Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e25 Episode Script

I'm in Hell

I'm in Hell Hey there.
How are you doing? Bad… What do you think? How long have I been here? It feels like it's been a while.
Don't worry, you don't need to pay rent.
Those of us created from the Gedo Statue don't have to eat either.
No food bills, no need for a bathroom.
We don't even poo! Don't lump me in with you guys! I just have half of that weird stuff stuck onto me.
And thanks to that, you can survive without eating or drinking.
In fact, you should be grateful and thank us.
Good grief.
We're the ones who don't want to be lumped in with you! What you have is emotionless synth-tissue.
We are full artificial humans.
We have feelings and everything! You may have a better sense of humor, but what we have is much better! Both our vocabulary skills and mental acuity are far higher than yours! But we don't poo… Shut up! All right, explain how you're at a higher level than I am! The ones… – in charge of watching you! – in charge of watching you! Don't talk in synch! That pisses me off! We're only helping you with your rehab because Madara ordered us to get you up and running and usable by the time he wakes up.
So he makes these noisy puppets keep an eye on me… while he gets to sleep the whole time? I swear I'm gonna get outta here and return to Rin and Kakashi! Where's the exit? Can't be done…there's no exit.
Madara sealed it off with a huge boulder… after we lugged you here on his orders.
What?! He sealed us in?! By the way, you've been saying "Rin-Rin-Rin" in your sleep a lot.
Do you want to go outside to collect a bell or something? Once in a while, you said "stupid-stupid-stupid.
” And "stupid Kakashi.
" Yeah, yeah, that's right! Every so often.
What's a "stupid Kakashi"? Beats me.
Why don't you ask him? Was I really saying that? Um, may we ask you a question! What? When nature calls… In short, what does the urge to poo feel like? For example… I thought you wanted to know about stupid Kakashi! Why are you guys so obsessed with poop? You don't have to get so angry.
All right, we'll ask you about Rin and stupid Kakashi later.
Especially you, with the swirly face… You don't poop, but you look like poop.
I hate you! Anyway, where'd the other white guys go? They went outside to collect intel.
What?! You guys can get out? We can all move through the earth's surface.
What the hell?! I'm locked up in here, and I have to hear about all this weird stuff.
So sorry to have bothered you about poo! That's not what I meant! I mean, what Madara talked about! Something about severing fate and all… Oh, that… Madara's not nice enough to talk to a brat at his level.
Simply put, he's talking about discarding all the bad things in the real world and escaping inside a dream that's full of good things! Inside a dream? Since it's a dream, everything is how you want it! Even those who are dead can be alive again! Yeah… Just think of it as all of us going to this huge dream world that was created using genjutsu! Well, it's more like forcibly taking everyone there… and for life too.
With genjutsu? That's so beyond stupid, I can't even understand it.
If you have as much power as Madara, anything is possible.
It's just that he's weak right now and can't do it yet.
Much still needs to be prepared.
Oh really? Well, I'm not interested.
More importantly… I swear I'm gonna make it outside! And get back to Rin and Kakashi! What? I've got to get this body working again… Yaaaay! What?! Don't act tough and hide your wounds! I'm always watching, you know.
It's starting to feel natural.
Just a bit longer.
I'll see you soon, Rin… Kakashi! I was just outside! Your friends, Rin and stupid Kakashi, are in trouble! What happened?! They're alone and completely surrounded by Hidden Mist Shinobi! You can't break through boulders with that body yet.
I have to save Rin and Kakashi… Why don't you wear my body? But you guys serve Madara.
Are you sure about this? He's…a good boy.
Don't you want to help Rin and Kakashi? Thanks, you guys! You kept the root tethered and borrowed the statue's power eh? Nice.
I'm pretty good, huh? So you're going? I'm grateful that you saved me.
But I'm leaving.
I have to go.
You're being too hasty… It may be premature to thank me.
I'll probably never come back here.
I've given my thanks.
I'm going! You…will return.
And that's when I'll get your true gratitude.
White one! What's Rin and Kakashi's location?! Take me there right away! What you've got on your body is like a clone of me.
And we can talk telepathically to each other over limited distances.
Others of us are scattered here and there underground.
We're able to exchange intel.
I'll use them to guide you.
Swirly! First, we need to get outside.
I'm counting on you.
How are Rin and Kakashi doing right now? According to the others, it looks pretty bad.
They're talking about some Hidden Mist test subjects, but I don't really understand.
Test subjects? Anyway, it seems Rin and Kakashi are totally surrounded.
And they're saying they all appear to be jonin or Black Ops.
What's Minato Sensei doing? Who is that? I'm asking you what the Yellow Flash of the Leaf is doing! Seems he's on a different mission.
At a time like this?! Kakashi… Look after Rin for me.
I will.
Kakashi! You made me a promise! Please… Please protect Rin somehow! I'll be right there! Obito, this will probably turn into a battle.
So I want to tell you some things beforehand.
What is it?! Your fighting ability is lower than mine.
Plus right now, it's like my big body is wrapped around and protecting your wounded little body.
So what?! I think it would be better if I do all the fighting.
Remember what Madara said? That only with a pair together can the Sharingan's true power be unleashed! Kakashi, the other half of my pair, will be on the battlefield.
Our combo attacks are superior! Kakashi and I will protect Rin! As I recall, you do have Hashirama's tissue attached to you.
A whole different strength may emerge when Senju and Uchiha powers are combined together, but… What was that? I thought it was rain, but it's… I just got word from one of my guys.
It seems… That's the location.
Let's go! What's happening?! Stop showing these weird images! A little bit… Just a little bit farther! Kakashi… Damn it! He did it! After all the trouble we went through to get her! Where… in the world… is this place?! Who is that guy? Reinforcements maybe? What a fool, jumping in alone! I won't accept it! I will not… What just happened?! Did he dodge them? …accept any of this! Do not mock the Blood Mist Village! Die! I can't hit him! Who is that guy?! He wields a strange jutsu! At least grab the girl! Don't hand her corpse over to the enemy! There's no mistake! This guy passes right through you! All of a sudden, he's able to use the Wood Style Cutting Sprigs Jutsu… Obito, now I understand why Madara chose you! What is he? I get it… I'm… I'm… in Hell.
I shall sever the nexuses of this world.
That's why I came back.
So you still felt loyalty to your one-time teammate? No, it doesn't matter to me anymore whether he's alive or dead in this world.
Kakashi will exist in the world we'll create.
Rin too.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "World of Dreams" Teach me how to create this world of dreams.
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