Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e11 Episode Script

Something to Fill the Hole

Something to Fill the Hole Everyone! Let's join together and fight as one! - Right! - Right! Hinata! Time for you to recover! You guys Such a futile demonstration.
It's transforming again! No, it's only reverting to its original form.
That was only its attack form.
However It's just one stage away from its final transformation.
Naruto's still recovering, and Nine Tails is infusing chakra right now.
Right now, it's up to us, Bee! Right.
We'll show everyone the way! Listen to me, Bee If we let it undergo its final transformation, we've lost.
We must stop it now! Ten Tails isn't holding back It probably got impatient after seeing the same Tailed Beasts inside Naruto! The fun's just beginning, but it looks like I need to move soon.
It's getting bigger and bigger.
I- Is it after Naruto? Honestly, how're we going to stop that thing without Naruto's chakra? We can't waver after coming this far! Naruto is putting everything into doing what has to be done.
It's even more painful for me not to have any comrades in here! Naruto's words just now made it clear! Yeah.
He's been going out of his way even to protect shinobi like us That's not what I was talking about! He's told us that he considers all of us his comrades from the bottom of his heart.
Comrades Comrades - We're - That's right, I'm his - Me, too - That's right, we all are We all are Yeah.
We're comrades! Comrades! Comrades! I'll fully heal Naruto! We have to do what we have to do! If we're going to die anyway, we might as well go down fighting to the best of our abilities! Ino! I want you to link me with someone! You've got a plan, haven't you? I knew you would come through, Shikamaru! Isn't there anything we can do, Dad? I don't have enough chakra.
Kitsuchi! Please hear me out! You're Shikaku's child Teach me the signs to an easy Earth Style Barrier that even non-Stone Ninja can perform! One that anyone could perform would be too weak! It would be better to No, it's crucial that everyone be able to produce it.
If the enemy has quality, we've got quantity.
But these walls will be blown away quickly.
Even if they are if we keep creating more, they'll act like a shield.
We're going to slow that thing's momentum with many weak walls rather than try to stop it with one powerful one! Of course, I intend to have all of you from the Hidden Stone build me a super wall as well I see Your idea might be worth a try.
All right, these are the hand signs! Before we start Master Bee! While everyone is building barriers, I want you to bombard that thing with Tailed Beast Bombs to shift its trajectory upwards.
Ino Next, I want you to link me with every shinobi here on the battlefield.
Doesn't matter, I will do it! What's your issue with a Genjutsu World? Reality is cruel.
This hole is only going to get bigger.
Things don't always go the way want them.
Nor does help always get there in time.
Just like how it was with me! Just like how I couldn't get there in time! Wouldn't you agree, Kakashi? How are you going to seal this hole by staying in this world?! I may be trash as a shinobi, but I've learned a few things.
The hole in one's heart gets filled by others around you.
Friends won't flock to someone who abandons the memory of his friends and gives up on the world Just because things don't go the way he wants them to.
That won't help fill the hole in your heart.
And people don't help those who run away and do nothing.
As long as you don't give up, there will always be salvation.
No matter what you do It's over.
- Earth Style Barrier! - Earth Style Barrier! Here it comes, Bee! Let's go! Its power is off the charts! It's more powerful than I thought.
At this rate The last barrier! Lord Bee! All your tedious whitewashing! One can only achieve true happiness by abandoning reality and ridding yourself of the memories of your comrades! In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum.
Butthose who abandon their friends are worse than scum.
Andthose who don't care about their friends' feelings are even worse scum! It vanished? I won't abandon my memory of the old you.
Even if it's the current you who's repudiating it.
Am I late? Nope.
Right on time, Dad! FOURTH HOKAGE Who? Who's? My name's Minato Namikaze.
Brace for an impending explosion.
What is that? What? I sent Ten Tails' attack back toward the sea.
- What's that?! - Is it an attack?! Watch out! What the hell's going on?! What just happened?! That shock wave came out of nowhere! What's with that?! Stop complaining! We're lucky that we got off that easily! He has Reanimation eyes! Wh-Who are you? Relax.
I'm an ally.
Thanks for healing Naruto! Are you Naruto's girlfriend? Huh? Hmm Uh-huh Yeah! I suppose you could say that.
You keep quiet! Don't waste your energy talking! You're supposed to be healing me, but I just suffered more damage I'll heal the extra damage too! She reminds me a little of Kushina Please go easy on my son.
So, why did this happen so suddenly? It seems like you knew.
I sensed his chakra when I was in Nine Tails Mode.
The others should be arriving soon Something's coming! Minato, you're as fast as ever! Lord Third Hokage?! And also That's the! Fourth You're better at teleporting than I am! All right, let's do this! No way! I don't believe it Lords First Second Third and even Lord Fourth Minato! So you're the ones who stopped the attack, Lords Hokage! But who reanimated you? Orochimaru summoned us.
We need to stop this war quickly.
What? Didn't Orochimaru die? This is amazing! The previous Hokage are going to join us in battle! Now that's reassuring! I don't know what's going on anymore There's still more help coming, but they're taking a little longer.
I've been waiting for you, Hashirama! I'll deal with you later! I have to stop the Ten Tails first! He hasn't changed a bit.
We're never on the same page.
After all It's charging towards us You've done well, Naruto.
Take a little break.
Your friend will be here soon.
He's our ally too.
He is? This presence It's Minato What's going on? My fellow Hokage, let's go! Second and Third, stand in front of me.
That's exactly like Naruto's I never imagined Minato would too! See! You see! Isn't my dad awesome?! I know that better than you! Reaper Death Seal! Let's put our trust in this child! He's our son, after all! After all, he's the one who split me up before sealing me away! THIRD HOKAGE Have you already placed your markers? Yes.
You're quick at striking too! He vanished! Let's go! Ninja Art - Four Crimson Ray Formation! - Four Crimson Ray Formation! AndI'll just add on Sage Art: Gracious Deity Gates! Ten Seals! A red barrier?! It's said to be dozens of times more powerful than the Four Purple Flames Formation! It's a barrier that requires four Hokage-class shinobi together to create! It won't be able to move so easily now.
You sure took your time getting here, Sasuke.
Sasuke? Is that you, Sakura? S-Sasuke! Why?! S-Sasuke! Hey, Ino! Stop! He's an enemy! Ino You better keep your distance! You're all still as noisy as ever! Why the hell are you here, bastard?! Why are you here, Sasuke? A lot of things have happened.
I've decided to protect Leaf Village.
And then, I'll become Hokage.
What?! You can't just come back all of a sudden and crack a lame joke like that, you Rogue Ninja! Do you even know what it means to be Hokage? I don't know what happened to you, but that's not possible.
Do you even realize what you're saying? Do you think we can just forget all the things you've done? Yeah, I realize you probably can't.
But it doesn't matter what you guys think of me.
All of the previous Kage created these current circumstances.
So I will become Hokage and change the village.
You don't become Hokage in order to be acknowledged by the village.
The one who is acknowledged by everyone, is the one who becomes Hokage.
I leave Sasuke to you.
Leave it to me.
I'm going to be Hokage! I'm glad there's so much interest in becoming Hokage But you guys are taking too much time! Start infusing chakra right now! We'll take down Ten Tails with an all-out attack! Thanks for healing me, Sakura! Now it's your turn to get some rest.
Let's go, Sasuke! Sakura? So do you see me as some sort of weak woman who can't keep up with you two? Do you think Lady Tsunade would be the only one out of the Legendary Sannin to inadequately train her student? I'm almost there I'll be at full capacity in a little bit.
Then I can output my true power.
Just like you, I'm a member of Team 7 and I'm a student of one of the Legendary Sannin! Okay then! Team 7 is finally back! Let's go, Sakura! Sasuke! Right! Yeah! That sight sure brings back memories, doesn't it, Shikamaru? Well, if he's willing to help us defeat the enemy, I won't turn him away.
Even tho' I don't want to accept him It's been a long time since our class has been back together.
I haven't felt like this since the Chunin Exam.
I'm going to become Hokage! Hey, are you guys even listening?! Kiba, no one's paying attention right now and it's pitiful.
It's because the impact of Sasuke's sudden appearance and his declaration to become Hokage are much too great.
Kiba, I heard you! We should all aspire to become Hokage! Let's show them what we're made of, ya know! Ever since I was a genin, I thought I was a full-fledged kunoichi.
But I ended up hiding behind Sasuke and Naruto.
I hated the way I was.
I swore then, that next time, I would make them stare at my back! And now finally, I Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Team 7 Assemble!" Cha! TEAM 7 ASSEMBLE! Tune in again!