Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e14 Episode Script

Sibling Tag Team

They say you take your personality to the grave… Well, I've already died once.
I intend to honor it.
The estranged brothers come together to gang up on me? How fun! Sibling Tag Team Bookish types like me aren't used to being stared at.
Countermeasures for genjutsu, huh? Judging from their movements, those snakes can sense exactly what we're doing.
Snakes perceive their surroundings through body heat and smell through their tongues.
You've studied a lot! You're like a snake expert now.
Of course I did.
In order to take down Orochimaru! However… You can't beat me by just being a snake expert.
This is my field.
Nature is on my side.
The snakes have gotten bigger! Does this terrain give him an advantage? Be wary of traps, Sasuke.
Traps? Oh, that's not what I meant! That's the Susano'o, right? Don't get too violent, Sasuke! Remember, I told you not to kill him! It seems he's acquired Orochimaru's power.
He won't die so easily! Sasuke! The hood! What?! Why that—! You're taking the shyness thing too far.
First, you hide your face, and now your entire body? Did you just molt to make a getaway? All you have is what you took from Orochimaru.
You're still nothing! Sasuke… You underestimate me.
Well, then again, I was listed lower than you on the danger scale in the Bingo Book… And of course, I'm nothing compared to Lord Orochimaru.
That's for sure.
Especially if you consider this hiding.
Sasuke, watch out! There's chakra everywhere… It's hard to tell which is the real one.
It's the ability to transform one's flesh into liquid.
To detach and separate using one's own life substance.
That's why it looks like a shedding.
I've researched and applied the Hozuki Clan's Flesh Transforming ability to this technique.
You know him, don't you? Suigetsu.
He can transform from human to water, and back to human again.
Plus, I have the amazing ability to recuperate quickly.
I admit it's a healing technique that I studied from the body of a woman originally from the Uzumaki Clan… Someone you're quite familiar with… Karin.
Karin's from the Uzumaki Clan? A special trait of those with Uzumaki blood is their red hair.
And their life force is as tenacious as a cockroach's.
Now then, you must be thinking about the last member of your team.
Or perhaps he's no longer your comrade? You have a discerning eye since you chose those three.
In the Shinobi World, those without talent are nothing.
But those who lack talent can just steal it from those who do.
Seems like you have Jugo's ability too… Did you receive a Curse Mark from Orochimaru?! No! That is just a temporary boost.
That memento is something I actually cultivated myself… at Ryuchi Cave! Ryuchi Cave?! Impossible! Yes, I found it! A place as legendary as Mt.
Myoboku, and the Shikkotsu Woods! Lord Orochimaru is not the only one to have reached it.
I went there… RYUCHI CAVE and trained under the guidance of the White Snake Sage.
And I was able to surpass Lord Orochimaru at long last.
I did it! Don't be impatient, Sasuke! He dodged…that arrow? My sensory ability is better than it used to be.
Nature Energy is my ally now.
Nature Energy? I knew it.
So he does have… Listen… The members of Jugo's clan have always had special bodies that absorbed Nature Energy.
That's the secret behind those rampages.
The ability causes them to suddenly become more wild and powerful.
Lord Orochimaru wasn't interested in Jugo's rampages… so much as the origin of his clan's power.
And he finally found the source… It was Ryuchi Cave.
Lord Orochimaru immediately tried to acquire that power.
But, he didn't yet possess a body that could tolerate it.
That's why… He couldn't become the perfect Sage… that I have become! I see… As expected… you're using Sage Mode power.
You're just like Orochimaru! A disgusting snake! You ought to know better, you snake expert… I'm no longer a snake.
With my perfect Sage power, I've shed my snakeskin… I am now a dragon! Answer me.
Would you like these clones to use Susano'o or not? Your choice.
The likes of you have no answer.
Well, I'll answer for you.
Impossible… Damn him! They will use it.
Damn them.
Each one of us must take on five.
Five to one… No, it's 25 to five.
Lord Tsuchikage? We'll guard each other's backs and coordinate attacks.
We are the Five Kage! – Yes! – That's right! Let's go! The Five Kage are struggling against Madara.
There's unbelievable chakra! He's not just a legendary shinobi… He's been reanimated.
He's immortal, so he has infinite chakra.
It's no wonder the Five Kage are having a hard time.
We must do something about the user of this Reanimation Jutsu.
Any word from the Investigative Unit? Nothing.
They've been searching every spot thought to be a hideout.
And not one sign of Kabuto.
And the Sensory Unit? We're getting no response.
He's probably put up a barrier.
Shall I send out more shinobi? We've sent every man available.
Anymore will weaken the front.
Who would have imagined that Kabuto could do so much? Sage Art: White Extreme Attack! My ears… And my bones… They feel like they're being grated.
It's a jutsu that uses light and sound to impair vision and hearing… A jutsu that causes the air to oscillate… to paralyze the senses, freezing movement.
A snake's cornea can block out the light and by turning my flesh into fluid, I can easily absorb the sound and vibration.
The only one who can move freely under these conditions… is me in Sage Mode! It's no use! We can't maintain Susano'o! Yes, I should go for Itachi.
I'll rewrite the Paper Seal in his head and turn him into my pawn again.
Or even better… Itachi… It seems you always end up finding me.
Can you sense my chakra? But…wait a minute… I'm impressed you were able to pass through my barrier, and find this place.
When you were controlling me, I was able to pinpoint where your chakra was coming from.
That's another risk of this jutsu.
I remember you said, "when I was controlling you…" So you can't sense my chakra now, can you? You're trying to trick me with your lies again? I never said I was the one who was able to sense your chakra.
Only Nagato could do that, and I was with him.
I have no such ability.
Besides, even now, I know what your target is anyway.
I merely move to protect that which I think you'll most want to attack.
If a man as cautious and opportunistic as you wants Sasuke… you will go for him first.
Your best chance to capture Sasuke is now, before either of us figures out your jutsu.
And after that, you could use Sasuke to manipulate me.
What sets you apart from the rest of the Uchiha Clan is that you have true Visual Prowess… You have the ability to peer into and read people's souls.
And use what you learn in battle.
That is why you are so good at deceiving people… You died lying in the first place, that makes you a dirty lying ninja through and through! He's on the ceiling! You think a makeshift team of two can outwit my perception skills? And because your brother lied so much, you know nothing about each other… Sasuke… Do you remember that time you tagged along with me on my mission? The wild boar? I'm off.
You…?! Oh that, I remember.
Wild boar…? I'm off.
You…?! I heard you're going on a wild boar hunt, Big Brother! I heard it's big like a monster.
And it's bad, because it's tearing up the fields.
Isn't that why you're going on the mission, to take it down? And you're going alone, right? But it's okay, since I'm coming with you.
You know, right? That I'm a good archer? I've gone hunting with you often.
Sorry, Sasuke.
Next time.
What?! Big Brother! Big Brother! I'm surprised that you caught up.
Well, I've been training… Climb up here.
Okay! That's it, right? Don't kill it.
Just hurt it, and it will return to the mountain.
Let's go.
Don't hit a vital spot.
I know! – Now! – Now! He's going to steal my blade and cut off his own tail to escape! That's why he told you not to be so impatient.
Oh that's right, I'd forgotten.
I have horns here now.
Big Brother… You completely missed.
Sorry, Big Brother… You need more training.
Let's go home, Sasuke.
I'll help you train when we return.
Looks like you might be able to take down that giant wild boar now.
Instead of that giant wild boar, we've got to take down that snake.
Yeah… I sympathize greatly with Itachi.
Both Itachi and I worked for the good of the Leaf Village, but in return, all we got back was dishonor and disgrace! What in the world has the Leaf Village ever done for us? No matter what darkness or contradictions lay within the village, I am… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "To Each Their Own Leaf" I am still Itachi Uchiha of the Leaf! TO EACH THEIR OWN LEAF Tune in again!