Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s15e28 Episode Script

The New Akatsuki

The New Akatsuki Everyone is growing weary of fighting.
Yes… Even if we win, the Akatsuki doesn't receive any rewards… The only things we have are our ideals.
In time, pent-up weariness will erase that ideal.
Are you saying that everyone will soon forget what they're fighting for? Nagato… Will you become the leader of the Akatsuki? I'm not…cut out to be a leader.
That day… I killed someone for the first time.
The feeling of that moment hasn't left these hands.
And I can't stop trembling! Yahiko… But you're different.
You have the mark of a hero… A special symbol known as the Rinnegan… that will become everyone's new ideal.
Yahiko! Are you going to take advantage of my Rinnegan? I'm scared of myself.
I've suffered so long because of these eyes.
I know… But you have someone who can keep that power in check for you.
Konan will always be at your side.
Yahiko… Hey, Brother! Big news! What's going on? A messenger from Hanzo is here.
Are you Yahiko, the leader of the Akatsuki? Yes, I am.
I am Kanzo, a trusted friend of Hanzo of the Salamander.
I've heard many rumors about you Akatsuki… How you seek peace without relying on military weapons.
That is the Akatsuki's founding principle.
Hanzo asked me to deliver a confidential letter to you.
Please… Is he serious? He would like to meet you personally.
Hanzo has given the Akatsuki his seal of approval.
In time… Hanzo will leave you to handle the peace negotiations between the three nations that surround the Hidden Rain.
Handle the negotiations between the three nations…? That's amazing, Brother! Please relay to Lord Hanzo that I accept.
That means we can help people out in the open! So many gave their lives for us to get to this point.
Finally, we'll be able to face them with pride.
Yahiko, your determination to free others from pain reached Hanzo.
Look… The Akatsuki's ideals have been restored.
There was never a need for a symbol.
We'll all follow your dream, no matter where that leads us.
Nagato… We weren't wrong! Nagato and I will go to the meeting tomorrow with Lord Hanzo.
Are you sure, Brother? We'll all go with you… No, that's not necessary.
Lord Hanzo will be shocked if too many of us show up.
I know, but… By the way, where's Konan? She went to patrol the Seventh Ward.
She won't be back until tomorrow morning.
I see… On such a special day too.
Anyway… Today, the Akatsuki took a giant step forward! Everyone! Set aside your duties for today and celebrate! The Akatsuki brats aren't suspicious at all, are they? Of course not.
If the one called Yahiko is killed, the Akatsuki will naturally die off.
And what of your plans? No need to worry.
Who could have…? This is…! We should be securing the hostage right about now.
With this, that lawless gang that threatens the village will disappear, and the Hidden Rain will be yours.
We finally made it up to this point.
You're—! Reality is moving ahead quickly.
Cut your ties with Yahiko immediately and join me.
Otherwise, you will all… We will what? What Yahiko speaks of are just ideals.
He tries to understand others' pain… but they do not even attempt to know our pain.
Furthermore, this world has no desire for that either.
That is reality.
You possess the Rinnegan, so you should understand.
No matter what you say, I believe in Yahiko's ideals! I guess without pain… you cannot experience reality.
In that respect, even though you possess the Rinnegan, you still think like an average person.
Very well… Go see reality for yourself, and experience pain.
There you are, Nagato.
Yahiko… Was someone just here? No… Let's get going.
Or we'll be late for the meeting with Lord Hanzo.
Right, let's go! Oww! What's the big idea? I was having a nice nap! What? Hey! Where'd Brothers Yahiko and Nagato go?! I think they left already.
The meeting with Hanzo is today.
Wake the guys up! We have to catch up with them! What's wrong? I'll tell you later! What's going on anyway? We just received word from a member of the Hidden Leaf border team.
The Leaf's ANBU Black Ops are on their way to Hanzo's as well.
The Leaf's ANBU? Why are they going to Hanzo's? I don't know the specifics.
But I just don't like the timing of it all, you know? And when you think about it… this thing with Hanzo just sounds too good to be true.
Then that means today's meeting with Hanzo is… Whatever it is, we need to let Brothers know! As much as I regret it, I can't let you go any further.
Who are you?! My name is Madara Uchiha… Damn you! Did Hanzo send you? I don't work for Hanzo.
But I can't let you interfere right now.
I want Nagato to see what reality is.
We don't have time for your nonsense.
Kill them! You take care of the weaklings.
You sure like to order me around! I'm Kyusuke the Swift! Don't underestimate my speed! I slipped right through him? What's going on?! Kyusuke! You bastards! Why…are you…doing this? I'm going to awaken Nagato's Rinnegan in the truest sense possible.
What're you talking about? There is no such thing as peace in this accursed world.
Nagato must abandon this dream and set out into a new world.
I'm not going to let you! Daibutsu! Now! Go right through me! Hurry! I'll see you in the next world! The Water Prison Jutsu? You can't beat me with a jutsu like this! This is no ordinary Water Prison.
This is cement! For the first time in my dismal life as a war orphan… I found hope in the Akatsuki! You think…I'd let some bastard like you take that away?! He's sacrificing his life in this attack… But, as expected, we're literally in different dimensions.
No way! Kyusuke… Your death will not be… Owww… The outer skin hardened… and peeled off, and it stings! Sorry, but this is the end for all of you.
Are you okay? Come, we have to hurry! We have to witness Nagato's destiny! Yahiko… You are the leader, so you must die.
If you resist, this woman will die.
You! The red-haired one.
Use that to kill Yahiko.
Then I will spare you and the woman.
Don't, Nagato! Never mind me! Both of you escape! Nagato.
Kill me.
Nagato! No! Hurry it up.
Or do you want this woman to die?! Konan… Yahi— You and Konan…must survive, no matter what it takes.
You are… the savior…of this world.
I know…you can… do it.
Yahiko! Kill them! He repelled it! How?! Did we get him? Nagato… Konan, hold onto Yahiko and stay still.
Not bad, kid! You escaped even while being hit by my Fire Style Jutsu! You're…no ordinary kid.
Those eyes… Get him! Summoning Jutsu! Gedo Statue! There it is! So he summoned it.
It's the Ten Tails' husk… What…is that?! Nagato No! Don't use that! We're dead if that touches us! So you were the leader behind the scenes.
It's quite a surprise that you possess the Rinnegan.
Nagato… Teleportation Jutsu! Nagato, Yahiko, Konan… The world of dreams… I shall let you see each other there… without fail.
Didn't I say so? Yeah, I finally understand.
The selfish desire to preserve peace causes war.
Hatred is born from wanting to protect love.
There's no such thing as peace in this accursed world.
You will always be the leader of the Akatsuki… Yahiko.
Hey, Kakashi! What's all the fuss? They're about to announce the Fourth Hokage! Don't be surprised! The Fourth Hokage is going to be Minato Sensei! Rin, it seems like Minato Sensei is going to be Hokage! If he's the Hokage, I'm sure Sensei will… Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "A Mask That Hides the Heart" …prevent any more victims like you guys… A MASK THAT HIDES THE HEART Tune in again!