Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e11 Episode Script

Eyes That See Darkness

I see… Lots and lots of shinobi? According to these birds… It's a war, right? We should find Sasuke before we get mixed up in this war.
Eyes That See in the Dark Hidden Leaf Home Watch Unit 1 reporting.
We've completed patrol of the eastern sector.
No incidents to report.
Hidden Leaf Home Watch Unit 2 reporting.
We've completed patrol of the western sector.
No incidents to report.
Unit 1 will now patrol the northern sector.
Unit 2 will head for the southern sector.
Do your best, Konohamaru.
You too, Watase.
It feels like we're in the battle and it's sort of exciting.
Yeah, this feels real.
Hey! This is not a game! If wrestlers and boxers show up again, we have to protect the Hidden Leaf Village! Got it?! – Yeah! – Yeah! You bastard! I'll kill you! What was that voice, Konohamaru? INTEL DIVISION You're gonna pay! That's the Intel Division over there.
I get it.
It's the prisoner.
Prisoner? Who? Sasuke's partner… from the group called Akatsuki or Taka or something.
I'll never forgive you! Let's go.
It'll all be okay! Die, you bastard! But you're so handsome! But how dare you try to kill me! Karin… Since you managed to be taken hostage, you're nothing but a burden to me.
Why that—! Idiot! But I still want you! No… He tried to kill me! No forgiveness! But he's so handsome! What has she been doing?! It's a hand-drawn picture.
She keeps talking to it.
Poor thing… She must've gone through hell.
Oh… that picture of Sasuke? Aren't we supposed to confiscate that? I tried to.
That's when she went nuts.
She'll stay calm if we let her keep it.
It's just a picture.
That's all.
Okay then, why don't we play a nice, quiet game of cards? Sure.
It'd be great if Sasuke were here at this hideout.
This place is special, after all.
Orochimaru's favorite spot.
Hey, Sasuke… Are you here? The size of this hideout is ridiculous.
What's wrong? Nothing.
My head just started hurting.
Is he going to go on a rampage again? Sasuke, Karin and Jugo… Hebi, Taka or whatever… I'm the only normal one among us.
Suigetsu… What is it? Something's always bothered me about you.
Oh yeah?! Well, I'm always concerned about you.
You keep me on pins and needles.
I'm here because I made a promise to Kimimaro.
Why are you here? Are you in Team Taka just to cause trouble with Sasuke and Karin? Why? Yeah, why? Why, huh…? I knew it was you.
The fact that you're here must mean you killed Orochimaru.
But never mind that.
Let's get you out of here.
Free at last.
Thank you, Sasuke.
Suigetsu, you're the first.
Come with me.
Me, first? There are others then? Two others.
I'm taking Jugo from the northern hideout and Karin from the southern hideout.
Of course you picked me, but I wonder about your other two choices, Sasuke.
Enough with the rambling.
Put on your clothes.
We're going.
Can I ask you something? What is it? Why are you recruiting men? I have a goal… And I have a better chance of achieving it with a small team.
Ever since I approached Orochimaru, I've been waiting for this moment… and I've been selecting highly skilled shinobi in preparation for it.
Now… I have all the members I had in mind.
So I'll tell you my goal.
My goal is to kill Itachi Uchiha of the Akatsuki.
And I want your help for that.
Naturally, I won't force you.
Karin… You said you had business to take care of.
What will you do? W-Well… On second thought, it's not that urgent… Karin… Be honest with yourself.
Isn't being with Sasuke all you really want? Th-That's not true! Whoever said such a thing? That's…! Um …! See, I hit it right on the mark.
That's why you're speechless.
So obvious.
I know all about it… Long ago… you had a crush on Sasuke… Suigetsu, don't get Karin so worked up… I thought I told you to be cooperative.
All right… Sorry Karin, But as much as you hate it, I'm sticking to Sasuke like glue.
At least until I possess one of the Seven Hidden Mist Blades… the Great Blade, Samehada, of Kisame Hoshigaki, Itachi Uchiha's partner.
Then it's all set! From this point on, we move together.
And henceforth, we will call ourselves… Hebi.
Why? I would love to break those two losers up for good! I can't help it! I just want to break everything in two! You're reprehensible, you know that? On that scale, Sasuke is the worst of all.
What? Well, he beat Itachi, so I thought he had reached his goal already.
We are no longer Hebi.
From this day on, we are Taka.
Taka has only one goal.
We will… destroy the Hidden Leaf! I mean, give me a break… Teaming up with Akatsuki to capture the Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails? He got us mixed up in one outrageous mission.
Are you the Eight Tails' Jinchuriki? No, it's Lord Eight Tails.
Okay? Say, "Are you Lord Jinchuriki?" Okay? We are capturing you.
Suigetsu, you take the right.
Jugo, you take the left.
Karin, get behind me.
Eight Tails! Sting like a bee! Sasuke! And this is the finishing sting! Sasuke! Let's do this together! The fact is, this guy is super strong.
We should go at him as if we are trying to kill him, instead of trying to take him alive.
That way we can probably take him down without killing him.
An ox-octopus monster… That's his true form? I'll take over from here! Run while you can! Suigetsu… Sasuke! You think I'd let you get away after what you've done, fool, ya fool! All of us nearly died that day… Somehow, we managed to finish the job.
But next thing we knew, we were crashing the Five Kage Summit! And we ended up in a battle royale against Raikage and the rest of them! His attack, huh? No…! Jugo, don't waver.
This is a genjutsu.
You may have seen through the genjutsu, but… it's too late! And when the fist fight was over, he razed the ceiling and didn't give a damn about us… W-What the hell?! Thanks to him, we ended up as prisoners in the Land of Iron.
I hate all of you! I lead you idiots to water, and you just splash it in my face instead of drinking it.
That's why… Yikes, he's on a rampage! Is he out to kill?! Die! I hate you most of all! Huh?! This is… I've been here lots of times… I never knew this existed.
Is this one of… Orochimaru's secret rooms? Huh? Huh? What? This is… Orochimaru planned all of this? If so, this intel could change the outcome of this entire war! What are you doing? This might be a very nice present for Sasuke.
We found something incredible by chance! Jugo… that punch is water under the bridge… Snap out of it, Jugo.
We've got to find Sasuke quick! The birds are uneasy… Over there.
Let's go.
You didn't waste any time coming after me.
What are you doing here?! Or not…it seems… I passed by two towns on my way here, but they were deserted.
I thought something wasn't quite right outside.
Do you know anything about it? We asked you a question first! How come you're outside?! What happened to our original that was with you? If you don't like the fact that I'm out, why don't you catch me? Especially since you outnumber me this time.
You didn't kill our original, did you?! With this many of you, I hope it's more of a challenge this time.
Susano'o! Sharingan! It's a war… Take down the enemy.
Looks like Madara's started things.
Capture Killer Bee and Naruto Uzumaki.
Sasuke… If you attack the Hidden Leaf, I will fight you.
Save your hatred until then.
At that time, throw all of your hatred at me.
The only one who can handle all that hatred…is me! Fine then! I'll kill you first.
If you don't hurry… More and more of his friends will join up with him… one after another.
You're someone who knows the pain of solitude like I do.
And that pain makes people stronger.
And for that very reason, by cutting that bond, I will be able to obtain even greater strength.
Have you forgotten, Naruto… What real power is? I feel the Uchiha getting freed from this rotting shinobi world.
And isn't what I'm doing exactly what you Leaf shinobi have wanted all along? You've always snubbed and put down the Uchiha.
So, I'll help erase the Uchiha from your memories! I'm going to kill all of you, all of the Hidden Leaf! Severing all bonds to the Hidden Leaf is the ultimate purification! And that shall lead to the Uchiha's true restoration! I'm going to where you are… To cut you down.
You're not Hidden Leaf shinobi.
You're not part of the promise.
These are good eyes.
I'm quickly getting used to them, Brother.
When you have the same eyes as me, come before me.
The scenes burned into these eyes… that once belonged to my brother… are disgustingly sad They weigh me down.
But that's only fitting.
Just you watch, Brother! There is no shinobi alive today who is as powerful as the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju.
Everyone says that.
Just like they think the Sage of the Six Paths' power was also a fairy tale.
It's time to show them that all the fairy tales were real! No one can stop this Reanimation! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "A Will of Stone" I guess I am too old…to do anything! A WILL OF STONE Tune in again!