Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e05 Episode Script

The All-Knowing

The All-Knowing That's the First Hokage? The real Hashirama who's been touted as a God of Shinobi? Don't tell me it's that shinobi Orochimaru again! What do you mean? I suspect he undid the Reaper Deal that has been keeping us sealed away.
And then performed the Reanimation Jutsu.
No way You found out how to undo that Sealing Jutsu? How did you do that Mr.
Orochimaru? You underestimate me, Minato.
Originally a Sealing Jutsu of the Uzumaki Clan I've been researching the ruins and scattered documents of the now extinct clan ever since I lost my jutsu.
Lord First It appears we've been recalled into the world of the living.
Who the hell are you?! Oh, uh The Fourth Hokage, sir.
Oh? The Fourth Hokage, you say? I see! So the village has remained stable! Well, I'm not actually sure if it has or not.
Because I died and was sealed away much earlier than Lord Third.
Huh? Is that so In a separate incident than when I was sealed away with Sarutobi? Yes a completely separate incident.
So who's the Fifth Hokage? Your granddaughter, Princess Tsunade.
Tsuna, huh? Is the village okay? Is there something to be worried about? She was my first grandchild, so I spoiled her rotten! In the end, she even picked up my gambling habit He's not what I expected of someone considered to be the God of Shinobi! How do I put it? The Reanimation Jutsu again I can't believe the jutsu I devised would be used so casually.
It's not a complex jutsu.
However, you should not have created it in the first place.
Lord Second Many of your policies and jutsu that you developed ended up causing problems later on down the line.
Even now Why you! Are you planning on attacking the Leaf again?! I took away your jutsu in exchange for my own life.
Yet you still--! And this time you revived me, your former master, to pit me against the Leaf! Conflict, no matter what the era.
It certainly cannot be called that great a jutsu.
Tobirama, that's why I told you that time to Will you be quiet, big brother? I am trying to talk to this stripling right now.
But I Shut up! So not dignified for the God of Shinobi! Please do not misunderstand.
I don't have any more leanings in that direction.
Haven't you noticed that I'm not suppressing your personalities? There are certain circumstances at play this time.
I'm merely creating a stage for discourse per his strong desire.
I'm Sasuke Uchiha and I want to ask you Hokage some things.
Is that you Sasuke? You belong to the Uchiha? Of course you'd stick with a scoundrel.
Tobirama! I told you to stop saying such things! You're too soft, big brother! Never mind me.
Lord Third Why did you make Itachi do what he did? So, you've learned of what happened.
Ikilled Itachi to avenge the Uchiha Clan.
Afterwards, I learned the truth from Tobi and Danzo.
And I leaned towards swearing vengeance against the Leaf.
However, I want to hear it straight from your mouth.
Everything regarding Itachi.
So it came to that Not only did I have him kill his brethren I also had him bear the false charge of traitor and keep tabs on the Akatsuki all by himself.
From the time he was a small child, Itachi paid attention to the teachings and signs of our predecessors that no one else gave heed to.
He was a sensitive child who understood our village's past and our shinobi.
And perhaps due to that, the trappings of a clan never bound Itachi.
He was able to think ahead about the future of shinobi and of the village.
And constantly had misgivings regarding those futures.
Even at the age of seven, he thought like a Hokage.
We left everything to Itachi in his hands alone and he executed his missions perfectly.
He killed his entire clan and stopped a revolt.
Prevented a coming war all by himself.
He even infiltrated the Akatsuki as a spy to protect the village.
On the condition that I protect you within the village.
So it's all true.
This is part of the Uchiha's cursed fate.
I can't believe they're on the brink of extinction.
So they even plotted a coup I'd envisioned that it might come to something like that.
The rebellious elements bearing Madara's will had been smoldering.
But you're the one who drove the Uchiha to it, Lord Second It could be said that the seeds got sown with the Uchiha Police Force that you created.
What did you say? Those who crack down on crime tend to be easily disliked.
The more authority such a group has, the more conceited it can get.
By building the Police Station next to the prison under the pretext of facilitating the monitoring of criminals, you conspicuously shoved the Uchiha Clan to the margins of the village.
That's what fostered the adherents to Madara.
Tobirama! Did I not emphasize to you over and over again not to slight the Uchiha? But I gave them positions that they were eminently qualified for.
And I believed that even if another Madara were to emerge, he could be dealt with right away.
As you well know, older brother, the Uchiha are a clan possessed by evil! It's like Madara left a psychological scar upon you.
To cause such fear of the Uchiha.
You stripling.
You do not know Madara.
Second Hokage, a question for you What is it about the Uchiha Clan? What do you know? The Senju and Uchiha Clans share a long history of battling each other.
We were once bitter enemies.
I know that already What did you mean about the Uchiha being possessed by evil? There used to be a thought that in contrast to the Senju Clan, who based their strength in love as opposed to jutsu The basis of the Uchiha Clan's strength was the power of their jutsu.
However, the truth is actually different.
There is no clan that feels deeper love than the Uchiha.
And that is why the Uchiha have suppressed and sealed it away.
What do you mean?! Once a member of the Uchiha knows love, it's almost as if all of his or her previously checked emotions are released.
They awaken a profound love and power that exceeds even the Senju's.
But why is that a problem? It should help things go smoothly with the Senju too This super-strong power of love, right? Except it is quite problematic.
This great power hides within it the possibility of going out of control.
When an Uchiha who has known love loses that deep love, it is replaced by an even stronger hate that changes them.
I've seen it happen quite a few times.
And that's when a special condition emerges.
Condition? When an Uchiha writhes in agony over the loss of a great love or disappointment in themselves, a unique chakra is released inside their brain and reacts with the optic nerves and changes appear that person's eyes.
The eyes that reflect the heart.
This is what we call the Sharingan.
The Sharingan taps into the power of that person's heart, rapidly increasing their strength, along with the power of their hate.
There were many sensitive individuals among the Uchiha, and nearly all who were exposed to strong emotions were taken over by darkness and fell to evil.
The deeper the darkness gets the greater the Visual Prowess becomes, until the person can no longer be stopped.
Just like Madara.
Madara cared deeply for his younger brother His love was, perhaps, greater than your brother's love for you.
I thought I had arranged and guided things as such that the Uchiha's power could be harnessed to serve the village.
Although if they self-destructed for the sake of the village, then so be it.
Either way, in the end, they were of use to the Leaf Village.
Tobirama! Stop talking like that! You are speaking to an innocent Uchiha child! What is all-important is the village.
The village is the keystone.
I know that you know that too older brother.
It doesn't bother me.
I am neither innocent nor a child.
It's not the standard pattern It's the Mangekyo Sharingan First Hokage I ask you this What does it mean to be a village? And what does it mean to be a shinobi? What is a village, and what are shinobi? My older brother Itachi, despite having been used by the Leaf, defended the village with his life.
He died a proud Leaf Shinobi.
So what exactly is this village, that one strives to protect even if it means killing one's kin? Even if it means their own death? And what are shinobi who've created such circumstances and consider them acceptable? I'll listen to your response and find out the truth, and then I'll make my decision Whether or not to declare vengeance against the Leaf.
Or Orochimaru What is it? You once tried to destroy the Leaf At first, when you said you did it on a whim, I believed you.
But now, I know it was something different.
What was the real reason? Vengeance against the Hidden Leaf? You brat possessed with the Uchiha evil! In that case I shall Lord Second! Tobirama! Now we're talking presence! Lower your finger.
All right Don't get your chakra so riled up, brother.
Sorry about that! Wow, that's incredible! You haven't changed a bit, Lord Hashirama Well then, Sasuke, you had a good older brother.
He was a greater shinobi than I ever was! I don't mind telling you more about the village, but it will take a while.
If possible, could you please tell the child everything he wants to know quickly? We don't have much time.
No time? We're in the middle of a war.
Madara Uchiha has been revived and apparently intends to erase all the shinobi of this world.
Always conflict, no matter what the era.
I definitely feel some powerful chakra in the direction of 2 o'clock.
This is Naruto and Nine Tails' chakra.
I see So you did it, Naruto! And you're fighting together even now! It seems to be true.
I'm definitely sensing Madara's chakra.
Then we ought to head to the battlefield.
As all of you are under the control of my Reanimation Jutsu, your movements can be restricted.
If you insist, you may head to the battlefield after we finish talking.
Talk later! Do you truly understand the gravity of Madara having been revived? I'm sticking with this child.
If Sasuke isn't satisfied with your explanation, I may use all of you to destroy the Leaf now.
The timing couldn't be better.
This jutsu--! Orochimaru, was it? You seem to be misunderstanding something.
The fact that you've upped the precision of the Reanimation since the last time shall be your downfall.
Now that we've been revived at close to our original power I am not someone who can be bound by the Reanimation of one such as you.
Do not forget, I am the one who devised this jutsu in the first place.
Older brother, you must agree that we have no choice.
I will take action! Sarutobi, you sure raised quite a shinobi.
It is an honor to be praised by the God of Shinobi himself.
He's acquired my cells and enhanced his power to bind us! Tobirama Your instincts have dulled a bit.
Damn him Taking a closer look, most of his body is composed of my older brother's cells Now then First Hokage Hashirama He's different.
He could undo my binding at any time I have to be careful not to let down my guard.
Orochimaru Do not fret.
My priority is to undo the ill feelings that are binding this child.
I don't know what he will decide after he is done listening to me But if we ignore him now, he will definitely become the next Madara.
If that happens, ending the war and winning will be meaningless.
Do as you please, older brother.
Now then Where should I start? Yes In order to talk to you about village and shinobi Wood Style: Wood Dragon Jutsu! I must first speak of the Uchiha and Senju Clans Wood Style! Wood Golem Jutsu! The Wood Style Wood Expulsion Jutsu, was it? Perfect for taking on difficult beasts He clad his Susano'o around the Tailed Beast like armor! Madara, you crafty fox! I can read your sword swings! Wood Style: Laughing Buddha Jutsu! At this rate, this land will be completely obliterated.
It's best to move this to the seashore! You're not getting away! There, try grabbing that! What will you do now?! Summoning Five-Layer Rashomon! This will change the trajectory! All the way to the other shore? Hashirama It's been a while since we've fought each other earnestly! You can see that I have changed! You're going to lay everything to waste? To all we've accomplished up until now, Madara? Nothing will come of us battling each other This fight will only hurt the village and shinobi! This is an insult towards our siblings and our friends! You know nothing of my--! I don't want to kill you! Are you implying that you could kill me at any time? No! I'm saying we're friends! I've alreadyreached it! Then so be it Sage Art: Wood Style: Veritable 1000-Armed Kan'on Here I go, Madara! Bring it, Hashirama! Aim it a little higher than you'd expect, and then I know that! It will reach the other side if I put my all into it! Besides who are you anyway? First name's Hashirama.
I can't tell you my last name.
Hashirama, huh? That was Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Hashirama and Madara" the first time I encountered Madara Uchiha.