Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e20 Episode Script

Reanimation Jutsu: Release!

Reanimation Jutsu: Release!" All right! We've cornered him! Just when I thought I regained consciousness, this happens… What's that?! You're strong, after all… Pakura Sensei.
Maki…? Pakura Sensei?! Let me out! I've had it! I'm completely fed up! I'm gonna explode, hmm! You okay with that, huh? We got you sealed with the Lightning Style, especially so you can't explode.
So shut your trap! You dud! There are no such things as duds in art! Huh?! No way, an explosion?! What is it?! What is this? Yeah.
Looks like someone succeeded.
Naruto! The Jinchuriki are gonna quit it! Looks like Itachi did it! Thanks, Itachi! But this battle ain't going anywhere! No time to waste! Let's go! Tell Ohnoki… He must secure the future of the Allied Shinobi Forces… Only then can he come and tell me all about it… Just what the hell is going on? I get it… The bookworm's been taken down…hmm.
It was a dud.
Don't scare us like that.
It wasn't a dud! Art is… indestructible! Scaring us like that… Granny Chiyo! Looks like I'm free of the cursed spell.
Pakura Sensei! Maki, do not die in vain! Sensei… You all have a future… Looks like I can finally die… Granny Chiyo! Kankuro… I entrust you with the techniques of the Puppet Master.
I accept and will take it over… Granny Chiyo.
No need to play possum anymore! As expected, I can control my body freely now.
Choza, please undo the barrier.
It's safe now.
It seems that way… Everyone, there's no need for the barrier.
Right! Choza, forgive me.
Those signs are for the Ghost Transformation Jutsu, aren't they? I understand.
Please hurry to Lady Tsunade's side! This jutsu has killed so many shinobi… I couldn't have imagined that it would come in handy like this! Ghost Transformation Jutsu! Just as I thought! Souls ascending after being released from the Reanimation Jutsu can be controlled with this jutsu too.
But it doesn't seem like you have much time.
Please hurry! Farewell, Choza! Thank you for everything! Amazing… He flew off like a ghost! Just what is the Ghost Transformation Jutsu? It allows one to become a living ghost that can span long distances to kill a foe… Originally, that is.
Tsunade… Reform is necessary for the future of our village.
In order to keep the lives sacrificed… to a minimum.
You're right.
Help me, Tsunade.
If I can be of help to you… I need you.
Dan… Let's make our dreams come true! Our dreams as shinobi.
What's going on? Reanimation chakra is fading steadily! We have reports coming in from each battlefield.
The reanimated are turning into souls.
Even the sealed ones, even ones still fighting! The only way to explain the situation is that… the Reanimation has been released… There's no mistake.
The Reanimation Jutsu has been released! All right! Relay this news to every company! Reporting from Headquarters.
The Reanimation has been released.
The Reanimation Jutsu has been undone! Amazing! They're all disappearing! But… Which company managed to do this? You don't ever have to forgive me.
And no matter what you do from here on out… I will love you always.
I… Yugito… Yagura… Han… Utakata… Fuu… Old Man Beard! Just leave it to us! They're gone.
Then this means the other battles are… Curse Kabuto, he's failed.
Hey, what are you looking at?! You're fighting me! As well as the Green Beast! Looks like the Reanimation has been released.
And… what of it? What is…that light? The Susano'o is gone and now… the debris from the Reanimation is in a fierce whirlwind.
Without a doubt, this means… The Reanimation has been released.
What?! We haven't located Kabuto yet.
It's too soon! Even if Kabuto was found, to be able to stop this jutsu…? Who could have done this? It doesn't matter! Whoever did it is a hero who's saved the Shinobi World! The heavens haven't forsaken us yet! It appears you have able shinobi on your side too.
It can't be helped… He was prepared for this? Not yet! He's planning a final strike before he disappears! Watch out! Fire Style: Dragon Flame Caterwaul! Water Style… No… It won't make it in time! Lady Hokage! I'm all right! The 100 Healings Jutsu has worn off! But… we've won… Damn! What was that?! I thought she completely lost consciousness! I couldn't move anymore… So how? It's been a long time…Tsunade.
It's me, Dan.
Dan… How are you here?! The Reanimation has been undone.
And I flew over here with my Ghost Transformation Jutsu.
But that was a close one! Dan… You haven't changed at all…Tsunade.
Dan… I have always honored your… There's no time to wallow in sentimentalities.
I have to go.
But… Fighting and losing precious people… is not all there is to being a shinobi.
I love this village and my comrades.
So I want to protect them.
A person that protects everyone… Becoming the Hokage is my dream.
Dan! I ran from my memories of you for a long time, after your death.
But I've changed! And now… I can confirm with you what all your regrets and the things you wanted to do were! I've become the Hokage! But… Thank you, Tsunade.
You are fulfilling my dreams for me just fine.
I really caused you a lot of pain.
I'm sorry.
I'll be waiting for you on the other side.
But don't come too quickly, okay? For you yourself are my dream.
I was able to protect you at the end… It appears a little bit of good did come from being reanimated.
Hokage, are you all right?! Your vitality has returned.
And you received chakra? I got to see an old friend for just a little while… Well, you'll meet again right away.
What? What's going on anyway? Madara's chakra which had begun to separate from his body is now clinging firmly to it.
Is he back to his original state? Why? Why won't he disappear?! I thought the Reanimation was undone! Reanimation is a jutsu that summons the dead.
However, there is one risk… As long as one knows the signs, the reanimated dead can rescind the Reanimation Contract from their end.
Rescind the contract?! When that happens, you end up with the biggest problem of all.
An immortal body with infinite chakra… that can move without control.
Impossible! Tell the jutsu caster… Never use a Forbidden Jutsu carelessly.
Reanimation, release! What is a clan? What is a village? What is…a shinobi? What am I? Found you! You guys…? What're you doing here? Stopping the Reanimation.
You've always been like that.
You never explain things to people.
Well, it's been awhile since we saw you, so you'd better tell us! What? Huh? Kabuto was using the Reanimation.
How… How can that be…? Your ridiculously juvenile jutsu can't hold me.
You should know that after fighting me, right? Now then… The Perfect Susano'o… Everyone who sees it dies… or so they say.
I'm almost embarrassed to have to do this again.
I already used it once… My interest has waned, thanks to the interference.
Perhaps I ought to go retrieve Nine Tails instead.
What? Let us deal with this Madara! I swear we shall finish him off! So relax and leave him to us! Lord Tsuchikage! We cannot stop him.
We still have to fight! We must stop him here! So sad… Lightning Cable! Guy! Right! Take this! Pinky Attack! Heh! You don't look too happy! What's that supposed to mean? Since you're hiding your face, I can only guess.
If you feel insulted, take off that mask and show us how composed you are! Stupid! Nice going, Naruto! I told him not to rile up his opponent.
Well… It seems I have no choice but to use it.
What is that?! A giant gourd and a bottle… Frankly, I wanted to revive this when the conditions were perfect.
It's only a fragment, but it's not lacking in power.
It's taking too long.
It's time! We found something incredible in one of the hideouts.
Take a look at this! This is it! Someone who is all-knowing.
I have to meet up with someone.
I'm leaving.
Huh? Who? Orochimaru.
What are you talking about? You killed Orochimaru! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Orochimaru's Return" Don't underestimate Orochimaru.