Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e13 Episode Script

The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu

Tailed Beast Counting Song! All right, here we go! One, "sleep is better than humans," says Shukaku ONE TAIL SHUKAKU / GAARA One, "sleep is better than humans," says Shukaku Two, burning in fire, Matatabi TWO TAILS MATATABI / YUGITO NI'I Two, burning in fire, Matatabi Three, leave the water to Isobu THREE TAILS ISOBU / YAGURA Three, leave the water to Isobu Four, hot as lava, Son Goku FOUR TAILS SON GOKU / ROSHI Four, hot as lava, Son Goku Five, always on the run, Kokuo FIVE TAILS KOKUO / HAN Five, always on the run, Kokuo Six, taking it easy and not in a hurry, Saiken SIX TAILS SAIKEN / UTAKATA Six, taking it easy and not in a hurry, Saiken Seven, the flying leaf insect, Chomei SEVEN TAILS CHOMEI / FUU Seven, the flying leaf insect, Chomei Eight, "Yeah!" is all it needs, Gyuki EIGHT TAILS GYUKI / KILLER BEE Eight, "Yeah!" is all it needs, Gyuki Nine, "ko-kon" cries the mighty Kurama NINE TAILS KURAMA / NARUTO UZUMAKI Nine, "ko-kon" cries the mighty Kurama All the Tailed Beasts have finally come together They're a little hard, but they're nice names They're all splendid names They're all wonderful names Hey everyone! Please try to learn Kurama and the others' names, okay? The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu You think you can beat me with Hashirama's will? Power is not will.
Power is only the ability to make things happen.
You're wrong! The will of the dead shows its power in those they left behind! I used that will to develop my Medical Ninjutsu.
From there, Medic Ninja and Medical Laws were established! Rule One! A Medic Ninja must never give up on treatment until their patient's dying breath.
Rule Two! A Medic Ninja must never go to the frontlines! Rule Three! A Medic Ninja should always be the last of their platoon to die! This is what I teach my students.
But there is actually one more rule… Rule Four! A Medic Ninja who masters the Ninja Art of Mitotic Regeneration, the 100 Healings… may break the first three rules! The 100 Healings Jutsu? I've never heard of it.
It's a Forbidden Jutsu that applies only to me.
Which means, I am the only Medic Ninja allowed to battle! The Particle Style Jutsu may have dissipated the pollen… But adding one Medic Ninja won't make any difference… Four wasn't working, so we'll try five! Don't you dare think I'm an ordinary Medic Ninja! She's not as fast as the Raikage… Let's go! But her power is greater than his! Fire Style… Majestic Demolisher Flame! Water Style: Water Pillar! Water Style! Water Dragon Missile! Weighted Boulder! Lateral Bolt of Pain! Chop! I admit… You're not weak, woman.
However… If you step in and die here, all the other Kage will die.
Since you're the only one who can heal them.
That's if I die.
Hashirama… I don't know what you left behind… But this falls far short of your abilities.
If you were going to let your underlings take over, you should have taught them how to resurrect you too… All that's left of you is the life force of your cells that cling to me.
All that's left of my little brother is the Visual Prowess of his eyes, which are now mine.
That's why… I said you're wrong! The only thing that is passed down… is hatred.
What?! Madara was brought back with the Reanimation? Now that the real Madara showed up, the Five Kage had to step in! As the Hokage, Lady Tsunade has joined the battle as well.
Tsunade is the Hokage?! She became the Hokage?! Did I neglect to tell you? Well, Lady Tsunade went through quite a lot after your passing… But in the end, it just showed how much she cared about you.
Tsunade… There's no way Lady Tsunade will lose! That's why she is the sole surviving member of the Legendary Sannin! You're already dead! So don't spread any more hate! Kazekage! Now! Grand Sand Mausoleum! He's been sealed! All right! The one you sealed away is a Wood Style Clone that Hashirama used to use.
It is well made… My Visual Prowess made me the only shinobi who was able to see the ruse… in the past.
Now then… It's over for the rest of you Kage… Don't underestimate Madara! The only way to stop Madara is to stop the one who cast the Reanimation.
Is Madara… that powerful a shinobi? Even against the Five Kage facing him now? Aside from the late First Hokage… there is no one right now who can defeat Madara in battle… My guard and my barrier sustainer should stay here.
Everyone else should be going after the caster of the Reanimation Jutsu! How is HQ dealing with this? Every effort is being made, but there's been no concrete intel… Don't die…Tsunade! Summoning Jutsu! Damn it! You stay here.
There, huh? What a useless barrier.
I'm impressed you were able to pass through my barrier, and find this place.
When you were controlling me, I was able to pinpoint where your chakra was coming from.
That's another risk of this jutsu.
Though you won't need to remember that for next time.
Thanks for the tip.
I didn't expect any shinobi to counter this jutsu, so I didn't even worry about it.
By the way, there's something I'd like you to know as well.
This Reanimation Jutsu will not come undone even if you kill me.
But I am the only one who can stop it.
In other words… You can't kill me.
If I die, you'll never be able to stop this jutsu.
I guess my luck hasn't run out yet! Things are not always as we wish them to be, damn it! I caught up to you! What the hell are you doing here? Is that…Orochimaru? You're a little off… That voice… Kabuto! It's perfect timing that my compensation for participating in this war would show up, on his own, at this particular moment… I am so lucky.
What are you talking about? What are you both doing here? It's rather complicated… Let me try to explain.
Go ahead.
And in the meantime, I'll stop the Reanimation.
This jutsu has neither risks nor weaknesses.
I want you to understand that Itachi.
Even if you do make a move, I doubt Sasuke will just sit back and watch.
If you rush, you may not succeed, even if it were possible, conversely… Kabuto, answer my question! I guess I have to tell you, after all.
I mean, while you were asleep from having your brother's eyes transplanted into you… something drastic happened in our world.
Tobi started the war, huh? So you know a little.
Yes, that's true… The Fourth Great Ninja War… Tobi and I are at war with the coalition of the Nations of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Lightning… The Allied Shinobi Force.
There's no way you two can fight against the Five Great Nations! Oh, but we can… With a hundred thousand mass-produced White Zetsu! And the reanimated battalion that I created… Kinkaku and Ginkaku! The former members of the Seven Ninja Swords Men of the Mist! The Second Tsuchikage… The Third Raikage… The Second Mizukage… The Fourth Kazekage… And Madara Uchiha… I don't have time to mention all the names.
Your brother over there is also one of the ones I reanimated.
Well? Not too shabby, huh? Although Madara Uchiha planned everything.
What do you mean? Like you two, he hated the Shinobi World.
And so, he came up with Project Tsuki no Me.
Project Tsuki no Me? A plan to cast a powerful genjutsu over the entire world using the Ten Tails.
To control the world.
For that, we need Naruto's Nine Tails and Killer Bee's Eight Tails.
And just about now… Madara is causing a ruckus on the battlefield in order to get them.
Now then, who's next…? How can you move? Like I told you, I'm different! Regeneration without weaving signs… So that's the real power of your jutsu mentioned in Rule Four.
It's just like Hashirama's power.
I wanted to catch you off guard with this, but… You can't kill me with my own jutsu.
I can kill you, with my jutsu! All right! Have you gone senile, Ohnoki? The Rinnegan can absorb all jutsu.
Ninjutsu like that will not work against me! To kill me, you need to hit me hard physically and seal me.
You know that.
My Particle Style grazed your chest earlier… There's no way that the Atomic Dismantling Jutsu didn't work! Oh that… I just wanted to show you all Hashirama's face.
I wanted to reduce your morale… But it seems it had the opposite effect… It boosted your morale instead.
Let me ask you a question.
While it doesn't change the fact that you outwitted us with the Wood Style Clone… But from another angle, you could say we managed to corner you into having to substitute a clone for yourself.
Am I wrong? It is five against one, after all… Even if it is five-to-one, we must win, no matter what.
Don't call it unfair! In truth, it is a testament to your might! You are Madara Uchiha! It's not unfair.
Five-to-one… It's just the right ratio for playing games.
Now it's five-to-one.
Don't say this is unfair.
You are the Five Kage.
So now I've got a question for you… Would you like these clones to use Susano'o or not? Your choice.
So that's the story of the war… But what is a Reanimation like you doing here? Your intent to kill is real.
The reason is simple… I'm not under his control.
You're absolutely right.
I must hand it to you, Itachi Uchiha.
Imagine, overwriting the Reanimation Jutsu with your genjutsu… Normally, one wouldn't even think of that.
Sorry, but I hate taking orders.
Well, I agree with you there.
You haven't answered all my questions! Just because you asked doesn't mean you're going to get a reply.
You haven't changed from the days when you were the popular one at the Academy.
Meaning…I'm still forceful? Just kidding! Looks like your big brother here… I came to kill you.
You heard him.
Reanimation… You got a hold of a silly Forbidden Jutsu.
But you see, thanks to this jutsu, you siblings get to have a touching reunion.
I was hoping for a little gratitude here.
Reanimation can't control the heart.
You've desecrated souls that were purified and continue to spread unnecessary sadness and hate.
Can you understand the pain felt by the dead who are forced to fight? The pain of the living is even greater.
After finally getting over the grief and sadness… your jutsu has stirred those feelings again! Well I'm a little surprised… that someone who slaughtered the entire Uchiha Clan has such a tender heart… Does it mean you regret it? If so, I'm not interested.
Say whatever you want.
You die here.
Sasuke… You want to bring down Itachi, the bane of the Uchiha, once again, don't you? Since I brought him back to this realm.
In short, Itachi is a nuisance to both you and myself.
Well? Shall we team up and take down Itachi together? We share the same power of the snake and the same Master— I have no intention of calling that thing my Master! Besides, it seems like you don't know anything, do you? I chased Itachi all the way here to talk to him.
Well then…whose side are you on right now? Why?! He's just like Orochimaru! Which means he's my enemy! And right now, he's your enemy too, right?! All right, we'll talk later.
First things first, let's take him down.
But don't kill him.
If you kill the caster of the Reanimation, the jutsu can never be undone.
We'll put him under my Tsukuyomi, then we'll make him tell us how to stop this jutsu.
And while he's still under the Tsukuyomi, I'll control him and… I'll break this jutsu.
Thanks for the play-by-play.
I hope it goes as smoothly as you say.
But I told you earlier, this jutsu has neither weakness nor risks— Every jutsu has a weakness.
This jutsu's weakness and risk… is my existence! Itachi…you've kept lying to me, telling me "next time" or "later," then you died on me… So this time for sure… I'm holding you to your promise.
They say you take your personality to the grave.
Well, I've already died once.
I intend to honor it.
The estranged brothers come together to gang up on me? How fun! Those snakes are sensing exactly where we are.
Snakes perceive body heat and smell with their tongues.
You've studied a lot! You're like a snake expert now.
Of course I did.
In order to take down Orochimaru! I'm no longer a snake… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Sibling Tag Team" I am now a dragon! SIBLING TAG TEAM Tune in again!