Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e10 Episode Script


Unlike you guys I don't want to sever any of my bonds or get them cut off! We shouldn't have cut them.
Disappear! Hole Fire Style: Majestic Flower Flame! Fire Style: Bomb Blast Dance! We're safe! If we didn't have Naruto's Chakra Cloak, we'd be crisper than a roast pig! The next round is coming! Naruto's chakra has been protecting everyone this whole time.
Naruto, are you sure you're okay to keep this going? He's gone! Where'd he go? He disappeared He escaped That's impossible.
Find him! Above you, Naruto! Naruto, you're only fighting defensively now, trying to protect everyone.
Is there any meaning to all of this? Are you all right, Naruto? It's too much for you to control the chakra that I gave you, all at once.
You'll wear yourself out in no time.
Also, it looks like Ten Tails is charging chakra, so you'd better watch out! You're only growing weaker.
I don't think you'd understand, since you want to be alone But having everyone by my side makes me really, really happy! That alone gives me strength! Did he run away? If the pain of your comrades' deaths is part of your bond then there's no need to protect them, right? What the hell, you quibbling bastard?! That's what I hate about you! That's not what I‘m talking about you, quibbling idiot! I'm saying I can endure any pain if it involves my comrades.
It means I don't want to give them up! It might seem selfish of me But it's more painful for me to not have any comrades in here! Obito What are you trying to confirm through Naruto? Cha! There's no mistake! This chakra is Hashirama! Dad! It's collapsing! I can't hold it back any longer! Damn it, it's repelling this Mountain Jutsu enhanced with Naruto's chakra! There's no other jutsu that can stop it, Dad! Bad news, Naruto! The Ten Tails is planning to do the Cataclysm! What the heck is that? Cat-a-what? Stop wasting time! The land's going to be ripped apart! It can't be controlled anymore, because you cut the link between Ten Tails and me.
Although I guess it's about time I became its Jinchuriki.
The real fun is just beginning! This time, I'll make the Ten Tails disappear! Kamui! Looks like you were waiting for your chance.
But so was I, Kakashi.
Kakashi Sensei! Naruto, you take care of things here! Kakashi Sensei! Here it comes! The Cataclysm! That should have cleaned most of them out.
Naruto protected us again.
Naruto Is that all you've got? It's disappearing! Nice try pretending to be tough, but it seems you've reached your limit.
You've given me something to look forward to but I think it's time you made your exit.
Everyone! Let's join together and fight as one! - Right! - Right! Hinata! Time for you to recover! You guys Such a futile demonstration.
Lightning Blade! So there's still doubt in your heart.
You've had several chances to kill me if you really wanted to.
One more blow! It's pathetic that you feel compassion towards an enemy in the midst of fighting.
Is it guilt? Are you feeling remorse over the fact that you couldn't protect Rin and keep your promise to me? Are you hoping that I'll have a change of heart? Obito Let's stop this already! Your dream long ago was to become the Hokage Naruto has the same dream.
Naruto's words are exactly what you used to say in the past.
I'm going to be the Hokage! I'm Obito Uchiha! For my Great Stone Face, make sure my trademark goggles and Sharingan are nicely carved out! My dream is to surpass the Hokage someday! AndI'm going to make everyone in the village accept me! You haven't realized it But you've been trying to merge your past self with the current Naruto Hearing the old you in Naruto's words.
Is it because you secretly want to be repudiated by your old self? I can't see you not understanding Naruto's feelings! You can still go back to the person you once were! It's because I understand Naruto's mind That I want to hear it all And negate everything that he does! Obito By the way, let me tell you one more thing.
This guilt you feel towards me is really presumptuous.
If you believe that I started this war simply over you and Rin To call you misdirected, would be an understatement! I know everything.
I know that Rin deliberately ran into your Lightning Blade.
That she chose to die.
Back then, Rin had been kidnapped by the Hidden Mist and forced to become the Three Tails' Jinchuriki.
You succeeded in rescuing Rin and got her out But that was part of the Hidden Mist's plan.
They even pretended to pursue you to get you home to the Leaf quicker.
How did you? Damn it! You all stay here.
Captain Let's wait for reinforcements.
We don't have time The Hidden Mist kidnapped Rin in order to use her as some kind of test subject If she's taken to the Blood Mist Village, we'll never get her out.
But you can't go alone! I won't be alone.
Summoning Jutsu! Can you pick up Rin's scent? I remember it.
Leave it to me.
When the reinforcements arrive, tell them that we went after Rin.
Yes, sir.
Wait for me, Rin! I will definitely protect you! It's the Leaf! A Leaf shinobi! All right! We're going to divert the enemy! You guys wait here.
This way, Kakashi.
Rin! They put her under a genjutsu.
Release! Kakashi! Let's get out of here! Leaf shinobi! They have the captive! Hurry! Don't let them get away! Go! We'll divert the enemy.
Thanks, I leave it to you.
Save it.
If we're driven into a corner, we'll make a run for it too.
Let's go, Rin.
Kakashi Ifeel strange We have to escape first.
Scatter! I feel it I feel like there's someone, something else inside me.
What are you talking about? I don't know.
- There they are! - Don't let them get away! We have to get past them! The Hidden Mist tried to perform some kind of ritual on me.
A special ritual.
But I lost consciousness and They're persistent! I can't return to the Leaf Village! What are you saying?! Kakashi, you have to kill me now! What are you saying, Rin?! They're using me.
If I return, Hidden Leave Village may be attacked! I promised Obito that I would protect you! I can't do such a thing! There's got to be a way out of this! In any case, we need to make it to the village! No, Kakashi I'll stop them.
Now go! I can't Once Rin made it back to the Leaf, the Hidden Mist intended to make the Three Tails rampage and attack the village.
Rin realized this And took advantage of the Lightning Blade you aimed at the enemy to commit suicide.
She made up her mind to die at the hands of the one she loved.
In order to protect the Hidden Leaf.
No matter what you say, to me, you're still an impostor who couldn't protect Rin.
To me, Rin is someone who wasn't supposed to die.
So Rin dead is also an impostor.
Rin is Rin because she is alive! The things that created all these circumstances The system of shinobi, village, and the shinobi themselves What caused me to despair, is this world itself.
This counterfeit world! Remember Naruto's words? That it's most painful not to have real comrades inside one's heart? I quoted exactly what you said long ago to him I know the old you would have resonated with that.
And I still believe the current you, can as well-! Look! There's nothing in my heart! I don't even feel pain anymore.
Don't feel so guilty, Kakashi.
This hole was opened by this hellish world.
In the past, all I felt was pain here.
What's the meaning in that? So I abandoned everything.
You've been suffering all this time, haven't you? As you stood at Rin's grave and at my grave.
Kakashi Enough already.
You don't have to suffer anymore.
Rin is here.
I love you, Kakashi.
Along with your ideal version of me.
I'm gonna be Hokage! You can wish for whatever you want You can have anything you desire in this Genjutsu World.
The hole in your heart can be filled immediately.
Rin is gone.
You are still alive! Do you really think that something like this can fill that hole in your heart? Don't erase the memories of the real Rin! Rin sacrificed herself to protect and save the village! You can try and fill that hole with delusions all by yourself But that hole will never be filled! It's transforming again! What's your issue with a Genjutsu World? Reality is cruel.
This hole is only going to get bigger.
Things don't always go the way you want.
Nor does help always get there in time.
Just like how it was with me! Just like how I couldn't get there in time! Next time on Naruto Shippuden: “Something to Fill the Hole” Wouldn't you agree, Kakashi? SOMETHING TO FILL THE HOLE Tune in again!