Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e22 Episode Script

The Secret of the Transportation Technique

I had Dad, Mom, and Pervy Sage.
Kids love looking up to their hero.
That's why I can keep running forward without hesitation.
I will become the greatest Hokage of them all! That's my dream! I guess cracking that mask of yours will have to come first.
You will not touch the statue! The Secret of the Transportation Technique Naruto! You know about his abilities, right? Your window of opportunity is the instant he tries to suck you inside himself.
That's when he's solid.
If you attack him normally, you'll just pass right through him.
So it's like you're aiming for a counterattack.
Diversionary tactics are a must.
Create an opening through continuous close combat! Avoid using big moves! I know! That's why I made a clone! Bee! Please raise me up high! I'm good to go.
We should avoid attacks that touch him directly.
Up you go! Super Mini Tailed Beast Bomb! Mangekyo Sharingan! Twin Fangs! This one! I guess not.
Then it must be… Nice timing! I'll deal with you… first! That's so cool, Bushier Brow Sensei! Okay! I've infused more than enough chakra! Sorry, but… I'm going for the statue! Kamui! If I gouge out its head… it shouldn't be able to survive, statue or not! So naïve.
What happened? Don't tell me… He vanished? Naruto! These boulders are in the way! Damn it! Bee! I've got it! Fly! He cut through that boulder with his Lightning Blade.
Nice, Kakashi! I'm not going to make it in time! Naruto! Just keep going! I'll take care of the kunai! Kamui! Damn it! He's really strong.
I can't get my attacks to hit him.
Are you all right? But if even that attack is no good… What can we do?! What's happening all of a sudden? Hey, Kakashi… Did you see that? – Yeah.
– Huh? There's a crack in his mask.
Huh? Where, where?! You're right… On the left side! Looks like Naruto's earlier attack grazed him before it passed through! Nice going, Naruto! Let's keep it up just like that! All right! Now I feel like we have a chance! To be honest, it didn't look to me like Naruto's attack landed.
You're doing it again… You always say things like that! Are you saying it was something else? What's going on? From the looks of it, that crack isn't from Naruto's punch.
It looks like it was cut with something sharp… Wait a minute! You're wide open! Don't mock me! Uchiha Flame Formation! Hot! Hot! Hot! Whoa! Are you all right, Octopops and Eight-o?! Do I look all right? Now that he's erected a barrier, we have no choice but to tackle the masked guy first.
That's been my plan since the beginning, y'know! Damn it! Could it be…? No… That's impossible… But… I'd never heard that the Kamui could be stopped! But if the crack in his mask was caused by the kunai I used my Kamui on… That means his ninjutsu is… It's no use just thinking about it.
It's an implausible theory, but it's not impossible, either… Guy, Naruto, Bee… – Yeah? – Hmm? There's something I want to test.
Help me out.
Let's do it! Okay! Yo! Impressive destructive power.
How's that?! You don't have any time to suck me in, do you?! You underestimate the Sharingan too much.
I can read your movements.
I'll keep these.
He materializes while he absorbs things.
Now! Rasengan! Don't you understand that it's futile? It's just like you said, Kakashi Sensei! I don't really understand why, but I finally landed an attack on him! I see… Naruto didn't undo his Rasengan… Kakashi… You used the Kamui to send the Rasengan away.
I knew it… I thought he had two different jutsu, one that lets him slip through things and one to suck things in or take them out.
– Huh? – Huh? It's all one single jutsu! It's one jutsu? Yeah.
Well, no one's better at jutsu analysis and breakdown than you.
Can you explain his jutsu to us in simpler terms? Knowing what it is might change how we approach the battle.
The way his jutsu works is really simple… You see, the jutsu he uses to absorb things, and the one he uses to slip through objects is the Transportation Technique.
What do you mean? How can you tell? Let me explain it in order.
First, the crack in his mask.
My kunai made that mark.
I'm absolutely certain.
From the look of the wound on his right shoulder, I can tell it was caused from being hit by Naruto's Rasengan just now.
What these two things have in common is that they both involve areas of his body that were overlapping and in contact with Naruto's body while he was slipping through him.
There is another thing that the two have in common.
That is… A kunai and Rasengan that I transported using my Kamui Jutsu caused those two things.
In other words, from this, I can tell his Transportation Technique is linked to the same time-space as my Kamui! W-Wait a second! What do you mean? How come his Visual Jutsu and yours are linked?! Are all Transportation Techniques… linked between all users? No… They aren't… I suspect it's just him and me.
Never mind that! Why did your kunai hit and not my punch? That's right, fool! Even with shared time-spaces, it should still be impossible to hit a guy that can slip through things, ya fool.
Except that our theory that he slips through things was wrong.
What do you mean? Although it looks like your attack slipped right through him, in fact, only the part of his body that would have been in contact with yours was transported into time-space.
In other words, the left side of his mask that your punch "slipped through" was simply transported into time-space and no longer existed on this plane.
At least materially.
And then almost simultaneously, remember I hurled that kunai into time-space using Kamui? Just as his momentum carried him forward when he extended his arm toward you to grab you… my kunai finished entering time-space and scored his mask.
Did the same thing happen with the Rasengan? So that's what happened.
But how come both of your Visual Prowess's are linked? Kakashi, is he…? Where did you get that eye?! Where, huh? If anything, in the last Great War.
The Battle of Kannabi Bridge… The same battle where you earned the nickname "The Sharingan Hero.
" Are you…? I thought I told you not to flap your mouth so readily! You're just all talk now! Your words are worthless! It's too late for regrets.
Reality just keeps cruelly moving ahead.
You've seen reality, so you ought to know.
Not one wish ever gets granted in this world.
That's why I'm guiding it to the dream of Infinite Tsukuyomi.
I'm going to create a world where it won't be necessary for a hero to pathetically make excuses in front of a grave.
Hey, are you all right, Kakashi?! You bastard! Are you still blabbing on about that?! I thought I told you too! I'm not giving up my dream of becoming Hokage! I've been entrusted with way too much from way too many! Naruto! Heh! Entrusted, eh? What if you were to lose the things Jiraiya and the Fourth Hokage entrusted you with? I wonder what they would think? I'm always thinking that I want to do something about this hatred.
But I'm not sure how to go about it yet.
If I can't find the answer myself, I shall pass the quest on to you! I'm glad I made you my student! FOURTH HOKAGE You have to find the answer yourself.
FOURTH HOKAGE Even I don't know it.
I know you'll find the answer.
I believe in you.
Naruto, if you fail at the things you were entrusted with… I wonder what you will think of yourself as well? If you postpone dealing with problems and cover it up with the word "hope," all that awaits you is an empty reality.
Both the entrusted and those that did the entrusting, all in vain.
I sealed half of the Nine Tails' chakra inside of you, because I believed you could control its power.
Because you are my son.
Naruto, switch with me! There's something I want to say to him.
Sorry, but your words don't apply to this guy.
Is that Nine Tails? The Fourth Hokage entrusted him with me.
Not only has Naruto befriended me… but he's completely mastered my power as well! The Fourth Hokage sealed me within Naruto as a force to help take you down.
Go, Naruto! You won't fail! Yeah! That man, he couldn't be… There's absolutely no way! Kakashi, I've got a pretty good idea of what you're thinking right now.
But leave it be.
There's no time to wallow in sentimentality.
Your former subordinate Naruto has already jumped into action! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Who Are You?" How stupid, jumping in alone.
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