Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e17 Episode Script

The Izanami Activated

I had nothing… This is still not enough… This is still not me! That's why… I've kept adding onto myself.
That's why I don't need your lectures.
I need your abilities and intel.
Not only are you a Leaf Shinobi, you're of the famed Uchiha bloodline.
You possess the Sharingan that has awakened the Mangekyo… You bore many secrets and stopped a war… You had many jutsu and much power.
Itachi, you possessed many things that made you who you are.
There is no finer Reanimation out there of mine than you.
And my pawns are part of my power! You exaggerate… The reality is, I failed.
No, even though I mocked the Uchiha name in front of you earlier, I'm still quite envious of that name.
The Uchiha name merely identifies one's bloodline and clan membership.
So it's meaningless for you to claim it.
I was nobody.
I had nothing.
I bet he's from that city… where that recent battle was! Where are your parents? Don't worry.
I may not look it, but I know some Medical Ninjutsu.
How about…Kabuto? Sounds simple.
That was quick.
You called it by just how he looks.
It's best not to overthink things.
Until I was given a name… and a place to call home… Claiming a name is meaningless? No… It does hold meaning.
Are you sure we can't kill him? We're stuck playing catch-up! I told you no! He controls the battlefield right now.
Be patient.
Is the Izanami still not ready? He's about to come after us! I'm already on him.
It's just going to take a little more time.
Lord Orochimaru said thusly… Sakon! Demon Twin Jutsu! Jirobo! Earth Style: Terra Shield! "If you want to know who and what you are, "all you need to do is gather every single thing "and piece of information that exists in this world!" Kidomaru! Spiral Web! These threads can't be cut with a blade! – Amaterasu! – Amaterasu! Kimimaro! Macabre Bone Pulse! Bracken Dance! He's laid down the spider silk all the way to the back.
I'll get the one behind us! Take the front, Brother! Can you still use the Susano'o? Inferno Style! Flame Control! Running away to the back? Well, it's no use! Tayuya! Demon Flute: Chains of Fantasia! Are you okay, Sasu—?! A genjutsu, huh? Even your specialty, Susano'o, cannot stifle sound… I knew it… Now you're immobilized.
All that's left is… to take you into me using Lord Orochimaru! The Izanami Activated Well, Sasuke… Do you recognize this current form of mine? That's…! Thanks to you, I was finally able to take Lord Orochimaru into my body after you killed him! Yes, this is my true form… Remember, I said that all the laws and principles of Nature, which Lord Orochimaru researched and compiled for so long… are now stored and being used inside of me.
The only thing that was missing… was Lord Orochimaru himself! Now, I have him inside me! I can't thank you enough, Sasuke! Kabuto… You are not Orochimaru.
It's fine to imitate someone you respect… But don't remake yourself into him, to that extent.
The majority of people start out by mimicking someone.
Like how Sasuke mimicked you.
Wow, Brother! You nailed every target, even the one in the blind spot behind the rock! All right, my turn! Sasuke! It's time to go.
You said that you would teach me a new shuriken jutsu.
I have an important mission tomorrow that I must prepare for.
You're a liar… Sorry, Sasuke.
– Maybe some other time.
– Ow! Big Brother, watch this! Hey! Don't be reckless… Keep at it and become great like your brother.
Father… I… I wanted you to say that you were proud of me.
Such behavior is merely a process to help one mature! Don't use it as a cloak to deceive yourself, like you've done! You gain nothing when you attach your self-value to something external that's admirable and praiseworthy to you.
I'll say this one last time.
Don't mislead yourself with lies.
Those who cannot acknowledge themselves will invariably fail.
Fail? The way I am now? How?! Sasuke… Look into my eyes! I understand! Genjutsu… Sharingan! Tsukuyomi! I shall now engage the Izanami.
You have already…failed.
Is it over? A genius that had everything would never understand… I just want to be who and what I am! I won't let anyone stop me.
Sa…suke… Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu! Water Style: Giant Waterfall! The same moves.
As expected… It makes it easy for me to counter.
I already told you that as long as I have my power of recovery, wounding me is meaningless.
Since I shut off my vision, genjutsu won't work on me.
You have no chance of winning.
Your fate is already in my hands.
Thanks to the Uchiha's other Forbidden Jutsu.
That is… Well then… Shall we put that to the test?! …the Izanami! Sasuke, do not leave my side.
Why this is just like déjà vu.
I'm bored… Let's end this fight already.
Your fate may be in my hands now… but you're the only one who can truly decide how that fate shapes your destiny.
Remember what I've told you.
And think hard.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Enough of your word games.
I will have everything… I am the strongest of all! That is fact! He who forgives oneself, who can acknowledge one's true self… is the most powerful of all! Losers… should be quiet! This is… What's…going on? Why? That horn's already been cut off! How? I have no sight… I should be invulnerable to genjutsu.
But this is clearly a…! What did you do to me?! You're in my Visual Jutsu.
Impossible! It's the Izanami! How…? No matter.
No one can stop me! There's nothing I can't do! I told you… I hold your fate in my hands.
Itachi Uchiha! If this is a genjutsu… Release! Calm down… This is an Uchiha Genjutsu.
Moreover, Itachi cast it, so it won't be easy to undo.
But there are many ways to undo a genjutsu! It's useless.
Recall my words to you.
Sure! I'll copy the same trick you two used! Tayuya! Demon Flute: Chains of Fantasia! This will switch from Itachi's control over genjutsu to Tayuya's control.
Then, I'll do this! Sage Art… Inorganic Animation! This area is under my control! I'll retreat for now… Damn it! Don't mess with me! He cannot escape this samsara, this loop.
This is the other Forbidden Jutsu… the companion to Izanagi.
The jutsu that decides one's fate… This is the Izanami.
Tailed Beast Counting Song! All right, here we go! One, "sleep is better than humans," says Shukaku ONE TAIL SHUKAKU / GAARA One, "sleep is better than humans," says Shukaku Two, burning in fire, Matatabi TWO TAILS MATATABI / YUGITO NI'I Two, burning in fire, Matatabi Three, leave the water to Isobu THREE TAILS ISOBU / YAGURA Three, leave the water to Isobu Four, hot as lava, Son Goku FOUR TAILS SON GOKU / ROSHI Four, hot as lava, Son Goku Five, always on the run, Kokuo FIVE TAILS KOKUO / HAN Five, always on the run, Kokuo Six, taking it easy and not in a hurry, Saiken SIX TAILS SAIKEN / UTAKATA Six, taking it easy and not in a hurry, Saiken Seven, the flying leaf insect, Chomei SEVEN TAILS CHOMEI / FUU Seven, the flying leaf insect, Chomei Eight, "Yeah!" is all it needs, Gyuki EIGHT TAILS GYUKI / KILLER BEE Eight, "Yeah!" is all it needs, Gyuki Nine, "ko-kon" cries the mighty Kurama NINE TAILS KURAMA / NARUTO UZUMAKI Nine, "ko-kon" cries the mighty Kurama All the Tailed Beasts have finally come together They're a little hard, but they're nice names They're all splendid names They're all wonderful names Next up, the Jinchuriki! Here we go! GAARA One, with terrible bags under his eyes, Gaara YUGITO NI'I Two, with a silky voice like a cat, Yugito YAGURA Three, the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura ROSHI Four, together for forty years, Four Tails and Roshi HAN Five, tough and powerful, Han UTAKATA Six, reserved and dressed in a kimono, Utakata FUU Seven, the heart-warming kunoichi, Fuu KILLER BEE Eight, he's got crazy rap skills, Killer Bee NARUTO UZUMAKI Nine, the Leaf's Naruto Uzumaki All the powerful Jinchuriki have finally come together Can they become friends with the Tailed Beasts? They're all splendid shinobi They're all wonderful shinobi So Kabuto's trapped in your loop now? The Izanami is a jutsu meant for stopping the Izanagi.
There's an escape route built into the loop.
What does that mean? What I'm going to tell you now is a part of the Uchiha's history, of how the companion to the Izanagi, the Izanami came to be.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Izanagi and Izanami" The Uchiha Clan, and their history of conflict.
Tune in again!