Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e16 Episode Script

Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi If you want to know who you are… You must re-examine and acknowledge your true self.
Those who cannot acknowledge themselves will fail… Just like I did.
I was nobody… and had nothing from the very beginning.
Kabuto, are you able to keep going? Yes, Mother! I know it's for the sake of the orphanage, but why do we have to help shinobi like them? Doing nothing doesn't bring in money… Urushi, could you get more bandages? Yeah, sure! You're not a shinobi, but you're quite skilled at Medical Ninjutsu… Mother taught me.
You said your name was Kabuto? Why don't you become a shinobi? You'd make a good one… I'm sure of it.
I'm not interested in that.
I just want to help raise money for the orphanage and help Mother there.
She's done so much for me… but I've only been able to repay her with a pair of eyeglasses… Really? What a shame.
You were known as the Wandering Nun, and now you're just a babysitter.
It's been a while since I last saw you, but you're looking a little tired, Nonou.
I cast aside that name long ago.
Talks with the Leaf for monetary aid were concluded.
So why are you here now? It seems the Espionage Unit's former top spy stopped knowing things after she left the Foundation.
We did not come here only in regard to the aid money.
In this time of war, we have obtained intel that the Hidden Stone are plotting some sort of large-scale operation.
We want you to infiltrate the Hidden Stone and verify the validity of this intel.
And if it does turn out to be true, you are to investigate what this operation entails and where it will occur and report back to us.
This will likely be a long-term mission.
Then you've come to the wrong person.
I'm no longer… You people don't understand just how essential Mother is to this orphanage and to the children! She has done her utmost to protect this orphanage.
Such a dangerous task! You Foundation people ought to do it yourselves.
Why must you come and bother her? The Wandering Nun is the only one we can entrust this long-term mission to.
Currently, no one in the Foundation has her espionage skills.
Most would likely break or end up switching allegiances.
I know that she's a Kunoichi who would never sell out the Hidden Leaf… From that expression, I can tell you've already guessed it, Nonou.
Yes, if you refuse, this clinic will stop receiving funding.
That's not fair! This was already settled with the Third Hokage! You cannot do this! This orphanage looks easy to break into and rob… You should hire bodyguards to prevent robbers from stealing your money.
That is, if you can afford any.
While you're at it, take care that your children don't get snatched either.
Children with no past or family are worth something.
You're all rotten! How dare you call yourselves shinobi?! You're the ones who don't understand! It's a small price to pay to protect the Hidden Leaf! I understand.
Wait, Mother…! It's come to this because you couldn't kill your emotions.
You weren't suited for the Foundation, after all.
How dare you…! Also, I've already lost a subordinate obtaining this intel… I'll be taking one of the children here to take his place.
How far will you go? I said I'd accept the mission! This is a separate matter.
Your mission shall cover subsequent payments.
But this current one is in exchange for the child.
Some children actually wish to become a Leaf Shinobi, after all.
You should ask them to choose for themselves.
There may just be one such child.
Why, Kabuto? I think I'm suited to be a ninja.
Besides, I want to hone my Medical Ninjutsu.
Kabuto! You're just going to throw away the three years you spent with us?! Come back here! Have you forgotten the house rules, everyone? It's way past lights-out.
It's no use.
I'm surrounded.
If I hadn't messed up, I'd be in bed by now.
It's been five years since I left the orphanage.
I wish I could've seen Mother and everyone else one last time… Mother! No! Why are you here? We want you to infiltrate the Hidden Stone… The Wandering Nun is the only one we can entrust this long-term mission to.
Don't tell me…you were still on that last mission?! Why are you healing my wounds? Who are you…? It's me, Mother! It's Kabuto! Don't worry, I'll save you.
Who…are you…? This way! Damn it! Nanigashi's been killed! Mother didn't know me? Why? Why didn't she remember me? Why? If she doesn't remember me, then who was I all this time? What were all those things I received from Mother? My name, that I was one of Mother's children, even these glasses… Who… are you? This isn't me… This isn't the real me… It seems you no longer see yourself clearly.
You've become a fine shinobi.
I remember you…Kabuto.
A-Aren't you…?! I've been watching you this whole time.
Along with Nonou.
Come with me.
Then I'll tell you everything you want to know.
What I want to know? What does that mean? Why Mother targeted you… and why she didn't remember you at all.
Don't you want to know…all that? This is my hideout.
No one knows about it.
Which means you are my very first visitor.
Why did you bring me here?! What are you going to do with me? You are becoming more and more curious.
That's a good thing.
People can never escape their curiosity.
Which is why you followed me here.
Then tell me quickly! You know what I want to know, don't you? To be frank, the Foundation had decided to dispose of both you and Mother.
What do you mean?! You both were too brilliant as spies.
You ended up knowing too much.
What?! We risked our lives for so long, gathering intel for the sake of the village… And this is what we get? At times, intel becomes even more powerful than the mightiest jutsu or weapon.
You are seen as a very dangerous person right now.
Well, your fate had been decided from the very beginning… It was in the scenario for you to kill each other in a mutual strike.
Right after you left the orphanage, Danzo revealed to Mother the real reason why you had left.
That you sacrificed yourself and joined the Foundation for money for the orphanage.
Mother wished to liberate you from the Foundation.
As a condition of accepting her wish, Danzo ordered the assassination of a certain person several years ago.
Ironically… The target of the assassination… was you.
I thought it was the condition for my release! Why didn't Mother realize it was me?! I told you… The Foundation intended for the two of you to take each other out.
And there was other trickery afoot.
Trickery? You and Mother were sent into separate enemy territories so that you two would never meet, and Mother was kept informed of your well-being and progress through photos.
The photos of you were skillfully replaced with those of another without her noticing it.
Over time, Mother was made to think someone else was you.
Gradual brainwashing.
A common practice used by the Foundation.
That's the other Kabuto.
And so, Nonou tried to kill you, never in her wildest dreams imagining that you were Kabuto… She thought you were a double agent who betrayed the village.
And the Foundation dispatched you to deal with whoever was left… Is that it? For someone who knows nothing about himself… You're very perceptive.
I always wanted… an explanation about who I was! And I thought I had finally found it! But thanks to you Foundation bastards, I've lost myself again! These glasses were what linked me to Mother! The name she gave me was mine and mine alone! Mother was supposed to be the parent that didn't forget me, no matter what! But everything's wrong! Then who in the world… am I?! You merely lack sufficient intel with which to define yourself.
It's just that neither the glasses, your name, nor the fact that you're her child were things that denote who you really are.
And that's fine.
If you're not satisfied with what you've had so far… Just find other things and add them onto yourself, one by one.
If you plan on killing me… why are you telling me all this? I also want to know who or what I am.
And I've been collecting all sorts of things.
I repeatedly experiment on and inspect these many things I've collected a little at a time… and store the gained knowledge and abilities within myself.
And then, I undergo rebirth, ever evolving toward a more perfect me.
Afterward, I again obtain even newer items.
This time… it's you.
There's no way you couldn't derive who you are and what you are by gathering all the intel and things that exist in this world.
Why am I one of those things to you? Because I recognize your talent more than anyone else in this world.
It would be a waste to kill you.
Besides, this medical research facility was prepared just for you.
What are you plotting? Instead of the Foundation which erases individuality… I will create an organization that guides individuality.
I will create a village.
The Village of the Hidden Sound… that does not belong to any nation.
From this moment, you and I will desert the Hidden Leaf's Foundation.
From this moment, I shall be your superior, your brother, and your parent.
I will protect you from Danzo.
From this moment, this will be your new personal history: When you were very young, you were found and raised by a Medical Corps Captain following the Battle at Kikyo Pass.
After returning to work under Danzo, Nonou Yakushi kept her cover as a captain of the Medical Unit… and you shall be reborn today as her son, Kabuto Yakushi.
I am Orochimaru.
If you want to know who and what you are… Come…be by my side.
There's another organization I want to look into… Please leave it to me.
What is this organization? The Akatsuki.
Bring me Orochimaru's human experimentation data and any intel on the Reanimation Jutsu.
Understood, Lord Sasori.
You are useful.
You can erase your sound, your scent, even yourself.
You're just like one of my puppets.
If you're not satisfied with what you've had so far… Just find other things… and add them onto yourself, one by one.
It's still…not enough… This is…still not me…! Are you sure we can't kill him? We're stuck playing catch-up! I told you no! He controls the battlefield right now.
Be patient.
Is the Izanami still not ready? He's about to come after us! I'm already on him.
It's just going to take a little more time.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Izanami Activated" I've shut off my vision, so genjutsu won't work on me! THE IZANAMI ACTIVATED Tune in again!