Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e15 Episode Script

To Each Their Own Leaf

It's so funny… What is? Right now, you two look like you're quite friendly with each other.
What happened to those brothers who fought and hated each other? No matter how much you use those eyes of yours… I'll use my hatred… to turn fantasy into reality! It's not hard to guess that something happened between you two, back when you took him down… But what is it that you want to ask of a once-dead man? The truth.
Oh really? Could it be? With the way you're talking… you don't really trust Itachi, after all? Sasuke… Maybe you already know the truth about Itachi? No wonder you didn't return to the Leaf after defeating Itachi.
That's why you joined the Akatsuki who plotted the Leaf's destruction! I see now… It all makes so much sense to me now.
That's why you intend to destroy the village that caused your brother so much pain.
As expected.
You're not denying it.
So you followed your brother, who you happened across, all the way here to find out the truth once and for all.
Like "Is this what happened then?" and "What about that time?" in complete detail… Like I said, your brother is a liar! I know.
So isn't it odd? Itachi was willing to kill his own family to protect the village.
Isn't that the opposite of what you're trying to do? Well… I'm the one who wants what you want, Sasuke! After all, Lord Orochimaru could not complete Leaf Destruction.
And it is I who inherited that task.
So think carefully… Now's the time to stab Itachi in the back and join me.
What? You don't have to feel guilty.
He's already dead.
He's just an imitation.
It was a mission.
To be the sole perpetrator of his clan's slaughter and become a Rogue Ninja with his reputation in tatters.
All of that was his mission.
And Itachi completely fulfilled his duty… With one exception… He could not bring himself… to kill his younger brother.
To Each Their Own Leaf We received intel that Itachi Uchiha of the Akatsuki is dead.
Put a mark on his image and remove him from your Bingo Book.
So that traitor is dead at last.
But Captain, who was able to kill him? Looks like it was his kid brother, Sasuke.
How ironic… His own brother killed the one who slaughtered his family.
Serves him right! After the atrocious thing he did! Not only that, he joined up with the Akatsuki and came after the Leaf Village! He's the most notorious villain in Hidden Leaf history! Damn it, I wish we got our hands on him first! Since he took down such a special S-Class criminal, his little brother will probably receive many decorations and a large bounty from the nation and village, right? I wonder how much? It's not a question of money.
You're out of line.
Well… I know, but… They don't know the truth… Besides, there are too many people around.
I'll teach them the truth! Don't… Even if they try to confirm the truth about Itachi with their superiors, the Leaf's elders will deny it vehemently.
Even the current Hokage doesn't know the facts.
Furthermore… Itachi did slaughter the Uchiha, and he joined the Akatsuki on the pretense of attacking the Hidden Leaf.
No one will believe the truth… Look how long it took you.
For bastards like them… For these bastards who easily brand him a traitor… my brother… This is exactly what Itachi wanted.
If you don't like it, what is it that you want? We're not the same.
My Leaf Destruction is mine alone! I understand very well why Itachi chose that life.
I was just like him… It was nice being found by a Leaf Shinobi, but because my background was a mystery, I was raised to be a spy.
In order to become someone who could be trusted, Medical Ninjutsu was drilled into me.
I went from village to village spying… I pretended to be someone else, living a life of lies.
With no place for the real me.
I had no friends who knew the real me.
I continued to work on suppressing myself.
And around the time I stopped knowing who I even was anymore… the Hidden Leaf Village stopped trusting me and I was relieved of my mission.
Both Itachi and I worked for the good of the Leaf Village, but in return, all we got was dishonor and disgrace! What in the world has the Leaf Village ever done for us? How Itachi lived is what led to the creation of the current you.
And though I am still alive, something similar to you was born from me too.
No one understands you better than I.
Thus, I will be your big brother and stick by your side.
Now…join me… Don't listen to him, Sasuke.
He was an even better spy than I was.
Which means, he's even better than me at lying.
And… No matter what darkness or contradictions lie within the village, I am still Itachi Uchiha of the Leaf! Sasuke… It's my fault you're like this right now.
I know I have no right to advise you in any way.
But I hope you'll hear me out because I have to tell you something.
But first, let's take care of business… and stop this guy.
You cannot kill me as long as I am the user of the Reanimation Jutsu.
And I can instantly recover from any injury you inflict.
It's meaningless.
I shut down my eyesight.
So the much-touted genjutsu of your Visual Prowess won't work on me… You brothers can't beat me! Because I cast it, this Reanimation Jutsu is invincible! It's a pain listening to him.
But he explained the situation perfectly.
I don't need you to tell me that.
So…what should we do? He doesn't know the true power of the Uchiha.
The Uchiha have a Visual Jutsu that can be used on an opponent without eyesight… In exchange for losing the light in one's eyes.
Izanagi…? You know about Izanagi? Danzo used it when I fought him.
You're lucky to be alive.
Never mind about that… How do we use Izanagi? I'm not talking about Izanagi.
Another Forbidden Jutsu that is considered its other half.
Another?! I've already laid the plan.
An Ultimate Visual Jutsu that holds his fate within its grasp.
Izanami! Izanami?! If Izanagi is a jutsu that changes one's fate, then Izanami is a jutsu that decides it! Sasuke… Do not leave my side.
A jutsu that decides one's fate? So there's another jutsu similar to Izanagi?! I don't know what you're up to… but nothing will work against me.
It seems you still don't understand just who I am! Sage Art… Inorganic Animation! Itachi! This jutsu brings the lifeless to life and allows me to control them.
It's different from a jutsu that simply manipulates with chakra… A bit extreme, don't you think? Protecting Sasuke with your Susano'o slowed you down.
Well, don't worry.
I would never harm Sasuke.
He's my precious test subject.
Now then… Time to rewrite your mind with this.
You know what will happen, right? Amaterasu! So… The Ultimate Visual Jutsu offensive attack is also the Ultimate Defense… It's so hot, the limestone cave went back to being just a cave.
I'm sorry…Sasuke… Sorry, but this is my win.
I am so near the point where I can achieve and control everything… I can't imagine myself failing.
All the laws and principles of nature, which Lord Orochimaru researched and compiled for so long… are now stored and being used inside of me.
I have evolved from human to snake to dragon.
I am the closest thing in this world to the Sage of Six Paths.
Compared to me, the Uchiha are… Shut up! What would you know… about the Uchiha?! Listen…! Kabuto… When I look at you, it's like looking at my former self.
And that is why you will lose… Listen… I'm not on the sidelines anymore.
You could say I'm a central figure in this war! I had the Akatsuki twisted around my little finger, and manipulated this war to my advantage… and I even pushed the Uchiha brothers into a corner.
I hate you, but I understand you.
We were both spies who lived false lives in this world.
I didn't know who I really was at one point either.
I finally understand that to know oneself is not to achieve everything and become perfect.
It's knowing what you can and cannot do.
Sounds like the words of a loser.
Acknowledging what you cannot do… Isn't that the same as giving up? No.
It is to be able to forgive oneself for the things one cannot do by themselves.
You can't do everything yourself.
That's why you have comrades who can help you.
And it also makes sure that you don't miss the things that you can still accomplish.
If you want to know who you are… You must reexamine and acknowledge your true self.
I failed to do that.
I lied to everyone and I lied to myself… and I deluded myself.
Those who cannot acknowledge themselves will fail… Just like I did.
And what would you two really know about me? I have been pursuing who and what I am in my own way.
My whole life… I bet he's from that city… Where that recent battle was! What'll we do, Sis? He's bleeding from the head.
He's gonna die soon.
Are you gonna take him? Urushi… His injuries are less severe than yours were.
Don't worry.
I may not look it, but I know some Medical Ninjutsu.
Where are your parents? What's your name? Man… Don't you understand anything?! Urushi, lend him your shoulder.
You're lucky, kid! Come on, grab my shoulder! That's my first memory… I was a nobody and had nothing from the very beginning.
I didn't know my parents… I didn't even know my name.
Your wound seems to be healing nicely.
Hey, at least say, "thank you"! Don't you have any manners?! Hey, we don't want anything to happen to you again, so put this on! You don't have manners, you don't have parents… you don't even know your name.
That's a first for me! You'll be living here with us now.
In other words, I am your mother, starting now.
You can always ask me for whatever you need.
It's inconvenient that he doesn't have a name… You're right… What would be a good name? How about… "Kabuto" like the helmet? – Sounds simple.
– That was quick.
You called it by just how he looks.
It's best not to overthink things.
– I'll think of something.
– Not you! What would be a good name? Hey, he smiled! I think he likes that name! Oh good… At least say, "thank you"! Don't you have any manners?! Hmm… What to do…? We can't get by with just subsistence aid from the village or nation anymore.
We have to talk to them once more! Neither the village nor the nation will give us a cent more.
But we're barely scraping by.
And we just took another one in… I understand.
I'll do something about it, so… Oww! What are you doing at this hour?! You should be in bed! He just got here and doesn't know about our curfews and rules! Please give him another chance! You're too indulgent, Mother.
Come here and look at the clock! It's already 20 minutes past lights-out time! Which makes lights-out what time? Let's learn it right now! Well, what time is it? You must learn it yourself! He's still young.
He doesn't know arithmetic or how to tell time.
Let's just call it a night.
That's correct.
It seems it was just bad vision! He's smart for his age! We must get him glasses! Huh? And where are we going to get money for that? Goodness! If you can't see, you should just speak up.
From now, you'll be able to be on time.
I just hope the lenses are right for you.
Thank…you… My name is symbolic.
My eyeglasses, a tool… Thank you… From the very beginning, – I was a nobody… – Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… That's enough.
From the very beginning… I had… nothing.
Mother…didn't know me.
Why? Why didn't she know me? If she doesn't know me, then who am I? What were all those things I received from Mother? My name, that I was one of Mother's children, even these glasses… Who am I? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Kabuto Yakushi" It seems you no longer see yourself clearly… KABUTO YAKUSHI Tune in again!