Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e12 Episode Script

Team Seven, Assemble!!

Sasuke! Why?! You're all still as noisy as ever! Why the hell are you here, bastard?! Why are you here, Sasuke? A lot of things have happened.
I've decided to protect the Leaf Village.
And then, I'll become Hokage.
What?! Okay then! Team 7 is finally back! Let's go, Sakura! Sasuke! Team 7, Assemble! That sight sure brings back memories, doesn't it, Shikamaru? Well, if he's willing to help us defeat the enemy, I won't turn him away.
Even though I don't want to accept him It's been a long time since our class has been back together.
I haven't felt like this since the Chunin Exam.
I'm going to become Hokage! Hey, are you guys even listening?! Kiba, no one's paying attention right now and it's pitiful.
Stop it.
It's because the impact of Sasuke's sudden appearance and his declaration to become Hokage are much too great.
Kiba, I heard you! We should all aspire to become Hokage! Let's show them what we're made of, ya know! Sasuke… What are you thinking right now? Okay then! Wait a minute! It's that thing again! It wants to break the barrier! Fellow previous Hokage! Please re-focus and prepare yourselves! We know that! Now then It held up! What an amazing barrier… To be able to keep that thing out… That Ten Tails, he hit himself! It's not some simple barrier! Wow… The previous Hokage were truly amazing people! Looks like they weren't just all talk.
Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu! I'll make entry points on all four sides of the barrier, so shinobi can go in and out! Follow me! All right! Go! It's not over yet! Sage Arts: Gracious Deity Gates! Head Seal! Now then, time to deal with you.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Madara… No A clone is no fun.
I'll wait for the real one to show up.
Now! Fission Beings? It's trying to keep us away from its real body! Don't waver! Yes… I… I… Demon Wind Shuriken, Windmill of Shadows! Over here! Quit joking around! Summoning Jutsu! Take that for now.
Then eat this! This kidimpossible! Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu! That's right… Ever since I was a genin, I thought I was a full-fledged kunoichi.
But I ended up hiding behind Sasuke and Naruto.
The two of them risked everything to protect me.
I hated the way I was.
I swore then, that next time, I would make them stare at my back! Even I Even I can… Now it's your turn to gaze at my back! That's what I vowed back then… But Naruto and Sasuke kept progressing faster and faster… So I gave up… Thinking it was useless because they were just too strong! I thought I'd never be able to catch up to them.
But… Naruto! Sasuke! Stop! Both of you, stop! I didn't think about it… and I put the entire burden on Naruto.
I went crying to you.
I held onto you, expecting you to make it all better.
While I did nothing.
I'm sorry, Naruto.
You may have to wait for me a little bit.
Next time I'm coming with you! Please take me on as your apprentice! Cha! Your movements are getting better! By the way, do you remember the first thing I taught you? Of course.
Medic Ninja must never get themselves killed.
Thus they must never force their way forward.
That is true… However, that does not mean that you don't have to learn jutsu necessary to fight on the frontline.
First and foremost, you are my disciple.
A kunoichi who will inherit the power of the Legendary Sannin.
And…Sakura Haruno… You are also the disciple of the Fifth Hokage! And I just now reached full capacity.
And I can finally unleash it! Cha! I am never, ever talking back to Sakura ever again.
She'll destroy me.
What monster strength! It might just be greater than Tsuna's! Amassing chakra at a continuous rate over three years… requiring extremely delicate chakra control.
The 100 Healings Mark that I couldn't even achieve.
And I have no need to keep up a youthful appearance! Wind Style… Inferno Style… - Rasen Shuriken! - Flame Control! Sasuke! Um… I'm here too…Sakura! Don't drag us down, Naruto.
He's right! Keep complaining and I'll just grab the title of Hokage away from you! Huh? Not you too, Sakura?! This time, we fight with our backs to each other! Lady Tsunade… I've finally caught up with these two.
So this is how Nine Tails Chakra looks under control A new Sharingan… with black flames… That Naruto… He's even mastered changing the Rasengan's nature Sakura's holding her own! Hey, Team 8! Let's go too! We can't let Team 7 show us up! Right! I've worked out a new jutsu too, Naruto! Don't think you're the only one with this jutsu! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Did you just say Shadow Clone Jutsu? All you did was make one clone! Back in the day, I could make a lot more Just watch! There may be just one, but he's three times stronger! Come on, Akamaru! We're gonna attack the enemy! Inuzuka Style! Man-Beast Team Transformation Combo! Three-Headed Wolf! Sasuke's joke was disgusting.
But it's revving me up! Tail Chasing… Rotating Fang! Parasitic Gigantic Beetle Infestation! Gross! What are those?! Parasitic Gigantic Beetles… If you mistake the amount of chakra to give them, they'll devour your flesh and undergo rapid growth.
They are beetles that are difficult to nurture.
Two Palms! Four Palms! Eight Palms! Sixteen Palms! Thirty-Two Palms! I guess this is still my limit No such thing.
But I'm not like you, Neji… If you set limits on yourself, you'll never be able to catch up to him… Overcome your limits, fearlessly take a giant leap forward.
That's the… Sixty-Four Palms! trick to achieve the Sixty-Four Palms.
Naruto is always striving to get ahead.
And I… want to keep standing by Naruto forever! This time, I'll proceed to Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms like this! So I'll continuously move forward as well! Come on, Team 10! Let's attack with the Ino-Shika-Cho Combination! Formation E! This isn't the Chunin Exam.
We're not competing against the other teams.
This is war… But we want to show them what we're made of, right? Expansion Jutsu! Shadow Grasping Jutsu! Twenty-five enemy signatures picked up and locked on! Sensory Relay! Human Boulder Yo-Yo! I'm going to expand even more.
Can you handle more weight? Yeah… You're still light.
And besides, this isn't quite flashy enough to impress.
What? Who's being super competitive now? Actually, I'm technically on Team 7 too, you know I'll quickly attack the main body from the air! Sai! Sai! Are you all right?! It's no good! The enemy keeps increasing in numbers.
Not only that… Some are huge! These big onessure are heavy! Naruto… Can you share your chakra with everyone again? I can't right now! Kurama hasn't finished amassing chakra yet! In order to take down the main body, we need to mow down the big ones and slip past them.
The distance is too great to make a single leap for it.
We also need time to weave signs and repel the enemy's attacks.
Without your chakra, Naruto, it's very likely we'll suffer heavy casualties.
And the Medical Corps can't come up to the front.
Mow down and slip past? Easy.
This guy has the power to clear the distance in a single leap and repel enemy attacks.
I can now stay nearby and heal anyone who suffers serious injuries at all times.
- Summoning Jutsu! - Summoning Jutsu! See the gigantic guy way in the back? Could you get me closer to it with a big leap? I need you to just keep advancing forward.
I'll get the real body in the back.
Lady Katsuyu, please divide and attend to each person in the Allied Shinobi Forces.
Our role will be to heal everyone.
Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "The New Three.
" It is a new era! THE NEW THREE Tune in again!