Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e01 Episode Script

Kakashi`s Resolve

Dead men shouldn't go around messing things up! Uchiha Reflection.
I'll get the Eight and Nine Tails.
Obito, you take down those two.
- What?! - You're not getting away! Obito What happened to you? Why would you join up with him? Summoning Jutsu! You're late, Obito! You're finally here You must be Obito.
We've been waiting for you.
Barely made it You're really late.
We've already introduced ourselves.
You're the only one left! I'm going to be the Hokage! My name's Obito Uchiha! For my Great Stone Face, make sure my trademark goggles and Sharingan are nicely carved out! So I can glare over the neighboring lands! I'll scare the hell out of them with my Sharingan stare and no one will dare attack our village! Rattle off your instructions after you become the Hokage and activate your Sharingan.
Besides, how can they carve the Sharingan if you're wearing goggles? They can carve it out over my goggles! Then it will look like your eyeballs are popping out.
AnywayI'm happy that someone on this team shares my dream.
I'm Minato.
From today, I'll be your superior.
I'm glad to meet you! Minato Sensei All of this This world - None of it matters anymore! - None of it matters anymore! I'm not gonna let that happen, idiot! I'm the son of the Fourth Hokage, you know! I'm not gonna fall for your talk! I see.
I was going easy on you because you were the actual Jinchuriki, not a clone.
but if that's how you feel, I won't hold back on you! This is Hashirama's wooden dragon, which he used to hold down my Nine Tails long ago.
Madara really is crazy powerful.
That's what makes him worth fighting.
Your tough guy act is crazy solid.
I'm not going to hold back against a zombie either! Since you're already dead! Why ally yourself with someone like Madara? I've got nothing to say to you.
All that's left is this final battle! Kakashi's Resolve Earth Style Mud Wall! How about shutting up already? You're only talk.
You're nothing but a piece of trash.
I believe that the White Fang was a true hero.
Sure, in the world of Ninja, one who breaks the rules and regulations is regarded as trash.
But those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash! This is probably because you let Rin die.
I am trash for sure But Obito, you've always been my hero.
So why? Damn it! That damned wooden thing! It's absorbing the Nine Tails' chakra! Damn it We have the same eyes So you made it out, huh? Obito, how did you end up like this? Does it have to do with Rin? I'll protect my comrades! Let's go rescue Rin right now! Yeah! I said, trash should keep their mouths shut! Die.
Icouldn't keep my promise to you.
You're right.
I'm trash.
But you You're a hero of the Leaf.
There's no reason for you to become trash too.
This is reality.
Those who bequeath and the bequeathedboth.
All shinobi who survive in this world become trash.
You and I are prime examples, Kakashi.
Kakashi Sensei I can't move These guys are a distraction for you too, right? This world is about to come to an end.
So in order to enjoy the little time we've got left Let's clear out this battlefield first.
No one can escape the cycle that gives birth to trash in this world.
That's why I intend to remake the world! You guys make me so mad, I can't even think straight.
So instead, let me tell you something about myself.
I'm not trash! I'm not planning on becoming trash either! I will stop you! - I'll never let my comrades die! - I'll never let my comrades die! I'll never let my comrades die! I'm sorry, Naruto.
I'm the one who taught you Obito's words, and yet I was about to waver again.
Hirudora! Lightning Blade! Guess it wasn't just a bluff.
Obito Your once strong will is still alive today Right next to me! What the current me can do is protect the current Naruto! You'll protect the current Naruto? Same here They're both at their limits! These Hidden Leaf guys sure love to act tough! The wood's constriction is weakening.
Octopops! Ow oww! Be careful, Naruto! The enemy's Wood Paralysis is identical to the First Hokage's! It has the power to bind Tailed Beast Power! Like Captain Yamato's technique A Lightning Blade that relies on the Sharingan You've mastered your left eye Even awakening the Mangekyo.
But can you make it back from the other plane in your current condition? Go back to the trash heap, Kakashi! Kakashi Sensei is just likeme! Looks like we're gonna have to start worrying about Ten Tails.
Let them handle Obito.
Then we'll make our move! Now I see it clearly your pained face.
Save those lines for the one right next to you.
I definitely have to help Kakashi Sensei somehow.
He's completely drained from overusing the Sharingan.
If he gets sucked in Naruto, switch with me Let me handle this.
Don't argue.
Just switch! Hey, Kakashi brat, give me your hands You're Never mind that! Just stick out your hands! Kurama! What the heck did you just do? Now you don't have any distractions.
I'm leaving the rest to you, Naruto.
Damn! Now that we know how your ability works, I can counter it.
Here's another! Oh yeah, that certainly is a pained face Obito.
What's going on? Kakashi did that.
Over there.
The difference between you and me is I can give or take chakra voluntarily at will.
I'll show you how it's done later.
When did you pass it to him? When I grabbed his hand to throw him.
So then! Yeah, whenever he wants to, he can use Kamui to come out.
Thank Nine Tails for me.
Sure! Let's blast him to bits before he revives! Put in everything you've got! Right! It's ready to go, Octopops and Eight-o! Okay! Fire! It's over now! The Statue's chakrais gone.
We did it.
We did it, fool! Ya fool! All right then! It's over? Yeahfor this world.
Now then Shall we get started? Here comes a big one, you think we can really do this? First, we keep our distance and see what move he makes.
Then we'll counter the attack and hit him with a big blow as close as we can get.
Nine Tails, you're acting like a captain.
So? You got a problem with that? Nope.
In fact I feel kinda happy! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu" Save that line for after we've won! THE ALLIED SHINOBI FORCES JUTSU Tune in again!