Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e26 Episode Script

World of Dreams

World of Dreams The longer you live… the more you realize that only pain, suffering, and futility exist in this reality.
Listen to me… In this world, wherever there is light, there are always shadows.
These are all nexuses, causal relationships that cannot be separated.
Normally, that is.
He's talking about discarding all the bad things in the real world and escaping inside a dream that's full of good things! Since it's a dream, everything is how you want it! Even those who are dead can be alive again! A world of only victors… a world of only peace… a world of only love.
I will create such a world.
Again, Rin… I'll create a world where we can be together again.
I shall sever the nexuses… of this world… That's why I've come back.
I hope no one saw you.
I'm the only one who saw him.
Obito slaughtered everyone, so we're safe.
He didn't seem to want to kill Kakashi though.
But Kakashi didn't see anything.
When reinforcements from the Hidden Leaf arrived, he was screaming, "Who killed the enemy?!" So you still felt loyalty to your one-time teammate? No, it doesn't matter to me anymore whether he's alive or dead in this world.
Kakashi will exist in the world we'll create.
Madara, teach me how to create this world of dreams.
I don't need your thanks anymore.
Come here.
Starting today, you will be the savior.
Look into my eye.
You are inside my genjutsu.
It's still a blank canvas, but I can project my will upon it to create whatever I want.
And even control them.
Anything is possible, since I'm linked to, and borrowing, the power of the Gedo Statue.
Like this, see? We'll use this genjutsu to create the ideal world.
And then, we'll cast the genjutsu on everyone and bring them here.
The scale of this jutsu is accomplished by using the moon instead of our eyes.
So that an entire world of dreams is achieved.
You make it sound so simple, but I still don't quite get it.
Let me explain, starting with the Sage of Six Paths and Ten Tails.
Isn't the Ten Tails just a legend? Legends are always derived from something real.
The Tailed Beasts that roam the world… resulted when the Sage of the Six Paths split up the power of the Ten Tails.
Do you have proof that story is true?! I do.
After I obtained the cells of Hashirama Senju, I implanted them into my wound.
At that time, nothing happened… It was only when I was starting to die of old age… that my Rinnegan awakened.
And it simultaneously led to the undoing of a certain seal.
I was then able to summon, and extract, the husk of the Ten Tails from a Seal Stone.
The Ten Tail's husk? I call it the Gedo Statue.
And the Seal Stone is what we know as the moon.
Immediately, I used the statue's body as a catalyst to culture Hashirama's cells into what you see before you.
One could say that these artificial beings are clones of Hashirama.
Although they are reduced in quality.
The Rinnegan cannot be awakened without the possessing both Uchiha and Senju powers.
And the statue cannot be controlled easily.
You have Senju cells attached to the right half of you.
Even if you never awaken the Rinnegan, you should be able to eventually control the statue.
Did you see them? That redhead's eyes? So they're Madara's Rinnegan, huh… They're Madara's actual eyes.
When that kid was younger… he secretly transplanted them without anyone noticing! Nagato is of Senju bloodline.
And the only other person in addition to Madara who can summon the Gedo Statue.
As Madara said, first, we win him over and… Huh?! What're you gonna do? I'm going straight for him.
H-Hey, shouldn't you plan a strategy first? I don't need to do that.
Obito… I shall teach you the Uchiha Forbidden Jutsu, the Six Paths Jutsu.
And the Shadow and Light Style Jutsu.
I've implanted my will inside this one… Think of him as being half of me.
Though he'll be degraded too.
You can use these beings that I created using Shadow and Light Style Jutsu as your soldiers.
That Black Rod was created as a physical manifestation of my will.
Use it when you perform the Six Paths Jutsu… Now, go on… Until the time when I will be revived… You shall be… I am Madara Uchiha.
Madara? You're either a criminal or a total idiot to claim Uchiha Madara's name.
Why'd you approach us? The Rinnegan… To guide those who awaken it, is the mission our organization has been entrusted with since ages past.
You know about my eyes? You are the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths, who dreamed of world peace and stability.
Only the villages of large nations are showered in light.
Leaving your small country's village in the shadow, dying.
That is why your eye has awakened here.
Wherever light strikes, there are always shadows.
So long as there is a concept of victors… the vanquished will also similarly exist.
The selfish intent of wanting to preserve peace initiates wars.
And hatred is born in order to protect love.
These are all nexuses, causal relationships that cannot be separated.
Normally, that is.
But a world of just victors, peace and love… such a world can be created too.
If you allow us to collaborate, you can learn how.
As soon as you attain the true power of the Rinnegan….
Your very own world can be immediately actualized.
Now… I can't do that.
You're just trying to use us.
Your offer sounds way too convenient.
One can only reach the true world after knowing another's pain and shedding tears alongside them.
Shedding tears alongside them, huh? You mean in revenge? No, that's not what I meant.
I meant in mutual understanding.
Stop talking so idealistically.
No such thing exists in this world.
Let's go, Konan… Nagato.
We can't trust these guys! Don't you dare approach us again! I'll wait here at the same time every day.
You'll eventually realize it too.
Who the hell are you?! The bodyguards of this village.
This is a warning.
Leave this village now! The hell with them… Let's kill em! Water Style: Raging Waves! Wind Style: Gale Palm! Damn! We can't get near them! Die! Take one step and I'll skewer you! We won't let you take a single step into this village! Give up now! Is it because of the rain?! Now's my chance! Sorry! Are you okay? Damn it! There's no end to this! I didn't want to use this, but… Do you belong to Hanzo's gang?! We're wearing his headband, but we're not his subordinates.
But some day, we want to bring peace to the world just like Hanzo.
In other words, you're just his copycats.
We're not copycats! We will keep peace in this village! Not through violence, but through negotiations! Are you crazy? This village lies between two great nations! As long as they're at war with each other, the fighting won't end! The strong will take everything from the weak! That's how the world is! We're fighting to change that way of thinking! Each one of you must secretly wish for peace! Listen.
One piece of straw is weak… But when you put three together, it becomes much… Damn it! I'm just trying to say, the more you have, the stronger it is! Yahiko… You're so bad at making speeches… Whatever! Look, we're not gonna kill you.
Just get out of here! I won't guarantee that we won't attack again! Fine.
We'll do this dozens of times until you give up… A hundred times, even.
But just remember, it'll be more painful the next time! Retreat! Earlier, when you tried to attack me, you protected the kid.
Thank you.
We're war orphans too.
You're such funny kids… You appear out of nowhere and ask to protect this village.
It's to change this land.
War will never leave this land.
Nothing will change.
Yahiko… Seems like things are changing, little by little.
We're ninja who left the village because we didn't think much of Hanzo's ways.
But we were getting sick of this lifestyle too.
I looked into your eyes and began to feel like starting over again… But I don't feel like going back to Hanzo.
So take us in as your lackeys! No! What?! But earlier, you…! Not as lackeys, but as comrades.
I'm Yahiko.
This is Nagato and Konan.
I'm Kyusuke the Swift.
If you need to gather intel, you can leave it to these fast legs.
Then go and find me other villages that are suffering like this one.
Yahiko… What? You should name our group.
There are more of us now.
It's gonna be necessary soon.
A name… How about…the Akatsuki.
This nation weeps from the sufferings of war.
So we will change this nation… no, this world, and welcome a new dawn! Akatsuki… That's a great name.
Akatsuki! It's decided! – Yeah! – Yeah! It's like… the Akatsuki suddenly grew.
They all bought into your dream.
Actually, they're all tired of war.
If everyone unites, I know we can have peace.
Say, where's Konan? She went out a while ago.
Why? This is… Konan's… "Dear Konan…" "From the first moment I saw you…" Is this…?! It's a love letter.
"I've wanted to ask you how you feel about me.
" "I'll be waiting anxiously on the back terrace… Kyusuke.
" Don't tell me… Konan's gone over there?! Yahiko, didn't you have something to do? Huh?! Oh yeah, yeah! I forgot.
I need to go to the john! I'm gonna wet myself! That guy! Running's not the only thing he's fast at! More friends also means… more competition in love! No kidding… Hey, Nagato! Do you like Konan, Yahiko? Stupid! It's nothing like that! I think Konan likes you.
Huh?! Oh, she's coming back.
I know you're there… Yahiko, Nagato.
Konan… What did you tell him? I told him that I don't have time for a relationship until we make the Akatsuki's dream come true.
Isn't that right? Konan… Yahiko! Can you help me out with some training? That jutsu…doesn't work… in the rain! Oiled paper… Great idea.
I experimented.
If you hesitate, I'll leave you behind! Like I'd let you! Hanzo is setting an example for us shinobi by fighting to bring peace to this world.
We will prove that the Akatsuki will surpass him one day! I approve of an organization that seeks to resolve issues through pacifist means.
It will help realize my dream of uniting the Five Nations without force.
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