Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e18 Episode Script

Izanagi and Izanami

It makes it easier to cast my real Visual Genjutsu on him by keeping him trapped in a small loop like this.
So Kabuto's trapped in your loop now? And that's the Izanami? When did you cast it? The first time Kabuto stabbed me with that blade.
Back then, huh? But how? You mentioned a Visual Jutsu that is possible without sight.
How can Visual Jutsu work without eyesight? Izanami is a Visual Jutsu that works with the physical senses of both yourself and your opponents.
The physical senses of two people? As you are battling your opponent, you take a record, like a photograph, of the physical senses that both you and your opponent are feeling during that instant, with your Visual Jutsu.
We'll call that A.
As time progresses, you find "B" is a more important moment, then you record "C" and so on with Sharingan.
Then you recreate those exact physical senses.
So you're using your powers to create an exact copy of A.
We'll call this A'.
FLOW OF TIME By overlaying and connecting A to A', FLOW OF TIME the Izanami also links a path for B' and C' FLOW OF TIME to create fluctuations within a fixed time.
In other words, it's the power to create an infinite loop.
Naturally, all in exchange for one's own sight of course, exactly like Izanagi.
So Kabuto's consciousness is trapped inside fighting a phantom you and a phantom me for all eternity.
There is an escape route built into the jutsu.
The Izanami was developed to admonish and save an Izanagi user.
What does that mean? You know a little about the Izanagi already.
It's called the perfect Uchiha Visual Jutsu designed to change destiny.
If something does not go the way you want it to, you can just erase that outcome and start all over.
Ultimately, you can pick and choose the most desirable end result.
What I'm about to tell you now is the story of the Uchiha's Izanami, and how it came to be.
I want you to know this too.
The Uchiha's Izanami… the story of its creation? Izanagi and Izanami Long ago, there was a great battle that the Uchiha Clan could not afford to lose.
The Izanagi tuned out to be invaluable.
Go! Damn it! They had set a trap! What?! Die! As long as we have the Izanagi, we can't lose! However… There's a bigger risk than just blindness to a jutsu that allows the casters to choose their own ending.
Most who used this overly powerful Visual Jutsu could not handle it and abused their power.
It was fine, as long as there was only one user of the Izanagi.
However, when two or more used it, there was a scramble within the Uchiha Clan to see who could get the best result.
You are not the only one who can use Izanagi! I don't like you bossing us around! But I'm the one who accomplished it! In the shinobi world, results count for everything! Well then… I shall rewrite that result… with my Izanagi! You're only talk.
I shall rule the Uchiha… no, the entire shinobi world… with my Izanagi! I'll take over your wish… with my Izanagi! What was created in order to stop this inter-clan rivalry over the Izanagi… is the Izanami.
Normal vision-based genjutsu is powerless against Visual Prowess… If you intend to oppose me too, I have no choice.
There has to be a way to settle this without fighting.
My hands are already stained with blood.
As if I'm going to stop! You don't know yourself! You don't know your own true strength! Oh, shut up! It's not too late to turn back right now! If you have the will, take my hand! I won't be fooled! If you still refuse to listen, I'm prepared as well.
Sneaking up behind me, nice work! But as long as I have Izanagi, you cannot beat me! It's over for you! I don't believe this! My right eye… I should have gone blind with the Izanagi! The Izanagi that you depend on so much will not protect you.
Shut up! N-Not… Not yet! In the first place, reality is a product of chance that we call fate.
We can't predict it.
But Izanagi can twist around an inconvenient reality and lead it to a new fate.
REALITY At a whim, IZANAGI ACTIVATED the user can change the original reality into a new one.
NEW REALITY IZANAGI ACTIVATED the user can change the original reality into a new one.
ANOTHER REALITY IZANAGI ACTIVATED To the enemy, a fallen opponent will revive, so it's an intolerable jutsu.
IZANAMI ACTIVATED The Izanami is set up to take someone who is using the Izanagi IZANAMI ACTIVATED to change the outcome to benefit oneself, IZANAMI ACTIVATED and cause them to endlessly circle around in a loop.
I believed that Izanagi was the ultimate Visual Jutsu.
But that means the Izanami is a far superior Visual Jutsu.
Izanami forms a loop around the physical sensation of Izanagi twisting reality.
The Izanami is a jutsu meant for stopping the Izanagi.
There's an escape route built into the loop.
Originally, it was a jutsu to save Uchiha comrades from arrogance and negligence.
It's to stop you from taking the easy way out with jutsu.
Why?! There's no destiny that Izanagi cannot change! Accept the things you've done, and take hold of the future that awaits you! There's no way I can be forgiven for the blood on my hands.
Still… Take hold of it! I won't rely on Izanagi anymore.
I'll accept reality and move forward… IZANAMI ACTIVATED Once one accepts the original outcome and stops trying to run from it, REALITY the loop will stop.
This jutsu guides you toward accepting your fate, instead of relying on jutsu to change it.
But a jutsu that has an escape is too dangerous to use in actual combat.
That's why Izanami is a Forbidden Jutsu.
If Kabuto stops trying to transform himself, he can stop the loop.
The strife-filled history of the Uchiha… The arrogance and recklessness of those who used Izanagi… and how they clashed and were stopped by Izanami… I understand now why both Izanagi and Izanami came to be Forbidden Jutsu.
And I see how one must learn from the past and accept one's fate and move on.
But… But why bother casting this on Kabuto? If there's a way to escape… He reminds me of the old me.
He thinks by acquiring all there is, he can accomplish whatever he wants.
He makes himself believe that he can't fail, and lies to himself.
I stopped listening to anyone else.
I stopped trusting anyone.
In Kabuto's case, he is so deluded that he thinks all these powers are his and his alone.
I empathize with him.
We were both used by the shinobi world… He can neither forgive himself nor accept himself for what he truly is.
What he is doing is certainly wrong.
But he's not completely to blame for not being able to realize that.
My chance has passed, but he can still forgive himself before he dies.
Why would you ever feel like you need to help him do that? He is not like you.
You were perfect! Sasuke… I tried to control you with the Visual Jutsu called Koto Amatsukami.
I treated you like a child because I thought you needed my protection.
I didn't trust your strength.
It may be that a perfect being does not exist at all in the world.
Sometimes two who seem to be opposites are actually two sides of the same coin.
They can only succeed when they actually work together.
Like the Izanagi and Izanami.
Look at me, and find in yourself what I was unable to find in myself.
Do not say I was perfect.
First of all… Impossible! I will be a perfect being! This is…not me! How long will you imitate Orochimaru? If you want to exit this loop, reexamine your mistakes! Shut up! I know he's going to come at me with a Fire Style Jutsu.
Water Style… Water Dragon… Water Style… Water Dragon Missile! He anticipated that jutsu with Sharingan! How did I get this wrong? Where did I… make a mistake? All I ever wanted was someone… to appreciate… who I was! All I wanted was to be acknowledged! Where is the mistake in that?! First of all… you had to accept yourself as you were.
Then you wouldn't have had to lie to anyone.
To you…or to me.
If you lie to yourself, how can you have friends? How can you trust or be trustworthy? Lies will keep you from ever seeing your true self.
If I wasn't trapped here… I'd have won this war by now.
I'd be sleeping by now.
Damn you, Itachi! It's 9 o'clock already? Something wrong? No… I just wish we could wrap this up quickly so I could get a good night's sleep.
They never tell us lackeys what's going on.
That's true.
So, what are you gonna do when this war is over? Well, I'll start by going home.
If the war ends and the Five Great Nations continue to be allies… then maybe my little brother who's been on a mission for a long time, can finally come home.
I envy those who have a home to return to… You want to come with me? Huh? My home is an orphanage.
And if my kid brother's back, he can take a look at your wounds.
I appreciate that, Urushi! I really hope you come back this time… Kabuto.
I'll stop the Reanimation Jutsu now.
And…all the reanimated dead will fade away.
That should end the war.
But… you'll be gone too, Brother.
I'll have protected my village as Itachi Uchiha of the Leaf once again.
I have no more regrets.
Why?! Why help the very village that put you where you are now? You may be able to forgive, but I cannot! You have no more regrets? What about what you've made me become?! I leave Sasuke to you.
I tried to do everything myself… and I failed.
This time… I will leave it to my comrades.
I'm not the one who can change you, Sasuke.
But I can stop this jutsu.
That will fulfill my promise to Naruto, at least.
I will stop the Reanimation Jutsu! Tell me the signs! Tsukuyomi! I kept my promise.
I leave the rest to you…Naruto.
I hate the Leaf Village for causing you so much pain! I hate it more than ever! It's because I'm your brother that, no matter what you say, you're not going to stop me! Even if you protect the village now, I will still destroy it some day.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "I Will Love You Always" Good bye…Big Brother.