Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e04 Episode Script

Those Who Dance in the Shadows

Those Who Dance in the Shadows What is this chakra? They all sense the chakra, even though none of them are sensory types.
This chakra is Let's go.
Hurry and lead the way, Orochimaru.
It looks like he's a bit concerned about Naruto.
That's Nine Tails'— I mean, Naruto's chakra! Nice work transforming and transferring my chakra, Naruto! I've gotten the hang of it.
Work with me, Kurama! That shinobi Nara, he sure analyzed my chakra exchange capabilities extensively.
We've kept them waiting a while.
A few shadow clones should be okay.
Got it! A-Amazing Naruto is able to use this chakra Shadow Clone Jutsu! You're late, Naruto! Choji! Ino! O-Okay! Whatis this? Are these calories? Hey! Choji! You're gaining weight again! That brat Naruto Is he giving them the Nine Tails' chakra? I feelmy power surging! She did that with just an Air Palm?! That girl She's gotten quite strong after getting power from Naruto Expansion Jutsu! Shikamaru! Ino! Are you ready?! - Yeah! - Okay! You all understand the plan, right? Beat it into your heads! Start with Ino-Shika-Cho! What if the plan doesn't work? Then you live on and take the reins, Shikamaru.
HQ will be wiped out shortly.
The only face time I spent with you as your father was when we played shogi.
I haven't given you a thing-- You gave me plenty.
I was able to grow up, staring at your back, Dad.
Ino You've grown up to become the embodiment of the Yamanaka clan's purple crest, the bush clover, and what it symbolizes Optimistic loveright? That's not the only thing the bush clover stands for.
The thing I am most proud of is your care and compassion for your friends! I've watched you blossom into a beautiful bush clover flower Our time's almost up.
Do you have any final words, Shikaku? Hmm Could you tell your mom this for me, Shikamaru Wait! Before that, throw out that thing in the wooden box on the left-hand shelf of the storeroom without your mom finding out! I know all about it Don't worry Lastly, from me Never forget that we live on inside of you forever.
Don't forget! Don't mock me! What?! - Shadow Possession - Mind Transfer - Jutsu! - Jutsu! I'm in! Tsk They did it again! Damn you! They're faster than me! Nice, Ino! They just keep on coming Now it's the Nara's Paralysis jutsu - Don't mess with the Nara Clan! - Don't mess with the Nara Clan! All right! We stopped him in his tracks! You can stop now, Ino! Are you all right?! Y-Yeah Neji! Lee, stop crying! Lee Lee So long as we don't abandon Neji's convictions, he will continue to live on, connected inside all of us.
Let me share a little something with you.
It's those connections that made me what I am today! You ought to know that bonds can be powerful curses too! Naruto I was the one who once told you, "I will never let my comrades die" Those words are also an admonition aimed at myself.
I haven't been able to save many comrades.
Which is why I keep telling myself this time, I will protect them.
But then, I end up having to face the fact that I couldn't once more.
I'll be confronting those wounds for the rest of my life.
But that's why we're ninja.
We are those who endure.
They'll never let you forget.
But it's those wounds that prove your comrades live on inside here.
Your friends are still alive in here Friends that you create inside a dream, so you can't get hurt, aren't real.
That means you're just erasing your real friends! Curse or not, I want to keep the real Neji right here.
The real Nejiright here Gentle Fist! It's no use, Lee.
No matter how hard you try, you'll never defeat me.
That's just how things are.
Look for a different rival.
So you saw me lose.
Hey, Lee, I used to think that you couldn't change the fate that was handed to you One day, I'll fight you for real, so we can see which is greater, your Ferocious Fist or my Gentle Fist.
ButI shall not lose so long as my eyes are black.
In your case, Neji, isn't it the white of your eyes? Oh Yeah But anyway You have me as your rival.
It's a lot stronger than before, and more of it than last time.
There's something I want to confirm regarding the intel from the last battle sequence Kakashi, you said that the reason why you were able to travel through space time using Kamui, plus pull Eight Tails in and out almost whole, was thanks to receiving Nine Tails' chakra from Naruto, right? Yes To be more precise, I received that chakra directly from Nine Tails In reference to your choice of words, "Thanks to" How different was it compared to using Kamui without Nine Tails' chakra? Explain it to me in simple terms.
I would say more than three times the power.
I couldn't really hurl things that were very large or do it very often before that.
Almost done? Humph Looks like things have gone your way, Fourth Hokage! NARUTO NINE TAILS' CHAKRA Until now, the only one who was able to link their chakra to mine NARUTO NINE TAILS' CHAKRA was Naruto because he possesses Kushina's NARUTO NINE TAILS' CHAKRA and because he has been my Jinchuriki for many years NINE TAILS' CHAKRA NARUTO NINJA NINJA And Naruto has matured to the point NINE TAILS' CHAKRA NARUTO NINJA NINJA where he's skillful enough to sense and transmute my chakra NINE TAILS' CHAKRA NARUTO NINJA NINJA to be compatible with other shinobi and then hand it over to them.
NINE TAILS' CHAKRA NARUTO NINJA NINJA NINJA Though I can also help or use Naruto NINE TAILS' CHAKRA NARUTO NINJA NINJA NINJA as an intermediary to give my chakra to anyone NINE TAILS' CHAKRA NARUTO NINJA NINJA NINJA NINJA The same exact way you handed over NINE TAILS' CHAKRA NARUTO NINJA NINJA NINJA NINJA and inserted your own chakra into Naruto, Minato.
He's already Surpassed you both a while ago now.
The amount of chakra he's linking and delivering is on a completely different scale! Kushina, Minato You're pathetic! You both pale in comparison to your brat Naruto! But this is probably the power you wanted to give to Naruto.
Heh I should probably lend a little more power too.
Damn it! He's pushing me back hard! Naruto, now's your chance! Do it now! Tailed Beast Bomb! Beam of Light.
- Eight Trigrams Wall of Air Palm! - Eight Trigrams Wall of Air Palm! - Wind Style: Giant Casting Net! - Wind Style: Giant Casting Net! I won't let Neji's death be in vain! A curse mark that doesn't go away until you die A shinobi curse that Hyuga's main and branch families gave rise to An existence where one can only await one's death inside a cage.
It's a nice analogy for our current situation.
You're all exactly like that brat who just died a pointless death.
Neji Neji's will isn't dead yet! I'll take the right! Gotcha! Damn it! My shoulder's dislocated again! Gentle Fist! Go, Lee! Unlike you guys, I don't want to sever any of my bonds or get them cut off! This place seems to be untouched.
It's in shambles.
Well, I suppose it is way outside the village.
Which one is it? Let's see, it should be around here somewhere.
There it is.
This place gives me the creeps If we've found what we were looking for, let's get out of here! Yes, let's go to where all the secrets sleep.
Huh? This place sure has changed a lot too.
What's up with Sasuke? He's just like how I was before I wanted to destroy Leaf.
How so? Even if both he and the village have changed, this place is still his homeland.
He needs some time to reaffirm his decision and resolve, through immersing himself in sentimentality and by retracing the past.
Hmm So you're over it already? The whole immerse yourself in sentimentality to affirm your resolve to destroy the Leaf thing.
Hey, come to think of it, we were all your cream of the crop subordinates, right? And now we're inside of the Leaf All the strong ones are gone because they're away fighting.
Isn't this a perfect opportunity for you? Perhaps, indeed Except for one thing You're no longer Hebi.
Oh, you use a jutsu to remove the entry stone There's not even a trace of the Uchiha's Nakano Shrine The exterior doesn't matter.
What's important is what's beneath.
Let's go.
Well then, I'm going to get started.
It's best if you stand back.
In order to perform what is written in the scroll, first, the Death God's Mask is necessary.
That is located in the Uzumaki Clan's Noh Mask Hall on the outskirts of the Leaf Village.
Then one must allow the Death God of the Reaper Death Seal to possess oneself and guide it forth.
Slice open the Death God's abdomen and the seal will come undone.
Though I shall then end up a human sacrifice.
However, it will also allow me to get back both of my arms from inside the Death God's belly.
They're mine again! And if I can regain the power that lies in those arms, I can perform the Reanimation.
That's right I can revive those four.
Of course in that case, you're well aware of what will then become necessary You're planning on using us as sacrifices for the Reanimation, aren't you?! That's not such a bad idea, but we've actually got something even better than you guys.
Though it's still invisible to you yet.
Jugo, Sasuke, Suigetsu Get ready! Got it.
Jugo, bestow upon Sasuke some of your Curse Mark Sage Power.
And when you do, the Zetsu that Tobi stuck onto Sasuke to watch him should respond and rise to the surface.
Damn it! How did you--?! I know your Hashirama cells inside and out from my experiments.
Including how to detect you, of course.
Six of you, huh? Tobi sure wasn't taking any chances! When I reclaimed and reabsorbed my chakra from Kabuto, all his intel was transferred inside me.
And he'd thoroughly investigated the six Zetsu that had been attached to Sasuke.
I possess those four's DNA as well, since I love collecting and storing knowledge too.
Suigetsu, Jugo Take care of the remaining two.
Okay, Lord Orochimaru! Reanimation Jutsu! Now, here I come! They, who are all-knowing The previous Hokage! That's the First Hokage? The real Hashirama who's been touted as a God of Shinobi? No way You solved how to undo that Sealing Jutsu? Lord First, it appears we've been recalled into the world of the living.
Hm? Who the hell are you? Oh, uh The Fourth Hokage, sir! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The All-Knowing" Oh! The Fourth, eh?! THE ALL-KNOWING Tune in again!