Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e12 Episode Script

The Will of Stone

Stone Golem! It will pulverize him! Wood Style… Deep Forest Bloom! Damn you! As expected… It's coming closer… What should we do?! That's…Grandfather's…! Kazekage! I know! What is it? Look at the scale of that! To create a forest in an instant! Everyone, beware of the pollen! Do not inhale it! Not just Deep Forest Emergence… but Deep Forest Bloom as well? How dare that Kabuto! There is no shinobi alive today who is as powerful as the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju.
Everyone says that.
Just as they think that the Sage of the Six Paths' power was also a fairytale.
It's time to show them that all the fairy tales were real! Wait, you bastard! You were too distracted by the flowers… N-No! Raikage! Humph… Time to burn things up… Fire Style… Majestic Demolisher! Mizukage! The Will of Stone Water…Style… I guess I am too old… to do anything! Look, the left side is dirty! That's a precious rock of the Hidden Stone! Buff it more steadily! You need to put more polish into your polishing! His puns kill me… Hmm? Symbol of our village or not, it's just a plain old rock.
Why don't we have Mountainside Images like the Hidden Leaf? Lord Tsuchikage is such a cheapskate! Ohnoki… I can tell the value of a stone just by looking at it.
This rock… symbolizes our village's Will of Stone! It's our bedrock! Don't be such a miser with your words and use our symbol in your puns! Well… You're right.
This is just an ordinary rock.
Whaaaaaat?! W-What's the big idea, you stupid old man! I can't tell which one it is now! See…if you put a new one here like this, no one would know.
What?! What's important is the Will of Stone inside you… You see, I can also tell the worth of someone's will just by looking at them.
Ohnoki… Hidden within your will is the power to change the world.
But if you're not careful, that precious will of yours may disappear… Disappear? Why?! That's not the agreement! Lord Hashirama said… There is no alliance.
Just obey the Hidden Leaf! And… Never mention that shinobi's name before me again! Susano'o! Barriers! As you keep running into barriers, you may abandon your will… make excuses and even replace it with hatred.
Listen closely, your will… Never abandon it and always stride with pride! Seems you still want to keep dancing… But there's no strength left in your step! I'm making excuses… Particle Style: Atomic Dismantling Jutsu! Look at me being pitiful about my age… I should be excused… for making an excuse! What's this? Ohnoki! You're all awake! All right! Let's get on with our counterattack! There he is! You dance well.
But your step is still too weak.
That…looks like the First Hokage's face! I didn't want to believe it, but… That's why he's able to use the Wood Style! And this is far different from what Lord Orochimaru developed with Danzo.
The First Hokage was more powerful than Madara.
This fusion of both will be my ultimate weapon.
No one can stop this Reanimation! Wait! Is that you, Itachi?! I said…wait! Susano'o! This Susano'o… So you are Itachi! I'm surprised that you've been able to master it too… What are you doing here?! You're supposed to be dead! This is Kabuto's jutsu… I'm a Reanimation now.
I can't stop now.
There's something I have to do.
I don't care! You're here before me and I have a lot of questions! Ask me later… But I guess that's not going to happen.
You said so yourself! To come find you once I had the same eyes as you! So why are you running? To avoid admitting that you lied to me?! Or don't you have the courage to tell the truth?! I already know… everything about you! That's why I decided to destroy the Hidden Leaf! I told you when we fought… That people live under false assumptions… I asked if you could think about it that way.
And how one's reality might be an illusion.
Is my truth really— I no longer live inside an illusion! And I can see through your genjutsu! These are your eyes! Sasuke understands your suffering and your resolve! But instead of carrying on your will, he intends to destroy the Hidden Leaf! That's his way of getting back at the village that caused his beloved older brother so much suffering! You're as confident as ever, but I've heard about you from others.
That you've changed a lot… No! You changed everything about me! I was supposed to die! You were supposed to kill me along with our parents.
But… So Itachi made his decision.
That he would drop the curtain himself on his own clan's history.
He did not betray out of hatred.
It was unavoidable.
The discrimination by the village… and the object of their antagonism… He shouldered everything all by himself.
No one can ever question Itachi's decision and the sacrifice he made.
What is this?! Brother! Mother and Father were… Why? Who could have done this? Foolish brother… Mangekyo Sharingan! Why me?! Why did you spare me?! He just couldn't bring himself to kill you.
Do you know what that means? Why me?! How was I different from mother and father? Why just me? Because you didn't know anything.
You had no part in the Uchiha Clan's folly.
You were just a child.
Also, do you think I did it just for you? I wanted to be judged and dealt with only by another Uchiha.
So I took advantage of the hatred inside you.
That's why I failed.
Ultimately, I filled you with hatred and made you go rogue.
And turned you into a criminal! Chidori! All I wanted was for you to walk the right path.
Before I died, I tried to lead you down that one path without any forks or turns… I changed the signposts on that path with lies and my Visual Prowess.
I was supposed to happily walk that one path, ignorant of everything?! I…don't care for such a path! Yeah… You're absolutely right.
You must decide your own journey.
No matter how much you try to rewrite the signposts, my eyes can strip away the top layer! What's so funny?! Nothing… I'm just realizing that the signposts were not your only guides.
I'm a dead man.
There's no point in talking any further.
When you were alive, you never paid any attention to me.
Always flicking my forehead, saying "forgive me" and running off.
Now you're dead, and you're still running away from me?! I'm not running away.
I told you.
There's something I must do.
I must stop…the Reanimation.
You there…woman, user of the Medical Ninjutsu… You have his blood running through your veins, don't you? And what of it?! I'll bring you down first.
Taking out a unit's Medic Ninja first is an established tactic.
Surely, you don't think we'd let you do that so easily, do you? You're wrong… It's because she's a descendant of Hashirama Senju.
Your Medical Ninjutsu is only strong enough to defer death for only a short while.
Compared to Hashirama Senju, your jutsu is trivial.
He was able to heal without even weaving signs.
He was in another class in every jutsu.
Everyone called him the most powerful shinobi.
I fought a real death match against him… This is child's play.
Compared to him, what do you, his descendant, have to offer? You can't even use the Wood Style… Your Medical Ninjutsu doesn't even come close.
And most of all, you're a weak woman! Weakness disgusts me.
And a weak Senju disgusts me even more! You've gone on long enough! I am a descendant of the first Hokage Hashirama… And true, I don't use the Wood Style.
My Medical Ninjutsu is pathetic compared to the First's, who didn't even have to weave signs! And I am a woman… A woman, yes… But not a weak woman.
Simple strength isn't everything.
It's something passed on to me, and continues to flow from the First Hokage.
That is my true power! So don't you dare underestimate the Will of Fire! This Reanimation Jutsu will not come undone even if you kill me.
But I am the only one who can stop it.
In other words, you can't kill me.
I'll make you stop the Reanimation.
This jutsu has neither risks nor weaknesses.
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