Naruto: Shippuden (2007) s17e14 Episode Script

Kakashi vs. Obito

Wind Style: Massive Rasen Shuriken! Inferno Style: Susano'o Flame Control! No That's not what I meant.
Only "Wind" can assist and magnify "Fire" Burn away! You heard what Sasuke said earlier, didn't you? What are his true intentions? I have no idea.
Though still incomplete, the Ten Tails has been revived and is battling the Allied Forces.
So I think that it's become quite a complex situation.
It's gotten that bad In that case, we need to hurry! I'll carry everyone with my sand.
Please save your chakra.
We came in mid-story.
I want more details! Ask about them while we're en route.
Let's go as fast as we can to the battlefield! Kakashi vs.
Obito Then why do you work with Sasuke? Because I exist to protect him.
Sasuke! There are other Tailed Beasts inside that huge one! Once it's weakened, shut off your Black Flames! Then Kurama and I will pull them out of it! No.
They all burn.
Hey! Don't you get it? If we don't save them now, we'll end up facing a lot of trouble later on! I'm going to put an end to this failing system currently in place! And then, a new It detached the piece of itself that was on fire! Sakura Can I ask you something? Since I don't know him very well, I can look at this objectively.
Sasuke cannot be trusted as a true comrade.
What are your true feelings on the matter, Sakura? Don't worry, Sasuke has come back to us.
I'm happy about that.
And I do trust him.
Your words may not be lies But I can already tell that your smile is fake.
What's up, Shikamaru? It's nothing Obito Enough of these tricks I'm over it.
No more genjutsu.
Looks like I can't find anything that will change you.
Right now, all I can give you is death.
Then I shall do the same.
All right! Shinobi Hand-to-Hand Combat! I'm going to borrow this.
Fire Style Fireball Jutsu! Earth Style Mud Wall! The real one is here! Hand-to-hand combat is over.
Kakashi wins.
Now perform the Unison Sign.
Obito Your once strong will is still alive today, right next to me! What the current me can do is protect the current Naruto! You will Actually, everyone will eventually end up just like me.
Sasuke is a Rogue Ninja.
Standard procedure is to erase him.
I'll bring back Sasuke! Someone who can't even save one of their friends could never become Hokage! I'm going to surpass every Hokage who came before me! - I'd never kill any of my friends! - I'd never kill any of my friends! Naruto You never waver.
You're stronger than me and you have many things that are solely yours.
This is all I can do right now.
And that is to protect this world, my comrades and the Obito of the past by killing the current Obito! It's over, Obito.
I'll let you win this battle.
But I'm not conceding the war! I thought I told you.
I have no intention of fighting a clone.
You can come at me with them, but they offer no resistance at all.
You're concentrating too much power in your actual body.
Madara All the time, you kept holding something back That's Looks like that's of no use to me anymore.
I wanted to fight Hashirama before I became a Jinchuriki I guess I have no choice.
M-My body! It's time to make him bring me back with Rinne Rebirth! That's! Obito You're just a backup that I had cultivated for my rebirth.
You saved me, Gramps? Thank you.
It's too early to thank me.
I intend to have you repay your debt.
That time is now.
He's being controlled by Madara's chakra! The Six Paths Forbidden Rinne Rebirth Jutsu? Madara He must not be allowed to fully return to life! Lads! You're all closer! Stop the jutsu of the one on top of the Ten Tails right now! Okay! Got— Sasuke! I see So that's how it is.
Is this the maximum amount I can make inside this barrier? Tobirama! Okay! Shadow Clone Jutsu! Only two.
Is this also the best I can do? We'll just have to make do with this! They can't get to Obito in time, so they're going to attack me They should know by now that I can't be stopped with clones.
That's enough, Aoda! You can get out of here! Yes, Lord Sasuke! You won't always be like this either, right? Don't give up.
You love Rin, don't you? We'll both become Hokage.
Right, Obito? Sensei Obito! Thatwas you? Which one is he? What a failure! Butoh well! Did they succeed?! That's Lord Fourth Hokage! He teleported a Shadow Clone.
Had he marked him already? A Flying Raijin marking never disappears.
I didn't teach you that, did I, Obito? If you were alive, I would have wanted you to become Hokage Why did you? That was disappointing All that's left to do is to seal the un-reborn Madara and this war will be over.
As well as this giant thing.
What makes you think the war is over my fellow traitor? Dad! Sasuke! Gamakichi! Okay! What? What's happening?! Is the Ten Tails changing form again? No, that's not what's happening! He shook off Madara's manipulation and was weaving the signs to do this from the beginning! That's the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki! Oh! I really want to know what happens next! But the next episode will be a little breather.
It's an "Extra Edition!" Pain and Itachi appear again! Even more, Deidara and Pervy Sage appear and cause a big ruckus in the Leaf Village! What kind of a story is this? Next time on Naruto Shippuden: "Extra Edition: The Directive to Take the Nine Tails!" Just what in the world are you? Tune in again!