Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e24 Episode Script

Obito and Madara

That's… He's… Madara…! It's just like you…to have defied the Reanimation Jutsu.
More importantly, what's taking so long? Why? Why is that Madara over here? Madara? You mean that Madara? He's a Shadow Clone too… Where's the real one, Obito? Hey, Naruto! Him being here must mean… What's happened to everyone over there? Brother… He's over there, eh? I asked you what happened?! I'm not sure, but I suspect… …that none of them are doing too well.
Obito and Madara Summoning…Jutsu…! Lady Tsunade! Katsuyu… Do something for me… Yes! I'll fuse your body right away… No… My lower body can wait.
First… Bring the other Kage…to me… I…can…still save them.
Faster than the Curse Mark Chains can wrap around! I'll return that to you.
It's yours to begin with.
Finally, I can move! Thanks, Naruto! Now, it's my turn! Obito, did you launch the plan haphazardly before you even took in the Eight and Nine Tails? He knows about the plan… What's their relationship? You were hasty, Obito.
Is that also why I was revived in this form? Well, knowing you… I'm sure you have something in mind.
What have you been up to all this time? Where's Nagato? You were supposed to determine the appropriate moment and bring me back to life with Rinne Rebirth.
That was the agreement.
Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth.
Nagato's Visual Prowess is the jutsu that controls life and death.
He is the seventh Pain.
You tried to take advantage of Nagato?! He betrayed us.
He used the jutsu to revive the Leaf villagers.
I can't depend on any of you.
Well, no matter… It's still not too late.
I'll capture the Eight and Nine Tails! Dead men shouldn't go around messing things up! Huh?! It didn't explode?! Uchiha Reflection.
I'll get the Eight and Nine Tails.
Obito, you take down those two.
Obito… What happened to you? Why would you join up with him? Am I…dead? Where am I? In between this life and the next… young Uchiha.
Those eyes! No way, Gramps… You're an Uchiha too? Well, perhaps.
He rescued me? But wait… You said we're between this life and the next.
Where are we? It's dark and I can't see so well.
Anyways, who are you, Gramps? Heh, Don't tell me you're Death! The guy who escorts people to heaven or hell… Nooo! I don't want to die yet! Help! I just saw a scythe or something! You're Death for sure! One especially for the Uchiha! Wait! I lived my life under a creed of helping elderly people in need! Sure, I caused a lot of mischief and broke a lot of rules….
But I'm sure my scale tips on the positive side! Please don't take me to hell! Oww… The fact that you feel pain means you're still alive.
However, it's a miracle that you survived.
I'm amazed you weren't completely crushed under those boulders.
It's almost as if you passed right through them.
Where did you find me? In an underground passageway I had created… collapsed next to crumbled rock.
Still, half your body had been crushed.
I patched you up as best I could.
So you saved me, Gramps.
Thank you.
It's too soon to thank me.
I expect you to repay your debt to me.
After all, helping the elderly is your motto, right? Well, yeah.
So what do you want me to do? Help you with bathroom stuff? That would be good.
Sorry, but I can't stay here forever! Now that I know I'm alive, I'm going back home to the Hidden Leaf Village! There's a war going on.
My Sharingan's finally awakened… So now, I'll be able to protect my comrades even better! Protect your comrades better, eh…? What is it? With that body… your life as a shinobi is over.
No, no, no! Finally… I finally got this eye! I'm confident my attack combinations will be better now! I thought so.
The scent has been completely erased.
We'll have to locate him by the slightest movement and noise he makes.
W-Where is he? Obito, behind you! Kakashi! My eye…! Hey, Kakashi! Are you all right?! Even if he's just a kid, it doesn't hurt to be cautious.
I'll take it nice and slow.
Our enemy… He's good.
He threw away the kunai knife stained with the smell of my blood.
Don't tell me you got dust in your eye again? A ninja shouldn't cry… I'm not dead yet.
If that was now… I wouldn't have let that happen to Kakashi… Die! W-Why… There's no way you could see… Obito… You…! W-What is…that eye? This time…I'll protect my comrade! You're surprisingly stubborn.
They're all so pathetic.
The flow of Rin's chakra is disturbed… It's different from your chakra or mine.
She's probably under a genjutsu… They didn't waste any time trying to get the information out of her.
We fought him earlier.
He's fast… Stay alert! Right! And… At last, I'll be a shinobi who can protect his comrades.
Wake up to reality.
Nothing ever goes as planned in this world.
The longer you live, the more you realize that only pain, suffering, and futility exist in this reality.
What's with this old man…? Listen to me… In this world, wherever there is light, there are always shadows.
As long as there is a concept of victors, the vanquished will also exist.
The selfish desire for peace gives rise to war.
And hatred is born in order to protect love.
These are all nexuses, causal relationships that cannot be separated.
Normally, that is.
The old man's on a roll… Old people ramble forever once they start.
So…where are we anyway? Because you were hurt, someone else was saved.
Isn't that so? This is bad! Run for the exit! Kakashi! Are you all right? Rin…? Kakashi…? Obito! Don't… It's okay, Kakashi.
I don't think I can make it… My right side is totally crushed.
I can't even feel anything… I'm giving you…my Sharingan.
Whatever the village may say… you are…a great jonin.
That's how I really feel… So please accept it.
Kakashi… Take care of Rin.
Rin, hurry, take my hand! Rin! Obito! Just when Kakashi and I were… starting to get along… I couldn't tell Rin that I…loved her… I wish…I could've spent more time… with everyone.
Shut up already! I don't want to stay here long! I have to… Leave if you really want to.
If you can move, that is.
Wait a minute… There's something weird about this.
What's an old man with the Sharingan doing here all by himself? If I think about it, I know all the geezers and grannies in the Hidden Leaf Village, and if I've never seen him around… It means this guy is currently not a Leaf Shinobi.
Which means… Gramps… I bet… you're a Rogue Ninja, aren't you? Just who are you?! I am…an Uchiha ghost.
I am Madara Uchiha.
M-Madara…?! By Madara… You mean Madara Uchiha, as in my ancestor?! That Madara's supposed to have died ages ago! What era are we talking about?! So you're more likely to believe that I'm Death? I guess I am Death, in a sense… For this reality, truly is hell.
I'm a cheater of death who would be dead in no time… if I weren't continuously siphoning chakra from that Gedo Statue behind me.
I'm going home! I wouldn't bother.
There are no exits here.
In any case, neither you nor I can leave this place.
At least, not with our bodies.
If you move, the synthetic tissue of Hashirama that I went to the trouble of attaching to you will peel off.
Do you want to die? There are a lot of things I'd like you to do for me, for the rest of our lives.
I went to great pains to save you.
Don't rush to your death.
What do you want? What does a geezer like you want from a brat like me?! To sever the fate of this world.
A world of only victors… a world of only peace… a world of only love.
I will create such a world.
So what! Who cares! I just want to go back to everyone! I told you, things don't go as planned.
You will realize that in time.
If you really want to die so badly, then go ahead.
But I'll be taking that Sharingan of yours.
Why do you want my eye?! You already have your own Sharingan! Actually, my original eyes are on loan to another.
This one is a spare I transplanted later.
I'd like to have a few more in stock… Since I don't have a right eye yet.
And only with two together can the Sharingan's true power be unleashed.
Then…that means… If I team up with Kakashi, we'll both be even stronger.
Then we'll be able to protect Rin properly, together! I definitely can't stay here.
Just you wait… Kakashi… Rin! I'm… alive! Hey, I was just outside and your friends Rin and Stupid Kakashi are in a real pinch! What's going on?! They're by themselves, completely surrounded by Hidden Mist Shinobi! Kakashi, you promised me! Please protect Rin! I'll be right there! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "I'm In Hell" Kakashi and I will protect Rin! I'M IN HELL Tune in again!