Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e23 Episode Script

Who Are You?

Go… Naruto.
You won't fail! That power again, huh? Kakashi, we ought to—! That man, he couldn't be… No… – Kakashi… – There's absolutely no way! Kakashi! Are you listening? The more diversions, the better when attacking him! We have to join the fight! I've got a pretty good idea of what you're thinking right now.
I feel the same way… But leave it be.
There's no time to wallow in sentimentality.
Your former subordinate, Naruto, has already jumped into action! How stupid, jumping in alone! Yo! Yo! Damn it! I'm not alone! Don't forget Kurama! There's also Octopops and Eight-o… Bushier Brow Sensei! And Kakashi Sensei too! You've got a winning record against me right now… This better not be enough to slow you down… Kakashi! Naruto… I'm glad you were my subordinate! Let's go…Guy! My dear rival! That's what I'm talking about! Considering my remaining chakra… I only have a few shots left.
I do not fear a borrowed power that can't even string together a barrage.
The true power of Kamui… This Kamui… I will not miss… – Now watch and learn! – my timing! Their knowing the trick to my jutsu changes nothing.
If he has to materialize when he takes things in, he has to do so when he spits things out too! This is our chance! That's if you can counterstrike! What is this? Naruto! These have Curse Marks on them that restrain Tailed Beast power.
Whatever you do, don't touch it! Octopops! Could you shield me for a bit? Shadow Clone Jutsu! All right, come here! I'll be your umbrella! Kamui! If it's that same trick again, all I need to do is not have Naruto slip through me.
What? A Shadow Clone? Kakashi! Seems my attack was quicker than you, Kakashi.
You missed transporting away the Rasengan… …and wasted another Kamui.
Not yet! Tailed Beast Bomb! A bit late.
How futile.
You're—! Naruto Uzumaki! I see, so that Kamui just now wasn't transporting the Rasengan, but the Shadow Clone itself! He beat me to it… Damn you, Kakashi! Who… …are you?! Who Are You? NINJA ACADEMY ORIENTATION CHUNIN EXAM STAGE TWO SQUAD VS.
As of today, Kakashi is a jonin just like me.
Remember, we were talking about this just the other day, Obito? When we discussed getting Kakashi a gift! Sorry.
I guess I wasn't listening.
Well, I got you this.
A custom-made kunai.
It's a little heavy and unconventional.
But you'll get used to it quickly.
Thank you.
I got you this! Here! A personalized med kit for you.
I just adjusted a few things to make it easier to use.
Thank you.
What are you holding your hand out for? Kakashi's father, Sakumo, took his own life after everyone around him vilified him.
This is where we go our separate ways.
Let's get going… Captain.
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu! We'll be taking this one with us.
Do you have any idea what you're saying, Kakashi?! Yeah… The two of us have to complete the mission alone.
And Rin? What do we do about Rin, huh? We'll come back for her later.
We must carry out our mission even at the expense of our comrades.
You're right.
In the Ninja World, those who break the rules and laws are regarded as scum.
But… those who would abandon even one of their friends, are far worse than scum.
Found them! Kakashi? Why did you—? Well, I certainly can't leave this up to a crybaby ninja like you, can I? Kakashi… Obito, behind you! My eye…! Kakashi! Hey, Kakashi! Are you all right?! B-But how? There's no way that you could've seen me! Obito… How did you…?! Release! Kakashi… Obito… This is bad! Whatever the village or anyone else may say… I think that you're a great jonin… It's true, that's how I feel.
Please accept this… Is that you…Obito? Are you really Obito? I thought you died! There's no mistake.
That's Obito Uchiha… You can call me by that name if you want.
It means nothing to me.
My eye! Kakashi! Obito… How did you…?! This time, I will protect my comrade! But that day, you… Run for the exit! Kakashi! You guys all right? Rin? Kakashi? Obito! No, don't.
It's okay, Kakashi.
I don't think…I'll make it.
My right side is completely crushed.
I can't even feel anything there anymore.
So what if I'm captain now?! So what if I made jonin?! Oh, that's right, I totally forgot… I was the only one… who didn't give you a gift for making jonin, Kakashi.
I'm giving you my Sharingan.
Kakashi, take care of Rin… I will.
Obito! Obito… You're alive… Who is he? He was our classmate and an Uchiha who was a Leaf Shinobi.
We all thought he was killed in action during the last war.
If you survived, why didn't you come forward sooner? It's irrelevant whether I had survived or not.
Although, I suppose… If you really want an answer… It's because… you let Rin… die.
Relax… Besides, what's with that look, Kakashi? You're not going to condemn me? What would I gain from criticizing this absurd reality at this point? I have no interest in the affairs of a world that shall soon cease to exist.
Kakashi Sensei! I don't know what went down between you two, but this is no time to be depressed! We can discuss it later! Right now, stopping what this guy is trying to do comes first! Naruto! Kakashi! Naruto is absolutely right! The fate of this world currently rests in our hands! I have nothing more to talk to you about.
Stay tied down to reality… Fire Style… and die! Bomb Blast Dance! The Nine Tails' tail, huh? Huh? What the—?! Looks like you're having fun over here… Obito.
He's…Madara! Madara? You mean that Madara? Why? Why is that Madara over here? Hey, Naruto! Him being here must mean… What's happened to everyone over there?! I'm not sure, but I suspect… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Obito and Madara" …that none of them are doing too well.
OBITO AND MADARA Tune in again!