Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e21 Episode Script

Orochimaru's Return

Orochimaru's Return This is Kabuto? He's kind of gross, huh? This one coming out of his gut looks like a huge— Just leave him be.
She's alive.
What do you want with me at this point? Why'd you go out of your way to look for me? Oh yeah! That's right.
See… We found something incredible in one of the hideouts.
Now let's see… Earlier, you said that you and Itachi stopped the Reanimation, right? But I don't think it worked on the reanimated Madara.
No matter what darkness or contradictions lie within the village, I am still Itachi Uchiha of the Leaf! You're the only person I can count on, my best friend.
Please protect this village… and the honor of the Uchiha name.
I told you, there's something I must do.
I see.
So it hasn't been stopped.
I'm talking to Sasuke! Don't interrupt me.
Anyway, never mind that.
Look! Look, look! See! Amazing, right?! With this, we Taka can rule the shinobi world! This is it… The human who's all-knowing… I have to meet up with someone.
I'm leaving.
Huh? Who? Orochimaru.
Huh?! What are you talking about? You killed Orochimaru! I thought you would use this to… Are you really surprised someone as tenacious as Orochimaru might not be killed so easily? And even if I do find him vile… I need him to do something for me.
The clan… The village… It's time to see the all-knowing.
What do you mean, “see” Orochimaru? Who is this all-knowing person? You don't need to know.
What? I don't get it.
In any case, Orochimaru must never be resurrected! You probably want to ask Orochimaru for help in using the power of the scroll, right? Just give it time and you'll figure it out.
That's why we looked for you and… There are still things only Orochimaru can do.
Sasuke, tell me… You were Orochimaru's favorite pupil, right? So why can't you…? Suigetsu! Listen.
Huh? What? Don't underestimate Orochimaru.
Idiot! I don't underestimate him! It's the exact opposite! You were able to bring down Orochimaru only because both his arms were useless from the Reaper Death Seal, that's all.
You're the one who's underestimating him! Even if he is revived, his arms will probably still be useless.
But he'll still be dangerous.
He's going to come after your body again! If he finds out about this war, he's going to want to be a part of it.
He wants to destroy the Leaf too! And that means that Team Taka will get mixed up in this war! Are you okay with that? We succeeded in beating our superiors.
It's our time now! Who'd want to see Orochimaru now? Hasn't he caused us enough trouble? Shut up, Suigetsu.
Cut out and bring me a piece of Kabuto's flesh.
You don't listen to me, but you expect me to listen to you? I'll do it.
It's always like this… Jugo, are you okay with this? Orochimaru's going to be resurrected, you know… I don't care.
Sasuke's will is Kimimaro's will.
I will abide by it.
You're just the same.
What is going on with all of this? In my village, we call it Sage Transformation.
My transformation originally was the same thing.
But in all of my clones, it's called the Curse Mark Transformation.
I'm going to seal your Curse Mark.
Curse Sealing! So the reverse of it is: Curse Unsealing! Who could have imagined… that it would be you who would facilitate my return! H-Hello there! Long time no see.
Orochimaru, there's something I want you to do for me.
Don't bother explaining.
I've been watching from inside Anko this whole time.
I secured My Sage Jutsu Chakra into those Curse Marks.
They are like pieces of my consciousness.
Then you know about the war too? Of course.
I just have one thing to say about that, Suigetsu.
I have absolutely no interest in this war.
Huh?! It's someone else's war.
The only thing I'm interested in right now… Sasuke… is your young body! I told you! Having said that, I don't currently have the power to steal it.
I wouldn't be so sure… What is your intent in meeting with them? There's too much that I don't know.
So I plan to ask them everything.
Everything? There's no need to know it all.
You're still a child.
You're wrong.
I treated you like a child… I only tried to protect you.
I didn't trust your strength.
But now, I believe… that perhaps you could have changed Father, Mother, and the rest of the Uchiha.
If I had been open with you from the start… and looked you straight in the eyes and told you the truth.
I'm not a child anymore.
I can't stay a child.
And no matter what you do from here on out… I want to know what started it all.
What I'm supposed to be, what I'm supposed to do.
Are you questioning your vengeance? No… Not my quest for vengeance itself.
Reuniting with Itachi made my hatred towards the Hidden Leaf grow even stronger.
It's just… I want to understand how even in death, Itachi could still consider himself a Leaf Shinobi, and care about and try to protect the village that dishonored his name.
Who was Itachi? What is a clan? What is a village? And so… I want to know everything, so I can finally have the answer.
I need to see with my own eyes and decide with my own mind what I must do.
He's no longer the Sasuke who was manipulated by Itachi… or me…or Tobi.
What a strange sensation.
He's going to absorb all of Kabuto's power, and then kill him! You better stay alert.
He might try and catch you off guard too! The current you…isn't half bad.
Didn't I tell you? He did absorb his power! No, you're wrong.
He undid the Sage Transformation.
He's taken back his own chakra that was inside Kabuto.
He didn't touch Kabuto's chakra.
Fine, I'll help you.
Come along.
Where are we going? Someplace you're very familiar with.
Let's be on our way.
The statue's been acting weird since it swallowed something earlier.
That was… Don't tell me… I would have preferred resurrecting it in a completed state but… Watch closely and feel it through your skin… The return of Ten Tails! And the beginning of the end! So that's it! That statue was the Ten Tails' actual body! Huh?! What's Ten Tails?! But what's going on? When he declared war at the Five Kage Summit… The purpose of this war was to collect all nine Tailed Beasts' chakra in order to revive Ten Tails.
He doesn't possess Eight Tails or Nine Tails yet… Is he bluffing? It's too risky to get up close.
Oh… Only a fragment, but it is not lacking in power.
Have we given him one tentacle arm's worth of chakra? We're always dropping rhymes But maybe we messed up big time… Yay! The chakra from a tentacle was taken, just a little I may not look it I admit I'm flustered a bit He took the chakra from one of Eight Tails' tentacle arms… Does that mean only a portion of a Tailed Beast is sufficient? Naruto… You felt it too, didn't you? That was my chakra in that bottle and gourd.
Let me take over, Naruto.
I'll explain.
About Ten Tails too.
You listen from in here.
You know about Ten Tails, Kurama? Yeah, of course.
Listen up, everyone! Hmm? That voice! Naruto switched places with Nine Tails, pow! He'll explain everything to us… Nine Tails and Naruto are tight now! If even just a portion of the Tailed Beast is sufficient… Then that statue already has a piece of Eight Tails' and my chakra inside it.
The Nine Tails too?! The bottle and gourd that guy summoned and fed to the statue just now were two of Old Man Six Paths' treasured tools.
They both possess powerful Sealing Jutsu that can seal away anything and everything.
Once you get put inside either one of them, you can't get out, no matter what.
So… Sealed inside the bottle was a guy named Kinkaku.
And Ginkaku was sealed inside the gourd.
I suspect they were reanimated using the Reanimation Jutsu, used in the war and then sealed away.
Kinkaku and Ginkaku, and the Sage of the Six Paths… They're all legendary names… But what's the connection with Nine Tails' chakra? There was a time when the brothers challenged me to a battle.
Naturally, I devoured them.
However… They survived and fed on me from the inside and absorbed my chakra.
So Kinkaku and Ginkaku had some of your chakra.
And the masked guy took them as insurance, for the revival of the Ten Tails… from Darui's First Company.
That's consistent with the report we got from HQ.
But given that they're just fragments of Eight Tails' and my chakra, who knows what form or shape the revived Ten Tails will take.
We must act before Ten Tails fully comes back to life.
Kakashi… You speak your mind way too easily.
You're a man for whom a life full of regrets is fitting! Just…who the hell are you anyway? What's the point in telling someone who can't remember faces? Kakashi, like you said, if we're going to make a move, now's the chance, before the Ten Tails is revived fully.
Old Man Six Paths used to say that Ten Tails' full revival would signify the end of the world.
Is the Ten Tails really that terrible? I get that he's got Ten Tails, but just how powerful is he? He's the aggregate of the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts, One Tail through me.
He was the beginning of chakra and a creator-god of many nations.
Amenohitotsunokami… Datara… Deidarabotchi… He has many names.
He drank oceans, split open the earth, and hoisted up mountains… He is the progenitor who is said to have created this very land.
Simply put, he has the total power of all nine Tailed Beasts.
Honestly, I couldn't take him on by myself and hope to win.
But if he only has a piece of Eight Tails and me, who has the most chakra out of the nine… it might be worth a try.
You're all mistaken.
For me, the revival of Ten Tails doesn't need to be complete.
My end goal is a Super Genjutsu… The Infinite Tsukuyomi! I will put every human on this planet under a single genjutsu… A single world that belongs to nobody.
One perfect world without war or ill feelings.
Only within a single collective consciousness… where the individual has been cast aside, can truth be found! The world no longer needs hope, a future or famous heroes.
Even if incomplete, once Ten Tails is revived, the Infinite Tsukuyomi Jutsu can be achieved.
Then reality will come to an end… And all that will exist will be a single unending dream… that will last for all eternity! Kurama, switch back! I had Dad, Mom, and Pervy Sage.
Kids love looking up to their hero.
That's why I can keep running forward without hesitation.
I will become the greatest Hokage of them all! That's my dream, you idiot! Even if you don't want your youth to end, dreams must come to an end at some point! Yeah… Dreams must be fulfilled.
Dreams, dreams, lots o' dreams abound I dream of grown women's boobs… So round! When dreams are fulfilled, that's where truth is found! You've got guts, Bee… Telling us about your preferences at a time like this… Individuality makes you lose sight of the truth.
My words as a nobody… are words guided by the truth of the world.
Your window of opportunity is the instant he tries to suck you inside himself.
That's when he'll be solid.
If you try to attack him normally, you'll just pass right through him.
Go for a counterattack! Create an opening through continuous close combat! Avoid using big moves! I know! That's why I created a clone! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Secret of the Transportation Technique" Naruto! Just keep going! THE SECRET OF THE TRANSPORTATION TECHNIQUE Tune in again!