Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e08 Episode Script

My True Dream

It was like a dream The Uchiha and the Senju formed an alliance.
There would no longer be any casualties, nor would any more children have to die.
And so, we began building our village.
Later, we would ally with the Land of Fire, and the creation of a peaceful state where nation and village stood on equal footing also commenced.
In any case, it was like a dream.
My True Dream SHINOBI ACADEMY Do you remember how we used to talk here when we were kids? Let's build our settlement here! Huh? And make it so kids won't have to kill each other! We'll create a school where kids can train and grow up stronger! Assign missions that fit an individual's abilities and strengths! Have superiors who can properly assign ranks to commissions! It will be a place where kids don't have to be sent into harsh battlefronts.
You're pretty much the only one spouting such nonsense.
Well then, what about you? It doesn't sound bad at all.
Then it's decided! Yeah If that settlement gets built here, then I could watch over my little brother, and protect him in this place where you can see to no end! I thought we were just talking about our dream.
They say where there's a will, there's a way And yet, I That dream is now becoming reality.
The leader of shinobi who protects the Land of Fire from the shadows.
The Fire Shadow, or Hokage.
Well? What's that supposed to be? The Land of Fire requests that we select someone who will represent the Village.
I'm considering naming you to be our leader the Hokage.
You no longer have any siblings left But I'd like you to think of all of the village shinobi as your siblings.
I want you to protect them with all your might.
Even though I couldn't protect my own Uchiha brethren? Kawarama Itama! Itama! W-What happened? My little brotherdied.
I come to the river because I feel like all the haziness in my heart gets washed away as I stare at the water.
So that's what happened Your name's Madara, right? I wonder if you're like me Do you have siblings? I'm one of five.
Well, there used to be five of us.
Soyou don't have any more siblings? No I have one younger brother left.
And I'll protect him, no matter what! What about you? I have one brother left too.
And I intend to protect him too, no matter what.
Flying Raijin Slice! Izuna! There's no time to get weak right now! In addition to the Uchiha and Senju, it seems the Sarutobi and the Shimura Clans also want to join.
Are you kidding? Are you serious?! And there are many others! This village is going to keep on expanding! We're going to need to come up with a name for the village too Any thoughts? How about The VillageHidden in the Leaves? It's too simple It's not imaginative.
You called it exactly as you saw it.
How's it different from "Hokage"?! And you still have that habit of getting depressed easily! It took a long time, but it felt like we were back to being the friends we once were.
So you're saying the role of the Hokage is to stay in the village and protect everyone? There's that But he'll be even more significant.
As village-building picks up speed, the Hokage will get busier too.
That's why I want to have your likeness carved into this cliff at our feet.
As a symbol of our village's protector! You've got to be kidding! Althoughyour face is a bit too stern so it will have to be softened here and there.
Well, it beats that sad mug of yours! Is it that sad? Yeah It's beyond sad.
There you are! What are you dawdling here for? The Feudal Lords from the Land of Fire will be here soon for the conference! It's Tobirama For Hokage?! That's not your choice! To propose Madara as a candidate for leader is fine But the final decision will be made with the top officials, after consulting with the Land of Fire and the people of the village! Things are different from Father's era! But Besides, Madara Uchiha being chosen as the leader won't happen.
Everyone knows You are the one who founded this settlement, Big Brother.
Even those from the Uchiha say as much.
Furthermore, haven't you heard the rumors about them? The stronger their hate, the stronger their Visual Prowess manifests itself.
The Sharingan is such a power.
They're unpredictable.
For the future of the village Stop talking like that, Tobirama! I just felt someone's presence.
Tobirama, you would know.
No I'm not infusing chakra right now.
Don't change the subject, Big Brother! From now on, things will be run democratically.
Any objections? No That's fine.
And so I became the First Hokage.
I became the First Hokage From the Era of Warring States where shinobi clans fought and killed each other the Uchiha and Senju joined together to create the ideal shinobi village A shinobi village born from the hope for peace That is the Village Hidden in the Leaves.
And I became its First Hokage.
This is the stone tablet that has been passed down the Uchiha for generations.
It's never been shown to an outsider before.
The special text requires Visual Prowess to decipher.
This is what I'm able to decipher so far "One god seeking stability split into light and shadow.
"And it is these opposites together that give rise "to all things in this universe.
" This is a universal truth.
In short, it states that true happiness can be found when two contrary powers cooperate together.
However, it could be interpreted differently.
Hashirama Do you think I don't know what's going on? Leave Tobirama to me.
I can't do this without you.
Help me as the Hokage's right hand and as a brother! The people will eventually recognize your merits! And then, I'll name you Second Hokage.
After you, I suspect Tobirama will probably become the Hokage.
When he does, the Uchiha will be eventually eliminated.
Knowing this, I've reached out to other Uchiha about leaving the village.
But it seems no one is willing to follow me.
Madara I couldn't protect my younger brother And it seems I won't be able to keep the promise I made him that I would protect the clan.
I'm not even trusted by the clan I want to protect.
That's not true! Everyone is Perhaps that time, the ultimatum I should have given you was "to kill your younger brother.
" You call me your brother.
But which of us would you kill for the sake of the village? I'd like to think that I know you pretty well.
I've had enough.
I'm going to leave the village.
I've found a different path to take.
It became clear to me because we showed each other our guts Cooperation is merely a quiet form of conflict.
You're wrong! I won't let it be like that.
Hashirama, it's what you make of reality.
Let's stop being slaves to it.
It's healthier to view this world as merely a sideshow Have you been listening to me, Madara?! You are the only one who's an even match for me.
I'm looking forward to the battles we'll fight up until the time I achieve my true dream.
What is your true dream? I thought everything we've aimed for is here in this village! You just can't see it What's beyond this The dreams of the far future.
Then tell me about your dreams of the far future.
If it's connected to this village's dreams, I need your strength as a leader, as a senior member.
Andas a friend.
There is no connection.
And you'll never reach it.
Chasing after me is useless.
You, of all people, should know.
No one is capable of catching me from behind.
Upon saying those words, Madara left the village.
We had come this far together.
And now, Madara was gone from the village we had created together.
But in the world, everyone respected and copied our village system of Allied Ninja Clans which had been created by the former warring rivals, the Uchiha and Senju, joining forces.
Villages like the Village Hidden in the Leaves which began in the Land of Fire, and its one leader system, LAND OF FIRE spread like wildfire across the Great Nations.
In the Land of Lightning, LAND OF LIGHTNING Hidden Cloud Village was formed with its leader named Raikage.
In the Land of Earth, LAND OF EARTH Hidden Stone Village was formed with its leader named Tsuchikage.
LAND OF WATER The Land of Water had the Hidden Mist with their Mizukage.
And in the Land of Wind, LAND OF WIND the Hidden Sand was formed and they named their leader, Kazekage.
Not only the Great Nations, but even the smaller nations adopted this system.
Madara's and my dream had come true.
Shinobi children learned and played instead of battling.
And they started living long enough to even know the taste of alcohol.
But, as if he wanted to destroy his previous dream Madara came back to attack the Leaf Village.
Will you destroy everything that we've accomplished until now, Madara? Nothing will come of us battling each other.
This fight will only hurt the village and shinobi! It is disrespect toward our siblings and our comrades! You know nothing I don't want to kill you! Are you implying that you could kill me at any moment? No! I'm saying we are friends I've alreadyreached it! Then so be it! Sage Art! Wood Style Shinsu Senju Veritable 1000-Armed Kan'on! Here I come, Madara! Come, Hashirama! Chojo Kebutsu! Artifacts of the Buddha! He stripped off the Susano'o! Here I come! Madara! Hashirama! I am the shinobi who created these circumstances.
And I believe that shinobi are those who endure for a purpose.
Those who endure Now, Sasuke What will you do? Will you crush the village? Or? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Sasuke's Answer" I'll SASUKE'S ANSWER Tune in again!