it with your mighty hearts! I promise you, victory is now! I'm bad with words, after all.
It took me 20 seconds.
Captain… Yeah… That just shows how mighty your heart is… Sorry… Naruto… I've run, and run after you my whole life.
And I'm still running after you.
But when this war is over.
I'm going to stop running.
I'll stand with you.
I'll hold your hand.
And I'll walk with you by your side.
So please wait for me! Naruto… I marked you as my rival ages ago.
Hang tight against Madara, until I get there! I'll support you completely with my ninjutsu, Naruto.
And a reason… is not necessary! Naruto is doing a good job.
I can't see him being anything other than reckless.
But despite his looks, he's a pretty sharp guy.
People thought Naruto was dumb and I was fat.
But that really wasn't the case! Wait for me, smart Naruto! Skinny Choji is coming to help you! He's not the type to strategize calmly.
That's what I'm here for.
So you just wait, Naruto.
I'll be right there! Thank you, Dad! You transmitted Naruto's mighty heart to everyone.
That promise must be fulfilled! I wonder if Guy Sensei is all right?! I hope he's protecting Naruto! Kakashi Sensei is there too.
I think they'll manage, but… If it wasn't raining, we could have flown on my Super Beast Scrolls.
Stop complaining, Sai.
Pick up your speed! We must follow Master Guy and Naruto's examples.
This is the time for us to exceed ourselves! Uh-huh… This is camaraderie… I have a really good grasp of it now, Naruto.
Naruto… You saved the Hidden Leaf.
And now, you are trying to save the shinobi world.
And we've always, always put the burden on your shoulders.
But this time, no matter what you say… you'll have help.
Not just me.
This time, we'll all fight together! We should find Sasuke before we get mixed up in this war! Suigetsu, why are you here? Are you in Team Hawk just to cause trouble with Sasuke and Karin.
I would love to break those two losers up for good! I can't help it! You're reprehensible, you know that? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Eyes That See in the Dark" I hate you all.