Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e02 Episode Script

The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu

The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu I-Is that?! That's the! There's no mistaking it.
Yeah… That's… The Ten Tails! But I thought the Statue's evil chakra had disappeared! Damn it! They got us! That thing doesn't have that kind of emotion of feeling! It can't be sensed.
It's Natural Energy itself.
It's the same as that which circulates around the world, that you can feel in the soil, water, and the air.
It would be a different story if you tried it while engaged in Sage Mode though.
Got it! So if you say he's all Nature Energy, then I can check him out! Forget it, Naruto… Even if you tried something like that… All you'll see is just how immeasurable it is.
You're not kidding.
I had planned to capture them before the Ten Tails revived, but They're pretty good.
I want to start the Infinite Tsukuyomi ritual immediately.
That Great Genjutsu requires time to summon the moon.
They will interfere with the jutsu.
Things will go more smoothly if we use the Statue's power to get rid of them first.
Don't you agree? Madara… You just want to test the Ten Tails' power, don't you? That's why you deliberately You're like a child.
Brats are impatient, touchy fools.
Hey… Here comes a big one.
You think we can really do this? Don't think you can hide under your tentacles 'cuz you're scared! But first, hand me Guy over there.
I'll heal him later.
And that Naruto and Kakashi too! Listen up.
First, we keep our distance and see what move he makes! Then we'll counter the attack and hit him with a big blow as close as we can get.
Just like I said earlier! Nine Tails, you're acting like a captain.
Huh? You got a problem with that?! Nope… In fact, I feel kind of happy! That line Save it for after we've won! Let's go! It's surprisingly fast… There wasn't any time to observe its moves! Damn it! Now! Eight-O! Tailed Beast Bomb Barrage! There's no need to dodge.
I want to preserve Ten Tails' power as much as possible.
This is… …not good! It's all on you now! Persistent lot! Hey, Naruto, don't tell me Don't worry Bushier Brow Sensei.
Nice control, Naruto! You got them in nice and close! We focused too much on Ten Tails.
Sorry about the one leg.
But here we go! Kamui! Yeah! It just looks like one octopus leg got left behind, but Bee! Eight Tails! Operation Octopus Pot! Sorry it's a mean and cowardly plot! I'm gonna smash this into his eyeball! Get him! There are two flies above us as well… The Ten Tails' tail?! Naruto! Kakashi! Naruto, you really are a lot like me.
That's right, you're just younger than me.
Eventually… Forgive me, Eight-O and Octopops! Another Shadow Clone, huh? Kurama! How can you fall apart at a time like this?! That was about eight minutes.
It's longer than before, but that's the limit.
I'm going to have to infuse and build up my chakra.
Guess we have no choice.
That hurts, fool.
Ya fool! I'm going to rest a bit too.
I'm also at my limit.
I can't get healed yet? Pulling something as massive as Eight Tails in and out sure comes with a correspondingly large cost.
I'm drained already.
Seems Eight Tails and Nine Tails have run out of chakra for now.
You favorite Shadow Clone Jutsu? It may be forbidden high-level ninjutsu, but just increasing the number of losers won't-- I'm not a loser! Stop, Naruto! It's meaningless to create Shadow Clones that will divide your chakra even more.
They might be useful as diversions, but not for decisive hits.
And if you go down we lose this war.
You were always just a motley crew anyway.
Huh?! M-M-Motley crew? Like I said, you're incompetent.
He's saying that it's pointless to merely increase the number of heads if they're all empty.
You and I are both powerless shinobi.
You no, I should say everyone… will eventually end up like me.
I'll never end up like you! How many times do I have to tell you?! My dream is to become the Hokage! Don't worry.
Everything will go as planned.
There is no shinobi jutsu mightier than the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
I'll make you Hokage inside this jutsu.
So… Just disappear along with the rest of this world! What the…? Did it miss? On purpose? About time! Kakashi! Guy! Sorry to keep you waiting! I can't believe he shook off my Byakugan-aided, spot-on Mind Transfer in just two seconds! But you still succeeded in shifting that large thing's aim off target.
Good work! Are you all right, Naruto? Yeah! You don't have to act tough in front of Hinata, Naruto! Beetle Jamming Jutsu! Hidden Mist Jutsu! We're here, Naruto! All right, we won't be so easily detectable now! Lord Bee! You're in better shape than I expected! Lord Bee! You look seriously wounded! Omoi, you worry too much! Guy Sensei, don't tell me you used Hirudora?! I'm sorry we're late, Captain Kakashi.
Sakura, first off! I know! The Sensory Water Sphere won't maintain its original shape.
We better! Inoichi! Ao! Confirm the situation! - Roger! - Okay! First Company has arrived! Second Company has also arrived! Third Company has arrived! Fourth Company has arrived! Fifth Company has also arrived! The Medical Unit's here too! Sensory Unit has arrived! Nice try hiding, but Wind Style! Art of the Gust Blade! We're not a motley crew anymore! Here is the Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu! The world's greatest, most invincible, super-duper ninjutsu, you know! A jutsu that trumps the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Remember that! The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu, eh? Don't you think that's a bit of stretch? We're going to stop you two with this jutsu! You're wrong.
Why won't you realize that it's meaningless for you to stop us here? After this war, even that jutsu will disintegrate… Then someone from your side will attempt to do exactly what we're doing now.
There is no victory, no matter how much you struggle.
Get it through your head.
There's no such thing as hope anywhere in this world.
I don't care! I'll make sure there's hope! It's meaningless to argue whether there is or isn't something during a war.
How about we settle this now? When there's a difference of opinion, isn't the usual way majority rule? So what do we do? Then… We'll call it after we've erased all of you And I knew you'd say that.
But… This world… - will end! - will not end! Let's go, everyone! This is the final deciding battle! Scatter! Thanks for buying us some time, Naruto.
Did you have enough time to come up with a strategy? Thanks to you, I was able to relay it to everyone! Kakashi told us the masked man is Obito Uchiha.
But there's no time to be shocked.
For this fight, we need to take and maintain the upper hand and not give them any opportunity to counter! According to the intel we received, our enemy has impressive eyes.
First, we'll impede their movement by destroying their vision.
The Hidden Cloud! Lightning Style! Flash Pillar! Gale Style! Laser Circus.
I see… Their true aim is to blind Ten Tails! With the two jutsu from earlier, the Hidden Mist's Mist and the Beetle Jamming Along with the large volume of airborne dust stirred up by the Gale Style right now The Hidden Sand, now! Wind Style: Air Current Dance! We'll not just destroy their vision completely, but thwart them from even sensing us at all.
And since their sheer bulk prevents them from hiding we'll be able to take full advantage of the situation.
We only revealed our jutsu to him a short while ago, and he's already incorporating them into the battle plan! Leave it to Shikamaru's dad, like father like son! This makes it impossible to sense them.
We'll wipe them all out with a Ten Tails' attack! The Hidden Stone, proceed immediately! We know! Earth Style: Vast Mobile Core! After shutting down their senses, we'll immobilize them! As soon as we bring down the Ten Tails, pour in quicklime! - Lava Style: Quicklime Jutsu! - Lava Style: Quicklime Jutsu! Hidden Mist! You're up next! - Water Style: Water Bomb Jutsu! - Water Style: Water Bomb Jutsu! We'll add water to the mix, and rapidly stir up the quicklime! Hidden Leaf! Let's finish this! Sarutobi Clan members! Let's go! Fire Style: Majestic Flame Jutsu! And we'll dry it with the heat from the Fire Style… Let it set and immobilize it! Unbelievable.
Who would've thought, that the ninja from the five villages could work so cooperatively.
Unless we stop the Ten Tails, we don't have a chance to go after Obito or Madara.
The Ten Tails is merely a tool for them to aid in activating their jutsu.
If we cut off the head from the body, namely those two… Infinite Tsukuyomi cannot be activated! But keep in mind that we won't be able to suppress the Ten Tails' power for too long.
Only physical attacks work on Madara.
So shinobi who are skilled in taijutsu will go after Madara! Obito can slip through all moves and jutsu, but according to our intel, that only lasts for five minutes.
Coordinate with the Medical Unit and keep attacking him for more than five minutes! Do not let up! That's right, Naruto It's now time for your Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu! How pitiful.
This hope that they're clinging to doesn't exist.
Just like their very lives, at this point.
It seems Ten Tailsis ready.
Don't just stand there spacing out, Naruto! This is a battlefield and we're at war.
People die! Naruto, your power is critical to the plan.
You are the key! So until we execute it We must protect you, Naruto! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The Ties That Bind" The Hyuga are the mightiest among The Hidden Leaf! THE TIES THAT BIND Tune in again!