Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e27 Episode Script

Creeping Shadow

Creeping Shadow Jiraiya Sensei… What is it, Kakashi? There's something I'd like to tell you.
Is it urgent? I'm kind of busy now.
There you go again, sounding so dejected, Kakashi.
No matter how difficult something is, when you make things seem like such a drag, you make the people around you uncomfortable.
I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Wait, wait.
You're here now.
But… I don't want to interrupt when you have important business… SPECIAL SWIMSUIT EDITION On second thought, there is nothing more important than you.
I know you.
You haven't spoken to anyone today, have you? You know… people should talk to others every day, even if it's small talk.
Otherwise, their hearts will grow dark and serious.
Talking to others builds bonds, and makes you feel grateful that you're alive.
That's the kind of creatures we humans are.
So, what happened? It's regarding the three children from the Hidden Rain you once taught, Jiraiya Sensei.
Oh, you mean Yahiko, Nagato and Konan? Yes.
Recently, they have been trying to bring about change in Hidden Rain Village.
Or so I heard.
Without using military might, but through dialogue.
So they've started walking on their own feet.
How would you describe them? He's curious about strangers… Now that's a good sign! Yahiko is passionate and completely one-track minded.
I want to become stronger! And then… And then, I'm going to change the world! Konan is a girl who never shows her emotions.
But she was pretty and very talented.
She must've grown into a beauty.
As for Nagato… What happened? He… He's a remnant shinobi who told us to hand over our food and valuables… But then Nagato… What is it, Nagato? Jiraiya Sensei… I'm… I'm scared of myself.
What I did… Was it wrong? I really don’t know… if it was right or wrong.
But thanks to you, Yahiko didn’t die.
You protected your friend.
That had to be the right thing to do.
No one can blame you for that.
When you are hurt, you learn to hate.
On the other hand, when you hurt someone, you are resented.
But you start to feel guilty as well.
Understanding such pain enables you to be kind to others… By understanding pain, humans grow.
By knowing pain, thinking about it and figuring out what to do.
That is what growing up is all about.
I just want to protect those two.
No matter what kind of pain I have to endure.
I see.
What are you always thinking about, Sensei? There is so much war in this world.
Only hatred exists.
I want to do something about it.
And to know what the answer to true peace is… Jiraiya Sensei… Hmm? Oh… What's wrong? Nagato was a youth who could have been the hero in my novels.
The hero in your novel? As long as I'm alive, there's a chance I'll see him… Kakashi… Hurry and become a man who can be a hero in my novels.
Brother, we have a lot of requests.
I don't know if I can fulfill them all.
We'll do them all.
If there are people in need, we'll save all of them.
That's the purpose of the Akatsuki.
At this rate, it would be great if we had an organization as big as Hanzo's.
Hanzo is setting an example for us shinobi by fighting to bring peace to this world.
We will prove that the Akatsuki can surpass him one day! Akatsuki? Yes… I'm hearing rumors here and there lately.
Hmm… To think there are shinobi like them in our village… I approve of an organization that seeks to resolve issues through pacifistic means.
It will help realize my dream of uniting the Five Nations without force.
But they sure made a sudden appearance.
Is there someone behind them? According to rumors, they're pupils of Jiraiya of Hidden Leaf Village.
Jiraiya? One of the Leaf's Sannin? Yes.
After he fought you, Master Hanzo, Jiraiya stayed in this area for about three years, teaching ninjutsu to war orphans.
So they are the apprentices of that brat! The compassion to help people… Akatsuki could just be the repayment of a favor that's finally come around.
Say, Brother Yahiko… Seems villages along the border are being attacked lately.
What is that about? It's hard to tell for sure since they're in out of the way places with little contact.
But it seems the border with the Land of Earth is pretty bad.
That's the Seventh Ward… Shall we go and check, Nagato, Konan? Yes.
Kyusuke, Daibutsu… Keep an eye on things in our absence.
You got it.
Leave it to us, Brother! How terrible… Who would do such a thing? This is far worse than anything we've ever handled.
Who's there?! Come out! Who are you guys? Akatsuki.
Akatsuki? You seem to be shinobi from the Hidden Rain.
We are an organization working to bring peace to this village.
We heard this area was under attack, so we came to investigate.
Who did this? – What do we do? – Can we trust them? The Hidden Stone.
The Hidden Stone? No way! I heard that the Stone and the Leaf are negotiating a cease-fire.
How the hell should I know! Look at this village! The Hidden Stone ravaged this entire area one after another! What do you plan to do with such weapons? Fight! What else? We've already formed an alliance! Hold on! That will only cause more casualties! Then what are we supposed to do? Are you telling us to sit here and wait for our turn to die?! We'll go talk about this with the Hidden Stone.
What? If we acknowledge their pain too, then we can speak honestly.
They're sure to understand! Enough with your ideals! What about getting even for our friends who were killed?! Only by understanding the pain of others and shedding tears like them can we get close to the real world… Shedding tears with them? So you mean revenge? No, that's not what I meant.
I meant understanding each other.
Stop talking so idealistically.
There's no such thing in this world.
What's going on? If this goes on, the peace between the Stone and Leaf will be shattered.
Maybe the Hidden Stone aren't unified.
Maybe the leaders are pursuing peace, but the shinobi under them don't want it.
It could also be the work of Rogue Ninja.
Whatever the case, we must settle this quickly with the Hidden Stone! Scatter! What?! So many waiting to ambush us! Wait! You're Hidden Stone Shinobi, right? We are the Akatsuki, shinobi from the Hidden Rain! We've come to talk! Damn! They refuse to talk! What do we do, Yahiko? Our goal is negotiation, at all cost! Do not kill them! This can't be real! Yahiko! Who's there?! Damn! The enemy?! Run now! Nagato, go! Nagato… Hurry… Get away… Run, Nagato! Run away! Hurry! Nagato! Stop, Nagato! Stop! Stop it, Nagato! Yahiko… We retreat for now! So that was the power of the Rinnegan… Such a frightening power.
What should we do? If the Akatsuki start moving, our other teams disguised as shinobi from the other side will be in danger.
For the future of the Hidden Leaf, peace must not exist with the Hidden Stone.
This strategy was precisely to obstruct peace.
Perhaps we can use that power.
Collect all of the corpses here! Get rid of any traces of the Hidden Leaf! Sir! Danzo, huh… The Hidden Leaf is working behind the scenes… Yahiko… That jutsu that Nagato used earlier… It's probably a jutsu he can perform because he has the Rinnegan.
That's… Yeah, I felt it.
It was just like that time… That intense desire to kill made my hairs stand on end… That power is not of this world.
We must not let Nagato use it! If he does… I think it will kill him.
Konan, where's Yahiko? He went to look for food.
Oh… What's the matter? I'm scared…of my power.
Nagato… Before, I had Jiraiya Sensei.
I'm positive he taught me ninjutsu so that I could control this power.
But Jiraiya Sensei is no longer here… Yes, Jiraiya Sensei is gone… But… You have us.
We'll control your power.
For as long as it takes… Konan… Be careful, Yahiko.
You don't need to see me off! See to Nagato's wound, will you? From now on, save your worrying for him.
Nagato is the keystone of the Akatsuki! He's the one who will change this nation…this world.
The same can be said of you… Everyone respects and admires you.
Nagato is no different.
Nagato is going to be the bridge to peace.
My role is to be a pillar that supports that bridge.
Yahiko… This nation continues to weep.
It continues to endure pain.
I used to hate this land that cries all the time.
But now, I want to save it.
It's what I want with all my heart.
It reminds me of the crybaby that I used to be and I can't ignore it.
Yahiko! Be careful.
He is the bridge to peace.
… His will itself is the bridge.
Nagato… We believe in Yahiko! Let's go, everyone! Right! What made this happen? It was too late when we found them.
We were on the way to a peace conference with the Land of Earth… We recognized them as members of your clan, and… Lord Danzo, did you see the perpetrators? No doubt it was the Akatsuki.
Akatsuki?! But the Akatsuki is… A group that expounds peace and has been growing in influence lately in this village.
Yes, I hear they are an organization that shares my will! So why…? Hanzo, you left them on their own too long.
What? It's fine to be idealistic.
However, therein lies your weakness.
My weakness? Because of your high ideals, you are blind to those with similar motives.
But they became the enemy and turned against you.
That is what caused this tragedy.
However noble your ideals, not everyone will buy into them.
They may act like they share your hopes, but they're just a disorderly mob.
Ultimately, they'll be obsessed by greed and power turn into a cast of evil across the land.
Cast off the sheep's clothing from the Akatsuki and you'll find they're just wolves out to take over the village too.
Lord Hanzo… If nothing is done, they will take over this village.
Danzo of the Hidden Leaf, huh? An interesting person has started taking action.
Just like Obito said, the clouds are moving strangely.
There is no such thing as peace in this world.
That is the reality.
Reality is like this grand river that flows here.
No matter how hard one tries to stop it, reality will swallow you up whole and mercilessly crush you.
There is only way to escape that suffering.
That is the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Project Tsuki no Me! Nagato, reality is moving ahead quickly.
Coordinate your actions with me.
What Yahiko talks about are just ideals.
No matter what you say, I believe in Yahiko's ideals! Even though you possess the Rinnegan, you still think like an average person.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The New Akatsuki" Very well… Go see reality for yourself! THE NEW AKATSUKI Tune in again!