Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e07 Episode Script

The Warring States Period

Era of Warring States W-Wait A-Are you sure he's an Uchiha? Yes If he's found out that you're Senju, he'll pretend to let his guard down to steal intel on us.
Do not trust him.
No, he's not like that You'd trust the clan who killed your younger brother? You have no idea what he's thinking inside his gut! If he tricks you, you'll be putting the entire Senju Clan at risk.
Just in case, Tobirama and I will come along.
Understood? Answer me! Yes.
I know it's right off the bat, but how about we just skip stones instead of exchanging greetings? Yeah Hashirama Sorry.
I can't stay today I just remembered something I have to do.
O-Oh yeah? I'm going to head home then.
RUN TRAP, SCRAM That speed! He's planning to run for it! Damn Hashirama! He warned him! Let's go, Tobirama! Yes! Seems like we're both on the same page.
Butsuma Senju.
And Tobirama, I believe.
Indeed, Tajima Uchiha.
And Izuna, right? It seemed the Uchiha coincidentally had the same idea.
Exactly the same circumstances.
Butsuma Senju and Tajima Uchiha both knew from numerous prior clashes that they possessed practically equal strength.
- Stop! - Stop! Shinobi are trained to keep their hearts in check on the battlefield, no matter what happens.
A single flash of emotional display can lead to vulnerability and mean the difference between life and death.
However The two adults were well aware that if their own child were killed right before their eyes, it would likely, no matter how slight, unbalance their heart.
Meaning whoever could land the first strike would determine the outcome.
TRAP, SCRAM RUN I'll never forgive anyone who tries to hurt my little brother, no matter who they are! Same here! Hey, Hashirama What is it? Maybe it just isn't possible for us to reach that pipe dream of ours Madara What are you? It may have been brief, but it was funHashirama.
Three against three Can we take them, Madara? Hashirama is stronger than me.
If we fight, we'll lose.
There's a kid stronger than you, Brother? I see, quite impressive.
So long.
Madara! Youreally haven't given up, have you? You've gotten to the same point I You are Senju.
I truly wish it wasn't so.
My brothers were killed by the Senju.
And your brothers, by the Uchiha So there's no need to show our guts to each other.
Our next meeting will likely be on the battlefield Hashirama Senju.
I'mMadara Uchiha.
Father! Look at Big Brother's eyes! We may not have obtained any intel on the Senju but it seems we gained something valuable from this, after all.
He awakened his Sharinganjust now? In that moment, I felt like I understood what awakening the Sharingan truly signified.
He decided to completely erase his friend.
To erase me from his life.
After that, we battled.
We fought each other day after day.
And before we knew it, we'd each become our respective clan's leaders.
We were at the furthest place possible from the dream that we wanted to fulfill.
Fire Style! Fire Ball Jutsu! Water Style! Water Dragon Missile! A blind attack I curse the misfortune of the ones who do not have the Sharingan.
Flying Raijin Slice! Izuna! Hang in there! I swear I'll save you! Hashirama Madara You cannot defeat me.
But I had never abandoned our dream.
Why don't we end this? If the two strongest shinobi clans, the Uchiha and Senju, join forces, nations will not be able to find other shinobi clans that can stand against us The conflict will eventually start to die down.
Come on.
No Big Brother Izuna! Do not be deceived by them Izuna! Have you forgotten that these bastards killed everyone killed the Uchiha? It was clear to all that the Uchiha Clan was in an unfavorable position.
In fact, defectors to the Senju soon began showing up.
And that's about when Madara changed as well.
He had obtained the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.
Those eyes What happened to Izuna? My little brother ended up dying from that day's wounds Leaving me powers that will help protect the Uchiha! I sent you a cease-fire agreement! If you truly want to protect the Uchiha, let's stop fighting! Hashirama! Wood Style, Deep Forest Bloom! Poison Pollen eh? Enough, Madara! Fighting is meaningless! Meaningless? Then why did Izuna die? It's because.
because you bastards killed him! Wood Golem Jutsu! Hashirama! Madara, we were friends! And we shared the same dream! Hashirama! How long will you keep saying such juvenile things? It's just not possible to show our guts to each other! Don't you get it? Hashirama! Madara! At the end of a battle that lasted a whole day Madara's back touched the ground for the very first time.
Madara You're finished.
Wait, Tobirama.
Why, Elder Brother?! This is our chance! No one touches him! Just get it over with, Hashirama.
It would be an honor to die by your hand.
Stop posturing.
If I kill the clan leader of the Uchiha, it will only incite the young ones who follow you.
There isn't anyone left with such pluck among the Uchiha anymore.
Sure there are.
Perhaps not right now, but in time.
Come on Why don't we end this war? We made a promise, remember? To create the ideal village someday.
Can't we go back to those days and skip rocks together? That's just impossible.
You and I are no longer the same.
Let's build our settlement here! Heh You're pretty much the only one spouting such nonsense.
Well then, what about you? Yeah If that settlement gets built here, then I could watch over my little brother, and protect him in this place where you can see to no end! I don't have a single brother left.
I have nothing to protect.
AndI just can't trust you.
Is there any way I can convince you to trust us? Well, there is a way to show each other our guts Either kill your brother or kill yourself right now.
And then we'll be even.
I'd be willing to trust your clan.
Kill your little brother or kill yourself? How dare you say something so ridicu- I agree.
This is crazy! So what are you going to do, Elder Brother? Are you going to kill me now? Or are you going to die on account of this guy's nonsense? It's idiotic.
Don't listen to him! Thank you, Madara.
You really are kindhearted.
Madara had given me a choice, an option where I wouldn't have to kill my little brother.
He knew all too well how an older brother feels towards his younger siblings.
Listen, Tobirama Etch these words into your heart, for these are my final words Brother Words that I shall be exchanging with my life.
You too, my fellow clan members.
After my death, do not kill Madara.
I forbid any fighting between the Uchiha and Senju.
Swear this right now upon the lives of your fathers, and your grandchildren yet unborn.
Farewell Enough I have now seen your guts.
It was like a dream The Uchiha and the Senju formed an alliance.
There would no longer be any casualties, nor would any more children have to die.
And so, we began building our village.
Do you remember how we used to talk here when we were brats? Yeah I thought we were just talking about our dream.
That dream is now becoming a reality.
There's no time to be weak right now! We're going to need to come up with a name for the village too! Any thoughts? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "My True Dream" How about the Village Hidden in the Leaves? MY TRUE DREAM Tune in again!