Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e13 Episode Script

The New Three-Way Deadlock

Naruto… Can you share your chakra with everyone again? I can't right now! Kurama hasn't finished amassing chakra yet! In order to take down the main body, we need to mow down the big ones and slip past them.
The distance is too great to make a single leap for it.
We also need time to weave signs and repel the enemy's attacks.
Without your chakra, Naruto, it's very likely we'll suffer heavy casualties.
And the Medical Corps can't come up to the front.
Mow down and slip past? Easy.
This guy has the power to clear the distance in a single leap and repel enemy attacks.
I can now stay nearby and heal anyone who suffers serious injuries at all times.
- Summoning Jutsu! - Summoning Jutsu! - Summoning Jutsu! The New Three-Way Deadlock Huh? Wait… This color… You're… Gamakichi! Pop was tied up with some negotiations, so I came in his place.
You surprised?! No! No! But man, you sure got big all of a sudden! I'm more shocked than I was about Akamaru! You humans grow too slow, that's all.
Anyway, what's up? Right! See the gigantic guy way in the back? Could you get me closer to it with a big leap? You mean the biggest one over there? Yeah.
Lord Sasuke, your desire? I need you to just keep advancing forward.
I'll get the real body in the back! Sakura dear! You've finally able to invoke the 100 Healings Mark! Lady Tsunade would be so proud… Lady Katsuyu, we don't have time… Please divide and attend to each person in the Allied Shinobi Forces.
Our role will be to heal everyone.
I never expected to see the Three-Way Deadlock Summoning again! It is a new era! Go! Go! Aoda! Lady Katsuyu, please proceed! Jump, Gamakichi! This is the original Team 7… Nice, Gamakichi! Your size isn't just for show, eh! Nevermind that, just hurry up and weave your jutsu signs! Get with it, or I'll shake you off my head.
Even his attitude has gotten bigger! I know! What's going on? It's all right.
These slugs are part of the Fifth Hokage's Healing Jutsu.
Please do not worry.
My strength is being restored! My wounds are… It's healing me… Her 100 Healings Mark was only just activated! And yet she can already perform Lady Katsuyu's long-distance healing! Sakura… You are simply amazing! Lord Sasuke? Keep moving forward.
Sasuke! Go for it! Hang in there! Aim well! You can do it! Give it to 'em! Yes! Wind Style: Massive Rasen Shuriken! Inferno Style: Susano'o Flame Control! Sasuke and I must've been compatible, after all… Yes… Only "Wind" can beat "Lightning.
" No… That's not what I meant.
Only "Wind" can assist and magnify "Fire"… It's hit! It really hit! I don't recall ever seeing a Flame Control of that magnitude.
And they combined jutsu with matching chakra ratios! That's difficult even for a seasoned duo! A windmill-like shuriken, and an arrow blacker than lacquer… Let's name it the Scorch Style Nimbus Gale Jet Black Arrow Formation Zero! Nah, never mind.
Burn away… You heard what Sasuke said earlier, didn't you? What are his true intentions? I have no idea.
Damn it! Why did we branch off from Sasuke? This wasn't the deal! I'm safe! No thanks to being on the frontlines! There they are.
Look at the sorry state you're in, Tsunade.
Gross… A gigantic slug… How much salt would you need to take it down? That's just one part of Katsuyu that was summoned from Shikkotsu Woods.
I'd say it's pretty small, actually.
You don't say.
I thought we were here for the Five Kage, not the slugs.
Lord Orochimaru, stop paying attention to Suigetsu and get to the task at hand.
Are you that upset because you couldn't stay with Sasuke? That's totally…not the case! Let's just do this.
Damn you, Suigetsu! Why are you picking on me? Doesn't everyone who sees a slug want to sprinkle salt on it? Tsunade first! Let's go.
Lady Tsunade! Wait, was the Hokage always a granny? Ugh… It's not like she had a really long torso either, right? It seems you were reckless, Tsunade.
Orochimaru? Katsuyu… I came here to aid the Five Kage.
I'm not an enemy.
I have no reason to believe you.
Besides, you were dead! If I do anything that strikes you as suspect, you're welcome to kill me once and for all with your acid.
All right.
I'll believe you.
You're quite sensible, unlike Manda.
Now then… First of all… Where are the other Kage? They're recovering inside my fragments.
They sustained serious injuries, and it's very… But Katsuyu… With you here, why is it taking so long for them to heal? I can only use my power in response to the strength of Lady Tsunade's 100 Healings.
But Lady Tsunade is extremely weak right now, so I'm not able to activate my strength fully.
Is that how the system worked? Anyway, whatever I remember, I've never seen Tsunade so weak.
So it must be true.
I am trying to persevere and focus on healing, despite the Summoning starting to unravel.
That's why I haven't been able to properly reattach her body.
Suigetsu, bring Tsunade's lower half and join it to her upper half.
Huh?! I'm better at cutting things up.
Ugh… The slugs are all slimy and wriggly.
Gross! Well, so are you, Suigetsu! In fact, you're grosser and weirder because you have a human form! Karin… Let her bite you so that she can heal.
What? I don't want anyone but Sasuke biting me… Hah! You just admitted you're in love with Sasuke! You're wrong! How could I hate, I mean, like that damn Sasuke? He tried to kill me… And it was irresistible… No, it wasn't! You were covered in bite marks long before Sasuke bit you! Shut up! Right now, I'm exclusively for Sasuke.
Don't be so defiant, you denture mold model.
Besides, how does your body work anyway? You're the weird one.
What? Say that again! You two… Make it snappy.
You're both weird.
So stop fighting.
Or else… I'll have my snakes ties you up and crawl into your mouth and possess you.
You're the weirdest one among us all! He's weird and he's abnormal.
WEIRD ABNORMAL She's taking so much, I might end up aging into a hag.
Lady Tsunade, you're going to be all right! Tsunade, be a little grateful to me.
You betrayed the village… So why all of this now? The range of things that interest me has expanded.
In the past, I wanted to become the wind and turn the windmill myself.
But now, I know the pleasure of waiting around for someone else's wind.
One that is unpredictable.
And I don't want that wind to get sealed away before I can enjoy it.
You still don't make any sense.
But…I suppose you've changed a little.
I never imagined you would save me… Even that is possible.
Do you remember? The Three-Way Deadlock from that time? The summoning… No… Just like how it's written… The Three-Way Deadlock… Earth Style Stone Pistol Jutsu! It's useless, Tsunade.
The Earth Style of the Hidden Stone will most likely cause this mountain to collapse.
If we're going to escape, we can't wait.
Just the two of us.
Jiraiya…too! We can't take Jiraiya and outrun them.
That's why I'll use Medical Ninjutsu to… Tsunade, this is war.
We can't let our emotions get in the way and lower the probability of success.
And what is success? To survive.
One alone can't.
Two probably can.
Three spells… certain death.
Go on ahead.
I'll take care of Jiraiya… Make one move…and I'll kill you.
Seems like we're in a three-way deadlock.
What are you talking about? It just boils down to who will act first.
Jiraiya is already… Jiraiya trusts you completely.
So much so, that it might freeze you in your tracks.
So foolish! I'll…! Hey! Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru! I've brought reinforcements! People can change.
Or they die before they do.
It's one or the other.
Although he died without changing… He probably trusted you until the very end.
Orochimaru… If you were like this sooner, Jiraiya might not have had to die… And if I had… Jiraiya might have changed too.
Like how it was for us, the Legendary Sannin, things don't always go the way you want them to.
We're not made of stone.
Distortions will appear somewhere.
Perhaps that's why I want to observe Sasuke's future.
While patiently waiting for his wind to blow.
I thank you for helping me heal.
So… Do you know about the war? Of course.
That's why I'm helping you out like this.
How long have I been like this? I can report on the battle situation.
How did you end up on the front? I see… Sakura summoned Katsuyu! Around now, a new Three-Way Deadlock is probably making their debut.
What? Well, we're heading back.
You should work on healing the other Kage.
There is doubt in your heart.
Won't you stop this? It's because of that, I want to repudiate everything.
I can't see you not understanding Naruto's feelings.
There is nothing in my heart! Do you really think that such things can fill the hole in your heart? Just like it was with me! Isn't that right Kakashi? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Kakashi vs.
Obito" This is the only thing the current me can do… KAKASHI VS.
OBITO Tune in again!